How effective are breathing exercises for weight loss?

The website “” he knows many of the secrets of slim figure in addition to the standard diet and exercise. For example, these include breathing exercises for weight loss.

At first it’s hard to believe, but the daily execution of breathing exercises helps to lose up to 12 kg of excess weight.

What is breathing exercises for weight loss

Breathing exercises as a method of weight loss is not a new trend. Related practices have long been popular and proved its effectiveness. Many people through them could solve the problem of excess weight and bring your figure in order.

As it turned out, the breathing techniques positively affect the performance of all internal organs. They help:

  • to remove the feeling of hunger,
  • to break down the fat deposits under the skin
  • to accelerate metabolism,
  • to boost immunity
  • to strengthen the nervous system.

The website knows a variety of different exercises for weight loss. And they are all based on a single principle — a certain breathing contributes to the intense saturation of blood with oxygen, which accelerates the process of metabolism affects the reduction of body fat.


One of the best-known breathing methods — breathing exercises for weight loss bodyflex (read more about it “” told in this article). It was developed by American fans of yoga Greer Childers.

This methodology formed the popular exercise of yoga, a bit adapted directly under the weight loss.

Childers wrote based on his own book, which brings 13 effective exercises that help in losing weight.

Thanks to the technique of Flex in the blood in excess of accumulated oxygen, which is then routed to the appropriate area of the body and actively contributes to the breakdown of fat within them.


The second most popular place after the Flex is a breathing exercises for weight loss occisis. We also talked about it here.

In our country this technique is still little known, but every year more and more people give their preference to her.

From bodyflex occisis has a more gentle and easy breaths. That is why this breathing exercise, slimming, practically has no contraindications and can be dealt with without exception.

In addition, the results of such activities are quite impressive. In the process of implementation of the respiratory complex occisis spent one and a half times more calories than when working on the bike. In addition, these exercises provide just a colossal strain on the abdominal muscles.

Exercises Marina Korpan

Marina Korpan is well known in Russia as an expert on various breathing techniques. Marina herself because they were overcome its own inherent completeness, and now shares his experience with other people.

The essence worked its exercise is to deliver oxygen to the parts of the body that have excess fat. Enough to breathe a certain way for 20 minutes a day and within a week the waist will shrink a few inches in girth.

Breathing exercises for weight loss Marina Korpan is very simple.

According to the recommendations of its author, it is necessary to stand up straight and put a hand to his belly. Then follows a long and deep nasal breath, after breath-holding — slow exhalation. Such repeated the breath three times. After that you need to do the usual breath in through your nose and followed by two sharp and short extra breath. The breath — a normal exhalation and two additional short and sharp exhalation. And to repeat again twice.

Method Strelnikova

Breathing exercises for weight loss Strelnikova actively practiced since the 30-ies of the 20th century. Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova, originally developed it as a method of recovery of the singing voice. Over time was discovered, and other positive properties of this gymnastics.

So, thanks to this breathing practice quickly and effectively burns excess weight. In addition, it helps treat many respiratory diseases — asthma, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections and not only.

Respiratory complex Strelnikova is the only one that involves compression of the chest when inhaling. During its implementation are actively working in almost all parts of the body — arms, legs, abs, back and even head.

As practice, breathing techniques are really effective. They not only help to fight obesity, but also contribute to overall improvement of body. However, to achieve the most rapid and long result recommended approach to combat obesity in the complex.

But because simultaneously with breathing exercises are advised to pay attention to healthy nutrition and physical activity.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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