How not to be deceived at the supermarket

Remember that in times of shortage mom told me about overseas miracle stores where you can buy everything from watches to forgive, cowards. And I felt an unearthly delight! Now and in our cities there are supermarkets.

The supermarket is very convenient to make purchases. The main advantages of self-experience can be considered:

  • The opportunity to study the packaging (read the date of manufacture, composition, etc.);
  • The lack of queues. No hurry, not breathing in the back, and therefore don’t need frantically to peer into the window, remembering that the same were not purchased;
  • In the normal shop or market seller, outstanding product from behind the counter, is interested to sell anything, even a product with expired shelf life. In the supermarket, we are free to choose the taste and color of products all carefully consider;
  • After some time, change your mind, you can return the item on the shelf, and it is possible, conversely, to add something, most liked.

But here, unfortunately, was not without its “fly in the ointment”. Sometimes in supermarkets deliberately deceive, sometimes the cashiers get tired and make mistakes. In any case, vigilance does not interfere.

How much “opium”?

Often in supermarkets the most demanded products labels or not at all, or they are very far from the product, or “we have the price changed and the price tags we haven’t replaced”. Often the price can be found only at the till.

Check checks on the spot!

Checks in few looks, because in the supermarket they tend to be too long. But many of my friends complain that in large super – and hypermarkets the price on the check does not match the price in a hall, sometimes not the same barcode (the lemon can paste the barcode “Pineapple”). Nothing prevents the cashier several times to carry the product through the barcode-coder. Especially be careful when buying multiple instances of a product by the same name. Otherwise, instead of two packs of yogurt risk paying four. Never hurts to have at least a glimpse of the view check (for compliance of the goods purchased and the approximate order of prices).

In the case where the price tag was listed one price, but at the checkout you broke another (not in your favor), you may be required to sell the product at a price that is on display, as by law, the price tag is the document that governs your relationship with shop.

Was I wrong!..

One of the buyers, instead of 300 rubles (it is pre-calculated) offered to pay eight hundred, and during the proceedings, tried to argue: “look, punched, caramel – 500 rubles.” The customer said: “Girl, you’ve seen the caramels cost 500 rubles? I – no.” The cashier was embarrassed and counted the amount of the purchase.
This, of course, an exceptional case. Usually the difference is not so big and most disappointed customers do not see a reason to go back and make a claim. But every time “giving” the store 10-50 rubles, you lose a large sum. To avoid this, calculate in the mind the approximate cost of the purchases.

Quality above all else?

As a rule, the abundance of goods on shelves, not in time to be sold for a period corresponding to the expiration date, then all of these terms are interrupted and the goods are again offered to the buyers.

Once I showed the employee of the store stale oil “Rama”, she groaned, “Oh, Yeah, can’t be!”. The next day comes — same pack of lies on a shelf, as if nothing had happened.

More fresh goods spread in depth, and the “first plan” is the fact that tomorrow will be overdue. In the view shelf life and quality of products.

Quite often you can find repeatedly frozen and thawed vegetables, ice cream. Before you buy on the touch make sure that the package is no snow or ice, which are formed by secondary freeze.

On keeping

Opening the locker, I found in her bag (not mine) full of expensive cosmetics (not mine). My stuff was not. I soon realized that the mixed cell, and the key fit. It turns out they have one universal key to all compartments. Now I try to go to the supermarket without their own baggage that will need to pass. By the way, the store is not responsible for valuables left in the Luggage.

Going to the supermarket, remember that the rescue of drowning, still, the handiwork of drowning.

source: Ekaterina Sorokina, School of Life

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