How not to be boring for men: to be interesting to men

“My man told me that with me something to talk about. He is very well read and versatile man, and I can’t get a job and have 1.5 years of sitting at home. My life has become boring and uninteresting, nothing happens in it. Prompt how to change, how to become interesting to men?”

Yes, it’s very frustrating to know that you are not interested in the man she loved. Especially if he says it openly and begins to avoid communication with you. If the alarm bell rang, you it’s time to change something in your life.

How not to be boring for men? Female site shares with you their ideas.

Change for yourself

First, it is impossible to change to “someone” and adapt to “someone” requests. We wonder , “how not to be boring for men?”, but really the question should be posed: “how to be interesting yourself?” Relationship with a man and family life is a welcome and useful addition to your personality. No wonder they say: change yourself, then change the world around us.

Second, man does not love, when run, does not tolerate when cling to him when I’m in control. He wants to hunt for a woman, to conquer her, to delight. A woman should be a mystery that needs to be elusive and desirable. It is a known fact, but how to achieve this? How to be interesting for himself and his men?

To begin to change their minds, habits, goals and logic. You need to stop being drivenand become a self-sufficient person. Not to stray from the right course, stick to our Theory of the three levels of communication.

The theory of the three levels of communication
Level 1. You

On the first level you are. It’s your own inner world in which should prevail the health, beauty, mental harmony, positive emotions and self-development. If a person has not developed this level, and his personality is hard to call. It is this level supposed to be the strongest, from it we draw our inner strength. At this level reign:

  • Love and respect
  • The desire to make ourselves better, prettier, smarter, stronger spirit
  • Morals and values
  • Life strategy and goal

Life here never stops, even in the most difficult times, because it’s your core, what fills your life, each daily change.

In other words, your world consists of the mosaic of events, feelings, actions and desires. We should never forget about yourself, and you can never run on this level of negativity and outsiders. Your first level is what makes you unique, interesting personality.

And, of course, love and respect yourself, love yourself and people should be like a full glass of water: what’s on the inside and full to the brim to keep that overflowing to give to others.

Level 2. Your house and your loved ones

At this level, are close friendswho accept you for who you are, who have never betrayed you. Those in whom you are 100% surewho has proved his love over the years. First of all, it’s parents and close friends.

When you feel that you need communication, a rewarding experience or I want to do something nice talk to your loved ones. Because they’ll really appreciate it. And good does not go into the void.

Here I can talk on any topic, get assistance, if you’re not doing yourself, with whom you can spend time, get positive emotions. This is the level where not only take but also give, is very important. These people will not let you feel lonely, because loneliness gives rise to dependence on communication, and it is not always in favor of relationships with men.

You ask, and why not in this list husband? He is also native and close people. Yes! So. But man must be on the third level.

Level 3. Your man

One of my friends all the time recalls the old adage: “my Husband-the dog does not tell the entire thigh” ? a Woman should be a mystery to men!

Why? Because the man stands only on the third level. He should never be on the first level. The most that he can count the second’s family. But this is the most ideal option based on tremendous trust and love, when the relationship is tested over the years.

Know what men like in women? When they have developed 1 and 2 levels of communication. These women self-sufficient. They never are never lonely, they develop your inner potential, harmony, support a constant interest to him.

In these two levels, they are improving, gain experience, learn interesting facts, coming up with new dishes, make new hairstyle, choose new behaviours, work on myself. You need to constantly fill in the gaps in their mental and spiritual development is an endless process! But since a man stands on the third level, he does not know where all this magnificence, and because you’re… the secret behind seven locks! ?

How not to be boring for men? Tips

Now, so be it, back to the man. ? How not to be boring specifically for him? A few simple tips from women’s website

Change in appearance and change their behavior

Yes, men love variety! It’s a fact! Don’t be afraid to experiment: change hair color, change your style, change your Hobbies, and even change the technique of Blowjob! Transform into from a passionate mistress in a cosy mistress with fragrant pies in the kitchen. Cold unapproachable Queen in the amazed little girl. Important:

1) don’t change too quickly, so the man had time to realize what was happening!
2) do Not step over your desires in pursuit of the result, otherwise your changes will be nagrani and unnatural.

Be erudite, constantly develop

If you have higher education – you are, of course, well done. But it doesn’t stop there! Without a constant flow of useful information the brain will relax. Try all the time to learn something new and interesting. How?

1) Read good old books.
2) keep Track of the latest news in the country and the world.
3) Learn foreign languages.
4) get a satellite TV: science and discovery channels Discovery, Discovery World and Discovery Science. They will help you to learn all the secrets of the origin of our Universe without break from cooking dinner! ?

Interested in the Affairs of men

If you understand at least a little bit technical and organizational details, which tells you your man – he will respect you!

The man is very important to tell you about their achievements, about the people with whom he works, about his projects. And you must not only assent, but also to understand what it’s about. Even if your man collects work on the hadron Collider to figure it out at leisure what it is. Ask him questions, interested in his progress, and then you will be able to maintain a conversation with him at the proper level. Men appreciate it.

Be inventive in sex

No sex anywhere! Even if you flashed over Breakfast knowledge about the second tier shares, at dinner, asked his business, but lie in the bed of a log and snore – your man you’re gonna get sick pretty quickly! Sex is a very big part of life for men, and it is important that you show interest in her. Invent something new, don’t be shy of your body, constantly surprises partner. Then he will seek not only to an interesting interviewee, but also to welcome the mistress.

Be well-groomed and athletic

Men like beautiful women. It is important for them to appear in society like yourself, taking the beautiful woman’s arm. Our beauty tends to fade over time, so you need to constantly keep in shape. Watch your looks, your weight, your manners and conversation.

Have a common social circle and interests

You don’t have to be completely absorbed by the man, but to love a couple of his Hobbies and chat with a few friends is a must. You must have some common leisure, otherwise it will be few points of intersection, and everyone will live their lives. You do not need to communicate with those who you don’t like, and don’t need to torture myself getting up at 4 am fishing. But if you have friends with whom you also wonder — initiate communication with them. Your man will be this nice!

But the main thing — don’t turn on your partner, don’t dig in it without a trace. So you lose yourself and become faceless and uninteresting. Better be elusive, enthusiastic, very busy and a very attractive woman! And then you’re not going to think about how not to be boring for men and he will think about how to keep you by his side! Be happy! ?

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