How excited the woman quickly?

For any of us is not a secret that female arousal is a process that is difficult to manage and control. Who of us has never been a case that it’s a fun as for some reason did not come even after a long foreplay with skillful and attractive man? Of course, it happened!

But men usually get excited very quickly and women want to be able to adapt to the desires of the partner. How excited the woman quickly – tell unusual female site

There are several important aspects that affect women’s arousal.


Unlike men, it is very difficult for a woman to get aroused quickly, if she’s just awkward and uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure that the atmosphere in your bedroom (or not only in the bedroom) fit your personal ideas of comfort and coziness.

Most women agree that it is much easier to quickly tune in to love joy, if:

  • In the bedroom warm. If you feel cold without clothes, is unlikely to contribute to the hot sex.
  • The linen is clean and smells good. For the most part women psychologically unpleasant feeling of impurity in the moment when you are most open and vulnerable. Dirty spontaneous sex (in the sand, in the bushes, somewhere he has never mytom lift) is often male fantasy. Man, if he’s attracted to a woman, capable of feats anywhere, and unsanitary conditions will confuse it not always. For women, cleanliness is important!
  • The woman feel well-groomed and clean. Rare lady may tune in to sex, if feels unwashed, insufficiently groomed in some areas of the body, etc. Jokes about unshaven legs are not so anecdotal: many women do not want sex, if you feel neglected, unattractive and of themselves. The notorious shaving legs is more of a ritual for myself (a man in the heat of passion can completely think about some barely visible hairs). And, of course, a shower (although many men are turned on by natural body odour of the partner).

Of course, that interfere with the excited different annoying sounds, odors, etc.

For a woman it is important the sense of security and privacy – if men sometimes like extreme and risk being “caught”, the girls usually don’t like this kind of adventure.

In the end, a woman to excite you need to calm down and relax and not worry so much about extraneous thoughts.


Women are “head” — the words are often more important than the touch…

Experienced lovers know the secret of how to excite a woman quickly – you need to tell her compliments (perhaps spicy properties), or to describe their actions with her body, etc. If your man is silent, and rarely emits any sounds except a satisfied sniff, try to talk to him about it in the process – perhaps he’ll get the hint.

How excited the woman most quickly – will help the viewing of erotic films, etc. Pornography and erotica is a large genre, and everyone can find something interesting for yourself. Of course, it helps to tune in the desired fashion ?

Entourage, paraphernalia

The excitation can promote items that have a specific women associated with good sex.

Typically, this beautiful sexy lingerie, stilettos, silk sheets, etc. Many people like candles.

Hot tub

Works here quite understand the mechanism. The excitement is a rush of blood to the genitals, lower abdomen. A hot bath is very conducive to this (especially if you take it sitting or reclining). If you take a bath with a partner, a woman can get aroused very quickly!

However, sex in a hot water doctors do not recommend – it’s a big strain on the heart, so better to move around in bed.

Perfume with pheromones

Odors that increase libido – it is no longer news. If a partner enjoys such a special perfume, this may contribute to the rapid initiation of girls. In addition, the effect of pheromones possess some essential oils for example, ylang-ylang.

However, first, it works not always and not on all, and secondly – it is not necessary to train yourself to get aroused only in the presence of a particular odor.


A small dose of alcohol has a relaxing effect, in a state of mild intoxication, excited the woman quickly. Folk remedies of seduction usually involve drinking something alcoholic…

But it is about moderate portions – a glass or two of wine or 50 grams of something stronger. After excessive libations sensitivity is reduced, you feel dizzy, sleepy, etc. and the nice little man trying to stir up “a log” with the flavour of alcohol.

We should say about drugs (weed etc) – none of them the excitation does not contribute, rather the opposite, and substances-psychedelics and does cause an unnatural state in which about any sex and speech cannot go (not to mention the numerous harmful health and psychological effects).

So if the gentleman offers to eat something sort of “sentiment” without, nothing good you can not miss!


A rare woman can be excited to just “go” — after all, a man needs a little bit of effort. Kissing on the lips, neck, area behind the ears, nipples is what can help a woman become aroused before intimacy quickly.

And the most effective touching and stroking – chest, inner thighs, shoulders and buttocks.

Special preparations

There are special drugs that are advertised as a panacea to solve the question “how excited the girl quickly.” Not all of these drugs are effective, their influence on different women may be different.

It is worth remembering that it is not a laxative or a sedative drug for the excitation acts only upon the occurrence of the circumstances, and not just so, without any further action (as well as men’s viagra).

And another important point, often overlooked, wondering how a woman become aroused quickly. Is regular sex life.

Yes, during a long absence of sex a woman can greatly appreciate, but not the fact that at that moment, when there will be your partner, you will be able to quickly get aroused. On the contrary, women who have lots of sex, usually get excited faster and easier.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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