How not to haul all of one: learn to share the work!

Do you have a situation at work busy at work, a bunch of stuff, and all you need to have time, so you’re spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, and colleagues… calmly drinking coffee and watching your feats of labor!? But you’re not the stank you and good results you want to achieve and the praise of superiors earned, and to raise self-esteem – so you try to catch one! Only pity is that the result is not always the best, and your efforts are properly nobody appreciates… As not to drag all one, and learn to delegate – tell website

How to stop working instead of men?

Great if you’re a leader. Always authoritative tone to the last: “Smith, you’re obliged to do something in such and such a time!”. However, it is not a guarantee that the job will be done well and correctly, and the child will not find a dozen convincing reasons why he did not even wrong.

What to do – spit on negligent subordinates and do it yourself or learn how to delegate authority? Of course, more effective than the other.

Analyze which types of activities is more inclined each slave, and poruci people what they do better.

If we are talking about is quite complex, “multi-component” task, divide it into small specific tasks for each employee and explain to everyone what they want from him, when and how it should be done. Because if to make a solemn speech, addressed to all (and to no one in particular) – say, a certain number your Department must do a certain project, it is possible that subordinates will not take it to heart, and instead finished the task you will hear a series of excuses!

And in any case not explain to subordinates that, executing orders of superiors, they are doing you a personal favor – it’s not!

The fact that their responsibilities is not included, you will not charge, and the tasks that they receive from the head – this is their job!

How to stop doing everything for colleagues?

It’s good to be boss – you can always delegate the excess work to the subordinates. But if you have no subordinates, and you work on an equal footing with colleagues?

As not to drag one all the wrong job? What attitudes should be removed to discourage colleagues wish to put you to work?

  • Better than me no one will do“. Perhaps something you do better than anyone. But this does not mean that tasks requiring this skill, must be carried out by you! And Supervisory colleagues, noting how enthusiastically you’re grasping at what you do best, and not try to repeat your success – why burden yourself with unnecessary work? So to the question: “Oh, can you get a couple of pages, you’re faster than all the typing?” boldly answer, that these few pages will be for colleagues an opportunity to improve his skills computer typing!
  • Without me here, everything will collapse!“. And you do not take full responsibility! Do your part well and on time, and not get one anything that is not completed colleagues – if the overall result is unsatisfactory, you can always show that depended on you. A lazy let get to the nuts and remember that you won’t always “one for all”!
  • To help colleagues with their work – way to earn a good reputation in the team“. Not at all! Colleagues will quickly realize that you’re trying so to be good in their eyes, and will to use it, you delegate your work and saying nice words. And you’re going to drag all one and not realize that you just used!

To achieve success, not worth to do more work and try to catch one – better to deal only with their jobs, but they really perform great!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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