How do you wash butter? Giving washing with oil skin?

Women’s website “” today I shall talk about the least aggressive means of care. Eastern beauty brands, and pet lovers of cosmetics offer to clean the face using oils. How to wash with oil? What means for this purpose is better to choose? What is a hydrophilic oil, how to cook it at home, and how effectively it performs its cleansing function?

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Let’s start with the advantages.

Washing with oil is particularly shown for dry skin as it creates a significant moisturizing effect, protects the lipid barrier of the skin and prevents its premature aging. Autumn and winter is the best time to try the oil cleanser as this will prevent your skin from drying out.

If you have combination or blemish-prone problem skin, you will have to carefully choose the oil:

  • the tendency to inflammation, acne – jojoba oil
  • oily skin – grapeseed oil, sweet almond
  • dry and Mature skin – avocado oil
  • normal skin – apricot kernel oil

Universal and equally effective for all types of skin are olive and argan oil.

Washing with “clean” oil

Some fans care cosmetics based on oils I suggest to use a cleansing oil in its pure form. You just need to put the tool on the face a few minutes massage on the massage lines, not to flush, just remove the residue with a soft cloth or sponge.

This method of washing is perfect for removing makeup.

But questioned its effectiveness in terms of removing dirt from the pores. After the working day, and especially after a long time spent on the street, want to facial skin really cleared and began to “breathe”.

Besides, the skin may remain “heavy” oil film impermeable to air. After this oil cleanser can you not use a moisturizer, although it depends on the condition of your skin.

Hydrophilic oil for washing

Another way to spare the skin of your face while washing your face is to prepare a hydrophilic oil. In finished form it is widely present in the lines of Korean and Japanese cosmetic brands.

This tool is composed of oil, and Polysorbate, absorbing oils, whereby the oil turns into a delicate and light “milky” foam. This tool cleans the pores from sebum without clogging them, and remove the skin from the dust and pollution.

They are also easy to remove makeup, which is practically insoluble in the wash hydrophilic oil. But to apply his advice with caution, as the tool in case of contact with eyes sting.

Also, the tool easily “washes away” a BB cream.

For cooking this means you need to purchase Polysorbate (sold in pharmacies, soap shops, shopping centres and online) and the essential oil. Mix them in a proportion of 15% (Polysorbate) 85% (oil or a mixture of several oils).

Caring for greater effect , add to the hydrophilic oil:

  • vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, and skin-helpful, and will prevent your finished tool from oxidation
  • essential oils (tea tree, rosemary, grapefruit, or any other suitable your skin)

Procedure wash hydrophilic oil

  • Apply the product on face, paying special attention to rough areas, areas with clogged pores. Do not hurry, let the butter act. At this stage the oil in the composition is mixed with the oil from the pores.
  • Dampen the hands with warm water and again “walk” on the same plots. This is the stage of binding oil and dirt from the pores under the influence of the sorbent. With the participation of the water tool turns into milk.
  • Then wash away the excess oil with cool water.
  • If you feel the formation of an oil film on the skin, additionally use mild facial wash. Or, you can simply pour a bit of Polysorbate in a hydrophilic oil.

Carry out the procedure of wash hydrophilic oil can be every night, or to start 2-3 times a week.

Cooked medium pour into a container with a spout – it will be easier to use. Before you apply hydrophilic oil, it is desirable to shake as Polysorbate may settle at the bottom.

The effect is fresh and truly clean skin do not appear immediately (about two weeks after the start of the application), but the moisturizing effect is manifested almost from the first use.

The result of the skin with hydrophilic oils will clean skin without blackheads, purify pores. Such thorough cleansing of the skin also stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

By the way, if washing with oil, you’ll like it, it can be used to cleanse the whole body as a shower gel.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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