How men feel about smart women?

“The question to Dmitry Butlerova: How men feel about smart women? And what kind of man wants to see next to a smart woman, and not only see, but to live her whole life without trying in any way to humiliate her and break?? Yuliya.

Yulia, let’s first understand, what kind of woman we can consider smart? In my understanding, really smart woman has the following set of qualities:

  • she is educated and well-read.
  • not too annoying to the brain, allowing particular situation.
  • realistic looks at the world.
  • does not create unnecessary problems to yourself and others.
  • knows his strengths/weaknesses.
  • has its reasoned opinion.
  • all feels a measure.

The list, of course, is not exhaustive, you can add other qualities to your liking. But this list is the most important I would choose the last item – all feels a measure. Explain why.

You see, Julia, if a man is not an idiot, he will be happy that a smart woman. You can always light with silly and cheerful girl, but for a relationship to another level need a smart woman. Smart woman does not need to explain the obvious. It is not a problem and quite self-sufficient. She and I have something to talk about, she is able to give good advice and support in this difficult time.

And yet, many men don’t like smart women. Why? Here I have a couple of versions.

Version 1. The problem is the man

All corny. A woman need to meet! When a man realizes that he is not smart enough, or successful on the background of its women, begin natural complexes. Pride is bursting at the seams. He finds a simple solution – to assert themselves at the expense of women easier. Yes, she is not very smart, but it will be delightfully to listen to every word. So many men get rid of the Napoleon complex. A smart woman is nothing. Paradox!

In addition, a smart woman always smartly will catch on deception. If you’re living together with Sherlock Holmes in a woman’s appearance – go on a Bender big fail! F*ck!

Version 2. A problem in the woman

She is undoubtedly intelligent and feels superior, which readily demonstrates. All teaches as a school teacher, trying to compete with men to command. This behavior no one likes. A man wants to feel taller and stronger than their women. Crawling at the foot of her pedestal? Never!

Here come to the main point: if you’re smart, learn to use your mind. Nearby, a man must only guess about the real extent of your genius.

Some believe that the fool lives easier. Say, even if you’re smart, act a fool and all your problems will solve your man. This is complete nonsense. Tell you a secret – we are not all female problems are interesting. But only those with whom a woman is not objectively can handle herself.


In General, to not delve into razmyshlizmy a few tips for smart (if they need them):

  • Try to be self-sufficient, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from men, if you can’t solve the problem itself. It will be nice that he can be useful!
  • Does not flaunt his achievements, even if you drive a Lexus, and her husband on an old Peugeot. All their career achievements written off to luck and hard everyday work.
  • Do not criticize your man, don’t lecture and don’t beat on people (a common female error). Try your ideas to present so that the man believed that everything he invented.
  • All feel a measure.
  • Praise to the man and check with him. Let him know that without his attention, support and love, you’re nobody to call. Even if in reality it is not. Be sure to notice and encourage all of his achievements that on your background it didn’t seem a loser. Your man’s balls, period. (the opinions of others — on the side!).
  • Stay feminine and sexy!

On this knock off. I think that these girls understood everything I wanted to say! ? Hey all, see you on the pages in the site!

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