Honey face mask: the remedy for any skin problems!

On the women’s website “ToKnow365.top” a lot of beauty recipes. And today we decided to restock this valuable collection, borrowing a few recipes from the world-famous beauty — Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Exactly honey face mask was one of the secrets to preserve the beauty of the famous seductress.

Benefits of honey for face?

As we know, honey is very good for the body. For example, thanks to him, strengthens the immune system, improves the function of different organs and systems, normalizes the metabolism, accelerated weight loss (by the way, how to lose weight with honey, “ToKnow365.top” has already been told). And those changes have a positive impact on the condition of the skin.

So try to regularly include this valuable product in your diet and beauty regime.

Thanks honey face mask:

  • the skin gets all the essential nutrients and vitamins;
  • skin perfectly cleaned and refreshed;
  • wrinkles;
  • even out skin tone;
  • accelerated regeneration of skin cells;
  • it is possible to cope with different skin issues such as acne.

How to choose a honey facial mask? Almost any mask with honey can provide significant positive results.

But! If you know your skin type, and also will put a specific goal, the result will be much better. The purpose may be, for example, food or skin treatment.

How to apply honey mask for the face?

Before the procedure it is very important to ensure no allergies. Apply some honey on the inner fold hands and wait. If within 10-15 minutes you didn’t feel anything, then feel free to apply honey mask for the face.

Also it is useful to recall whether you ever had a negative reaction to honey. If so, masks is better to abstain.

First, prepare everything you need:

  • natural honey and other components;
  • a wide brush;
  • plate;
  • gauze or other lightweight fabric with holes for eyes;
  • towel;
  • cotton pads;
  • the shower cap.

Rules for applying the mask

Important – use only freshly prepared mask. It useful and effective.

Before applying the hide your hair under a cap. And skin thoroughly clean and wet. For example, for a few minutes, apply on face towel soaked in hot water.

Ready honey mask for the face, apply massage movements. On almost every mask it is better to lie back and relax for 15-20 minutes. Recommended frequency of treatment – 2 times per week regardless of the time of year.

If you have liquid mask, then impregnate her cheesecloth or other cloth and apply on the face.

There are many masks that need to be washed off with water. To honey face mask this rule applies only partly. In this case the remnants of the mask from the face it is best to remove the cotton pad, soaked in boiled water or your favourite tonic.

Recipes of honey masks

If you are accustomed to using any natural remedy or food, you can mix it with honey. This way you will come up with wonderful new mask.

Nourishing mask for dry skin

You have to mix the honey and olive oil in equal amounts such as one teaspoon. The mixture needs to be warmed up to 40 degrees, wet it gauze. This honey nourishing face mask stays on the skin for 20 minutes.

Mask for dry aging skin

You need to mix half mashed banana, one chicken egg yolk, flower honey and sour cream 20% (half teaspoon). The mask will nourish and moisturize dry skin 15 minutes.

Whitening mask for dry skin

You need to mix tvorog and yogurt (medium fat) one teaspoon with honey (half teaspoon). The mask is kept for 20 minutes.

Nourishing mask for oily skin

Need one protein, two tablespoons of flour and one tablespoon of honey. The most important thing when cooking – mix well the ingredients, that is carefully knead the dough. Keep the mask should be 20 minutes.

Cleansing mask for oily skin

For cooking you need to mix one protein, the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of honey. The procedure time is 20 minutes.

Mask color-correction + oily skin

For cooking you need to mix 1 egg, honey and freshly squeezed carrot juice (one teaspoon). The mixture should hold 15 minutes.

Nourishing mask for normal skin

Mix egg yolk with honey and Apple juice (one teaspoon). The mixture is kept for 15 minutes. And after a couple hours it is advisable to wipe your face with a piece of ice.

Lightening honey mask for normal skin

This mask is prepared, it may be the simplest. In a teaspoon of honey should drip 5-6 drops of lemon juice. Next, you keep the mask for 15 minutes.

Refreshing mask for normal skin

If the skin looks tired and ashen, simply mix one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of green tea. Further, the mixture need to soak gauze and apply on face for 15 minutes.

Skin quickly “blossomed” and looked rested, you can do this mask every other day.

Liquid mask for acne

For cooking you need to mix two tablespoons of honey and the tincture of calendula (can buy in the pharmacy). Then it is necessary to pour the mixture in a glass of warm boiled water. The liquid must be thoroughly mixed. Then several times a day, wipe the problem areas.

Thick mask for acne

You need to mix honey (one teaspoon), milk and dry yeast (two tablespoons). Honey face mask you need to mix well to avoid lumps. Keep the mixture to 15 minutes.

Honey mask of blackheads on the face

This mask is very popular. This is not surprising! Unpleasant pimples is a frequent occurrence. And this mask is a real miracle. Black dots start to disappear in just a few treatments.

You need to mix honey and gelatin (2 teaspoons) and boiled cold water (4 teaspoons). The mixture should mix well so the gelatin is completely dissolved. Mask should be kept for 15 minutes, then carefully remove with a cotton pad. Then additionally you can apply a soothing cream.

As you can see, each honey is useful and effective face mask is also simple to prepare. All the ingredients are familiar, available and cheap. So the choice of mask for you.

And our site hopes that honey Cleopatra’s secret will help you become even more beautiful and attractive.

The author of the Light Beam, site ToKnow365.top

Honey face mask: the remedy for any skin problems!

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