How and why to put veneers on the teeth?

The easiest way to change your look – get a beautiful smile. It is no coincidence that the female readers of the site “” looking for ways on how to make it flawless and white. Today you will learn whether veneers on teeth to make them smooth and beautiful, improve their color, in General, to hide all sorts of defects of the teeth within the smile line.

The reviews of those who decided to put veneers on the teeth, but is it worth the rush?

Let’s consider in more detail what is veneers on teeth, what they produce and when to go to aesthetic dentists, that smile was at 100?

When you put veneers?

To hide aesthetic defects of the teeth: enamel chipping, irregular shape, yellowing and other defects — in addition to the usual restoration, I propose to make veneers for teeth. This procedure aesthetic dentistry is becoming every day more and more popular.

This is evidenced by the numerous reviews about veneers on the teeth, which can be found on the Internet.

  • My teeth were yellow stained, slightly crooked. The dentist asked me to put veneers, listing all of their advantages compared with crowns. My advice to those who are thinking whether to put veneers: if you are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth, then put. But if you want just to have a Hollywood smile and you are not satisfied with only the color of your teeth, you should not spoil for the sake of your teeth. Because veneers General concern for enamel procedure, it is more rigid compared to the whitening. The enamel is worn down, and it’s for life. Placing the veneers once, you will need to upgrade them at best every 7 – 10 years. Zamira.

Veneers for teeth: ceramic or composite?

Before there were dental veneers are thin plates that are glued onto the surface of the tooth, dentists use different materials to hide the defects of teeth. But their major drawback is the permeability under the influence of environmental factors over time, they changed its color, became darker, and the tooth is not profitable to stand out from others.

Also vinarova plate covers only the visible part of the tooth – one or two of its surface, in contrast to crowns, which are more massive and fits over the entire tooth.

Despite all the advantages, we should not forget that the veneers on the teeth, despite the positive reviews, cause irreparable harm to the enamel.

Veneers are made of ceramic or filling material.

Veneers made of ceramic

Veneers for teeth are made of ceramics are thin porcelain or Zirconia is more popular and reliable. In its structure, the plates of these materials looks very similar to tooth enamel, making veneers of ceramics aesthetically beneficial.

Mostly ceramics are now giving preference to modern dentists. But keep in mind that this is an expensive procedure.

  • I made myself a smile of pressed ceramics. The price of one almost 15 thousand rubles. In the price included a temporary Deposit, which is placed while in the laboratory do constant, the price of the veneer and work. Of the cheaper material veneers cost 5 thousand. But I liked more is ceramic. I was waiting for “your smile” for almost 2 weeks. Did the upper row of 5 teeth. Very satisfied. Katerina.

Composite veneers

Sealing composite materials less in demand, although much cheaper than ceramic. Veneers on teeth made of polymeric material used to improve the appearance of one or two teeth. Composite veneers inferior in its properties to porcelain in appearance and durability.

  • Composite veneers made for me very quickly! Have nadolola front tooth and I replaced it with veneer. The doctor gently polishing off a thin layer of enamel remaining on the tooth, and then began layering some of the mixture. Very neat and long. This lining lasts for 3 years, and under careful treatment and care will be used. Basically, I was satisfied. Because my teeth themselves are smooth and beautiful. Why do they spoil ceramics? Sasha.

Direct and indirect veneers on teeth

As can be seen from the review, the differences between ceramic and composite veneers on the teeth not only in the material from which they are made, cost, service life, but also in technology of their manufacture and the method of attachment to the tooth surface.

  • Ceramic veneers (orthopedic, indirect) are doing in the laboratory, that is, their manufacture requires some period of time – 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Composite plate (straight, therapeutic) can also be produced in a laboratory, but often the procedure of applying composite plates is carried out directly in a patient’s mouth, as well as during the restoration tooth to the surface layers applied special filling material. Despite the rapidity of manufacture, the composite veneers on the teeth have low strength, and lose the ceramic in service life, and appearance.

Veneers for teeth: how to install?

In contrast to the more massive crowns, veneers do not cover the whole tooth, and one, at least two of its surfaces. The installation procedure includes a preliminary stage, direct the veneer in the laboratory and its installation.

At the preliminary stage of the prepared tooth. Its surface is very gently removed a thin layer of enamel (1.5 mm). Its thickness equal to the thickness of the future album.

  • I am afraid of pain, so the question is, does it hurt to do veneers on the teeth, I was interested for a reason. Here it is on stage, when to grind down the enamel, it was just unpleasant. No, not painful, particularly unpleasant. There was no pain, because it was done all under local anesthesia. Maria.

After removal of enamel is an impression of the tooth with a special paste, which is applied to the ground off the tooth prior to curing. Cast to exactly the same as the surface of the teeth – model them.

While molds will be made of veneers on tooth is plastic counterpart – it protects the tooth from external factors.

In the laboratory model plaster model of the patient’s teeth on which the veneers are made. The color is chosen during the preparatory phase. For better attachment of the veneer on the tooth surface is treated with a special gel that gives a certain surface roughness.

After pre-fit the veneer with a special adhesive attached to the tooth.

  • The feeling on the tooth put some kind of knob. They say that with time will get used to it. View. Most importantly for me, a lover of coffee that my porcelain veneers will not change color and not red as fillings. Olga.


We all know that the grinding of enamel is an irreversible process. That’s what makes many to wonder whether it is possible to put veneers on the teeth without removing the enamel? We hasten to please users that today developed a gentle alternative to veneers – luminary.

But, unfortunately, the indications for their use is much lessthan veneers and their cost is several times higher.

Recommend luminary mainly to improve the colour of teeth, when the enamel cracks and small gaps between the teeth. But the chipped teeth, wedge-shaped defect, irregularities of shape of teeth, to hide old fillings – all that can hide the veneer — luminary will not work.

  • One of the teeth, which I planned to do veneers were badly damaged on the inside. My doctor did the crown, and the rest veneers. And fillings, and veneers were made of porcelain. The teeth look the same. Natalia.

Contraindications to the installation of luminares are the same as for veneers:

  • Diseases of tooth and gums (requires full pre-sanitation of the oral cavity)
  • Destruction of the tooth root
  • The lack of 6 and 7 posterior teeth
  • The presence of large fillings on the inside of the tooth
  • Direct and deep bite
  • Malocclusion
  • Severe destruction of the inner surface of the tooth, etc.

Special maintenance is not required: it is sufficient to follow the General recommendations for the care of teeth. If you feel that veneers are loosely attached to the tooth surface, immediately consult a doctor. Veneers on the teeth should not cause discomfort.

If the veneer is broken, it will need to be changed completely. If there was a minor crack, it is enough to do extra polishing.

Cannot be used for brushing teeth teething powders, they can scratch fine China. It is also recommended to regularly visit the dentist for preventive examination.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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