House cleaning by Marie Kondo: how to clean up around and inside yourself?

The question of restoring order in your own home relevant to each of the fair sex.

Anyone can do the cleaning on their own, and someone resorts to known and already well proven techniques. And one of the most effective among them is house cleaning Marie Kondo.

Hit is a house cleaning Marie Kondo?

Marie herself comes from Japan. She is not only a consultant and a specialist in restoring order, but also the author of many books on the subject. One of them is called “Magical housekeeping. The Japanese art of restoring order at home and in life” has been translated into many languages and published in large editions in more than 30 countries.

Familiarize yourself with the basic ideas presented in the book, the website recommends to you.

Loving the order of the Japanese is confident that the value of the harvest is much greater than we used to think. Cleaning and organizing the space inside their own homes, we organize our own thoughts.

The conviction of Marie, all those things that enter our house, have our lives a direct effect. Every item must be clearly marked with the place it must play its part.

Caring about those or other things, we charge them with your energy. And only if these things are really necessary to us, they return this positive energy back.

That is why it is so important to get rid of unnecessary and unused items in the house. After freeing up space, you thereby release their energy, which then can be used for many productive things.

The basic principles of house cleaning by Marie Kondo

You can be completely happy with the order in his own house. Nevertheless, it is useful to learn the basic principles of home cleaning according to Marie Kondo, because they may be useful for you.

  • Divide things by category. Let all objects of the same or similar purpose are stored in one place. For their own convenience, start with categories such as documents, books, shoes, cosmetics and so on. Gradually split into the respective groups are all available in your home.
  • Get rid of junk. Considering that or the other thing, we usually ask ourselves, can it be useful to us. Marie recommends that you ask yourself another question — does this subject of joy. If not, feel free to get rid of it.
  • Remember that things need to communicate. The Japanese used to respect as living beings and to inanimate objects. That is why according to the principles of house cleaning, the proposed Marie Condo, you have every thing you decide to throw, thank you for long and faithful service.
  • The color classification. Cleaning the house as she was introduced to Marie Kondo suggests that clothes on hangers are better to hang by color — from dark and warm colors to bright and cold. Particular the Japanese attitude to things is manifested here — Marie is confident that similar garments should be hung next to them, because they are the better it will feel in the company of their own kind.

  • System storage is also unnecessary things. You should not buy them if you don’t want to increase the number of unnecessary items in your own home.
  • Things in tubes. Clothes, towels, bed linen not only can be stored in the form of dense tubes — like sushi. So they will take up minimal space and will not virtually wrinkle-free. In addition, set vertically in the boxes, these tubes are well visible, but because you will quickly be able to find, for example, need a pillowcase.
  • Say “no” to the securities. If you keep notebooks, old magazines, various leaflets and stickers, then get rid of them immediately. All the more so today to replace all of these calendars and gametocyte may and their electronic counterparts.

Thus, house cleaning by the method Marie Kondo is an interesting and effective way to organize the order both around and within yourself. So if you feel the need to organize things or thoughts, be sure to listen to the advice of talented Japanese women.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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