Housewife: how not to bore my husband down with boredom

A housewife is limited in communication. Her circle of friends is quite narrow, as well as their interests. At that time, as a husband to meet new people, learn interesting facts, it develops that his wife is a housewife busy with the house, the baby and yourself.

Due to some detachment from the outside world, a woman can begin to degrade. And her husband to lose interest to a limited spouse.

To wait for a critical situation is impossible. So what to do?
We have a plan out of this situation. Only 5 rules, and out of boredom!

Housewives are different

For the first type of Housewives the main rule is order in the house. Every day she washes the floor, carefully wiping each plate and is veiled bed. Maybe it pays not so much attention, but in her house filled with purity and brilliance. Flowers are always in moderately watered and the pots are placed exactly on the line.

The second type of Housewives do not know where the dishes, what is the plunger and how to break them the clog in the sink. But she is well-versed in all fashion stores and pathetic. It is possible to have a great time: expensive and beautiful.

The third type of housewife is not interested in neither house, nor their appearance, because her whole life is her child. She is a caring mother.

Thousands of women do not work and sit at home, and each of these thousands of special, with its own advantages and disadvantages. And each, without exception, the husband may lose interest!

Rules are boring Housewives: down with boredom!

Rule boring housewife No. 1. Roche monotony

Bored at home? So uninteresting, monotonous and dull. That’s when it all feels a man, he begins to think about another woman.

Diversity — a true salvation. It should be in everything. You should be able to stand before man in various guises, such as attentive and responsive girlfriend, smart companion, a passionate lover, Thrifty Housewives, interesting friend, stupid girl.

To come up with an image is quite easy, because the prototypes can be found in the life, books and shows. You need to skillfully switch from one state to another, not to be funny at the crucial moment and too serious among of holiday or fun.

Rule boring Housewives No.2. Entertainment for distraction

Besides economy and kids have a million things to do. We are talking about the entertainment as sports, drawing, singing, photography, movies, dancing.

Of course, to exchange the formal get-togethers with family discos and movies with my girlfriends in any case impossible. But in the morning and in the afternoon while husband is at work, not necessarily to watch Brazilian soap operas or stories from star life.

So you have the evening will be a new topic of conversation, and even a joint hobby. It would be good if a new hobby has brought money, a small financial investment in the family budget, without prejudice to the household and his children, the man would have appreciated.

Rule boring housewife No.3. The sexy side of life

Sex is an important component of the lives of two people. When it problems arise, they are always universal scale, and addressing them must come immediately.

A woman should be a skilled lover, desirable and tireless, sensual, always ready for lovemaking. Over time, many ladies, this process goes on the last place, while the man’s desire is not quenched for many years.

Sign up to school geisha on a pole dancing class once to impress a man with a magical performance.

Rule boring housewife No.4. Don’t load her husband’s marital problems

For Housewives the world often revolves around cooking pots, plates, and vacuum cleaners. It is the cauldron in which she brewed every day. And she did not even realize that the problems of oily stains on the clothes are not very interesting to her husband, and even break the tap in the bathroom was a little concerned about it because there are locksmiths who can fix anything.

In his mind contracts and agreements, clients, databases, and other important work to do. When he comes home, he wants to relax from all the worries, come there where no problems and he was always welcome.

Try to tell only good news to the spouse, and with troubles at home to cope on their own – all the same responsibility for the order it is on you.

Rule boring housewife No.5. Learn to listen

One of the most important qualities of a good conversationalist is the ability to be silent and listen. Man sometimes wants to be commander and gives orders to his little army – all homemade.

And sometimes he just wants to talk, to Express their dissatisfaction, to cry on your shoulder, to see a kind smile and understanding. At such moments you have – you just have to! – how his second half to be very attentive, very kind and helpful.

All these five rules for Housewives simple, as all ingenious. The main thing is not just to know them and to follow them.

Try to change your life at least for one month and then observe the results. They clearly, you will be pleasantly surprised! – based on source

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