How fast to get pregnant and how to start training

The question “how fast to get pregnant?” is not entirely correct. The hurry in such a serious matter like pregnancy planning, unacceptable. To be more precise to ask the question “how fast to get pregnant?”.

The correct way will be the fastest, best and effective. About the right ways today read on

The first step. A visit to the doctor

Most of the information on planning pregnancy contains advice of a medical nature. So.

One of the first things to start to spouses, is a medical examination by reliable experts. Not worth it to begin to count the “dangerous days” and get excited about vitamins, let me outline the plan of action your doctor.

Usually gynecologists direct the woman in the following ways:

  • laboratory tests for the presence of genital infections;
  • laboratory examination of the contents of sex hormones in the blood;
  • examination using ultrasound;
  • the appointment of the necessary treatment of diagnosed diseases;
  • prescribe preventive medication;
  • control tests the results of the covered treatment.

On the women’s website “” we have already talked about why to get tested before planning a pregnancy.

In cases when a woman is healthy, the doctor prescribes a preventative medication and provides General recommendations for pregnancy planning. Without the participation of specialists to make medical quick ways to get pregnant is highly undesirable.

Second step. How fast to get pregnant using the calendar?

So, the doctors said, “good luck!” Now all further planning pregnancy depends on the spouses.

What can try to make a woman in order to accelerate the time of pregnancy?

  • Track estimated ovulation using the calendar. With probability 100% to make this measurement possible. Nature does not allow us so hard to control it. However, calculating and noting the most favorable or “dangerous” days for conception you can, measuring the basal temperature. In the first half of the cycle the basal temperature is low, at the time of ovulation it falls even lower, and in the second half of the cycle, there is a rise. The method is troublesome, requiring many terms to achieve accuracy, so insist on it will not.
  • To determine the “best week” through the calendar. A woman is obliged to monitor their cycle regardless of whether she is planning pregnancy or not. This is the basis of women’s health. If the menstrual cycle is stable, then a simple calculation can determine the week during which conception is most likely. This is usually the week in the middle of the cycle. Will also help monitor your own body. Characteristic signs of approaching ovulation can be a nagging pain or tingling in the ovaries, is more abundant clear discharge. All these features can not be shown, therefore, to make independent conclusions about whether there is ovulation or not, not worth it.
  • Step three. How fast to get pregnant without any tension?

    Sexual desire of the husband, the menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility – all depends on mood and mental state of women.

    How to get pregnant fast, being under stress? No way.

    All used quick ways to get pregnant, which tells that will only work if you:

    • convinced of the health of each other;
    • comply with a healthy active lifestyle;
    • make love, not mechanically “planning a baby”;
    • rest are addicted to something, let go of thinking about pregnancy and keep a positive attitude!

    Popular tips for planning pregnancy

    And how can you quickly get pregnant with the help of folk wisdom? Not all people, passed on from mouth to mouth, harmless.

    So, for example, self-administration of a decoction of herbs, “upland uterus” can lead to serious disruptions of the menstrual cycle in women.

    The observance of certain postures in sex, performing acrobatic exercises after intercourse, the observance food diets “the boy” or “girl”, worship certain icons – these lessons will not bring harm, however, and their value is not proven.

    In all things use common sense and let the planning of the baby will be for you and your family a happy and mysterious period of waiting and of hope!

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