How important to men oral sex?

“I want to appeal to Igor with the women’s site My man I’m getting married soon, often insisting that I was doing him a Blowjob. I not that unpleasant, but I don’t want it. And he insists even be offended if I shy away or offer him a “treat” him, but “not to the end.” We even fight as it happened.

Do oral sex for men so important? What do I do if I of a Blowjob, to put it mildly, is not happy? Thank you. Violetta”.

Violetta, a similar problem has arisen in me with my present wife. So I have about this slippery (but pleasant ? ) the subject has a lot of thought. Not that I found a solution acceptable to all is very difficult, but some ideas are, and I hope they Get at least something useful ?

The importance of such affection

Violetta, start with the fact that everyone is different. One man would react calmly to the lack of oral sex, the other not, and the third without it in General anywhere ? , so it’s important to him.

But I’m sure for most men Blowjob – the most complete way to possess his woman. But it is natural that the man longs for the possession. As naturally as a normal woman wants to be possessed.

Blowjob is something even more intimate than regular sex. Therefore, no wonder that Your man wants this so. It is clear that he will stay alive if it will not be this to, but knowing that You can give this to him, but not give, will feel uncomfortable. A main disadvantage or not, he will look for it on the side.

Please reconsider your attitude

Violetta, try to begin to revise their attitude to the Blowjob. Why this affection rejects You slightly? Suddenly it happened due to the fact that earlier (when I was a virgin) would give You that affection as something obscene and dirty?

This topic is a lot of vulgarity, which may act unconsciously. Just remember how You about Blowjob learned for the first time? What he heard? Told You about this close female friends? Not sure that’s the case, but try to remember and to perform necessary.

Do not hurt to read on this subject as much as possible of the literature. It is also useful. Confirmation of my words that this is normal and natural (and important!) weasel.

If a man is clean, the aversion can not be justified (on the lips more germs). The taste of semen is also not something terrible. But if You love a man, this affection for the idea You really need to bring.

Another possible reason is that he too insists on a Blowjob, and You are involuntarily rejects. What to do?

Look for compromises

As in any contentious issue where the parties want different things, nothing remains how to compromise. Not something to share so they say, on even days doing ? and on the odd no ?

Try to talk to him. First, make sure that really love. That don’t crave a blow job not because You are disgusted. Ask him to give You time. He does not insist, does not even mention about blow jobs, but You do occasionally “indulge” him.

Tune in advance: remember the good qualities of Your man, imagine his body, confess her love for him. And make him a Blowjob, when they themselves very excited. It is likely that You will get ACCUSTOMED to this affection, and You will like it. What’s the difference how You achieved a positive result? The habit also has many advantages.

If You are still unpleasant, if it is the taste of semen – the same stumbling block on the path to happiness, well… don’t give up and solve it through dialogue with the man. All will depend on who is willing to make the greatest sacrifice to their desires.

But if you love each other, then the problem will be solved. And You have got so, from me to You talisman:

You’re silver spring in a parched, dying woods!

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