How and what to wear jewellery in the winter?

All we women are great “magpie” — I love to wear something shiny, bright and beautiful and regularly update their jewelry boxes and jewelry!

In the summer to show their treasures easily and conveniently – Baring outfits, the issues of problems with the selection of jewelry occur much less frequently. And what to do in the cold season? How to choose jewelry for warm clothing and what to wear jewellery in winter will tell the site ““.

Winter jewelry: what can it be?

All jewelry, what happens can be divided into three categories – summer, winter and universal. This division, I think, is to produce (at least mentally) and your jewelery inventory.

  • Summer costume jewelry. It is usually lightweight – made of ribbons, thin chains, lace elements, feathers, etc. Medium-sized is a miniature podwysocki and brooches, bracelets and a thin chain, small earrings, etc. Shades – light, tender. However, typically the summer can be attributed to the garish-bright jewelry (such as plastic). Materials – plastic in all variations, light metal elements, glass, lace, organza, mesh, ribbons, etc.
  • Winter is the complete opposite! It is dominated by a large, weighty items – a massive necklace of large beads wide bracelets, rings with big stones, etc. because the small ornaments will be lost in dense tissues, for the relief of knitted things, etc. jewelry Shades – dark or muted. Materials: metal (including large metal parts), natural stone, wood, leather, enamel (on metal), ceramics, wool (felting), the elements of the dense opaque fabrics (velvet, tartan, etc.).

  • Universal is the one that can be worn all year round. This is the “base bijuterii closet”. Universal pearl universal can be any suitable you small jewelry earrings, rings (wedding and engagement – all by itself). All year round you can wear jewelry that matched the color of eyes or hair (e.g., dark amber under a brown eyes or blue glass under the blue). It is also possible not to divide the seasons dressy evening jewelry and jewelry – if the jewelry for evening dresses or some other to an extraordinary clothing options.

How to combine jewelry with clothes?

Often in the winter, the problem arises – how to choose jewelry under the coat or coat, because we often spend a lot of time in street clothes? And whether in this case the jewelry at all?

“” can answer this question!

Of course, canceled bracelets, rings (they make sense only without gloves), any jewelry on the neck – they just won’t be seen. Either don’t wear them at all or is adjusted for the set of clothes, which you wear under the coat.

Remain earrings! They can be a wonderful accent.

Earrings can be matched to the coat itself (color and style), but more interesting is to pick them up or under a scarf and/or gloves, or a bag and/or shoes. Not very comfortable earrings with long chains or pendants (they will cling to the scarf, collar or your hair). Better to stop the choice on the marked, but does not drop low earrings: for example, round or oval.

And there is a special category of jewelry for clothing – the so-called overcoat brooches. It is a large, noticeable brooches from materials who are not afraid of water: most often plastic, metal with enamel, and sometimes the skin, etc.

So, if you have interesting large brooch, try wearing it on a coat or an elegant jacket! But remember that the overcoat brooch need to be combined with the scarf (if any) and gloves!

How to wear jewelry in the winter?

So how to wear jewelry with clothes for cold weather: sweaters, cardigans, jumpers etc.?

Now explain! The thing is – in the form of the gate!

  • The decorations to the sweater with cowl neckline – earrings and/or ring. If sleeves are narrow instead of the ring can be a wide bracelet. Neck exactly nothing!
  • Cardigans buttoned to the top, and blouses buttoned complemented by brooches (and earrings, in principle, possible with any winter clothing).
  • Cardigans with an open neckline (worn over a turtleneck) may be supplemented by a short string of beads, necklace, pendant on short chain.
  • Sweaters without collars, sweaters with a fitted turtleneck collar and a nice long string of beads, a pendant on a long cord, the brooch.

However, if you put it on the neck of a large flashy jewelry sweater, earrings is no longer necessary (only if there are earrings from the kit), it is also better to do without the bracelets, and the ring is possible!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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