How is wash hair at home?

Girls are fickle — now they want to be burning brunettes, and tomorrow wants to return the natural color. Women’s website “” will tell you how to make a cleanser for hair at home.

We will discuss the most popular tools sold in the stores, and popular recipes, preparation of which will take the least time.

Wash hair at home or salon?

Hair coloring not always go according to plan. Incorrectly mixed color, maiden forgetfulness, and as a result overexposed the paint, the wrong shade — and that you are the owner of bright green curls.

And you wanted to be a redhead? Well, it’s not time to panic, just rummage in your fridge, there may be products that will help to get rid of unwanted color.

Still hesitant to try? Let’s look at what is different remover paint hair at home from the cabin.

First understand the theory. Among the experts are common terms superficial and deep pickling.

  • Surface. Used when you need to get rid of the lightening, to return the color closest in tone with the fact that highlighting hair. This method relates to gentle and does not provide for the use of funds, consisting of oxidizing agents.
  • Deep. To use the salon services, the master uses harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, without their application to get rid of the dark shade will fail.

Be prepared that the first time to achieve the desired colors will not work. The result will depend on the shade of paint used and the condition of the hair. If the curls are exhausted, it is best to contact the salon, as the remover is a very traumatic procedure, after the master can offer a number of masks and methods of recovery.

The cost of the service will of course increase, but the effect will not keep itself waiting.

Only a specialist after the first wash will be able to tell whether you can re-staining. So, a wash of black paint can lead to the appearance of red color. If you just apply a different colour, you can get very unexpected results, ruining their efforts.

Remover paint hair at home with the use of cosmetics

But we would not be writing this article if remover paint hair at home was impossible. So if you are confident, you can try to do it yourself. For this purpose special tools.

You need to choose only qualitative, in which no ammonia. It was replaced with acid. Its task is to bleach the hair, as if to deprive them of the coloring pigment.

Their action is only aimed at the dyed hair, the natural color will stay with you.

What gives us modern cosmetology?

  • Estel. Professional remover for hair that is gentle to the hair, keeping natural color. It is ideal for those subjecting strands to a recent painting. The tool handle, with traces of old paint.
  • Kapous. This two-phase cosmetic product. The most effective for the correction of unplanned color. This is a case when immediately after application you notice that the shade it wasn’t what I wanted. One bottle is enough for three treatments, assuming that you have medium length hair.
  • Colour Off. The formula is perfectly crafted, soy proteins and wheat germ nourish the hair, carefully saving them from the paint. It is so effective that even one treatment.

Professional remover for hair, apply on slightly damp strands. The tool should hold for about half an hour, and then rinse. It is useful the use of restorative mask immediately after washing. Proceed to the next staining can be no earlier than 2 weeks.

How to make wash hair at home?

You will be surprised, but to prepare a wash for the hair is very simple. On the other hand, the home method is less effective, although not hurt the hair. One treatment is guaranteed to be insufficient.

To make wash hair at home you can use the following products:

  • Soda. You will need a glass of warm water, teaspoon of salt and ten tablespoons of baking soda. The resulting tool is applied evenly to the hair and lasts an hour. From such a mask is to give girls who suffer from dandruff and also to owners of dry hair.
  • Yogurt. The mask is kept on the hair for 2 hours. Apply on slightly damp hair. Washed off with shampoo and after the hair you need to apply a balm. Get ready for that hair to acquire a greenish tint. To cope with this trouble to help lemon.
  • The natural oil. For washing will fit any of the known oils – olive, almond, burdock, flax. To prepare the mask the oil is mixed with alcohol, often brandy or beer. It should be applied evenly on hair, keep for 3 hours, wrapping the head with polyethylene and towel.
  • Med. This product is effective in flushing bright colors of paint. A spoonful of shampoo to mix with a spoon of baking soda and the same amount of sea salt. Wipe the hair with a towel and apply honey. You can mix it with lemon juice and conditioner, so you will be able to facilitate the process of application and improve the result. It is better to carry out the procedure in the evening before bedtime, so as to sustain the mask from 8 to 10 hours.
  • Daisy. Pharmacists have ensured that you have found a collection of chamomile at your local pharmacy. Steep 100 grams of the herb in polulaych water. Wait until the tool cools down. To the solution add hydrogen peroxide − 50 ml. Rinse hair with the received broth and hold for 30 minutes under a towel. Then rinse the hair with shampoo.

As you can see, wash hair at home preparing quite simple. Try out the traditional recipes. If the result does not satisfy you, you can always resort to chemical methods.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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