How men relate to silicone breast

“Hi,! Want to know the opinion of your male authors about silicone breast. I am 25 years old, I have 2 breast size, I want to make 3. The shape of my breast is fine with me, just want to make it bigger. While I have no husband and children have the time and opportunity to do so. How do you think, is it worth it? Thank You, Marina.”

Marina, I was lucky enough to deal with different types of women’s Breasts, so I will be able to distinguish natural from artificial. But despite my awareness of this issue, for all the men to answer I’ll never. On taste and color, you know…

All men are different ideas about the ideal female breast, but we are all equally sensitive to this part of the female body.

As for the size, a friend of mine said: “the main thing that was placed in the male’s hand.” And I totally agree with him (this is my personal opinion). I was and still am a supporter of real and beautiful women’s Breasts! And protector of wildlife in combination! (to understand what I refer to google and enter the query “a boa constrictor and silicone breast” ? )

For some men is not so much size as shape. For other size matters. And also how it looks harmonious combined with the figure of a woman. There are fans of huge Breasts complete with thin legs and a crooked back – believe me!

But we all are equally nice to enjoy a beautiful woman’s Breasts (clothed or naked), touch it. And when the girl is confident in its appeal and is proud of his looks – doubly enjoyable!

In some cases, surgery is justified?

It is not necessary to amuse itself hope to gain beautiful Breasts easily. Breast surgery — like any surgery — should be motivated and justified.

Sometimes girls chase whether for fashion, whether for men’s adoration, and begin to mock quite beautiful Breasts. Why? I think it is a whim.

And when you consider that the breast implants threatens to costs, potential complications, scars and replacement of implants a few years – it’s all complete nonsense. No sane man will not appreciate such suffering.

However, do not deny that there are cases where plastic is necessary. For example, when it loses its shape after nursing, and becomes saggy and asymmetrical. Fair enough, I agree. In this case, the correction not only makes sense but is a must!

Or when the woman is absolutely unhappy with the shape or size of the breast. When it gives rise to complexes, insecurities and psychological problems. As far as I know, some surgeons will first send patients for consultation to a psychologistto make sure that they have no cockroaches in my head, pushing them into unnecessary surgery.

It’s all very individual. First you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. And, of course, to find a good surgeon, a real expert, and many of them.

Men are silicone breast?

As said above – we all have our preferences. Someone called for naturalness and is disgusted by touching the implants. Some people even can not distinguish. Someone absolutely indifferent to natural Breasts or silicone inside. Some people like full chest, and someone small, like a teenage girl. And heck, the diversity that we see is always awesome…! ?

But without exception, the men are nice to look at beautiful and well-groomed chest! Given this chest from nature, or you have brought it to perfection in another way – it doesn’t concern us! Just really try not to lose your health and natural beauty in the pursuit of forms.

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