How not to spoil a long awaited vacation: choose a suitcase Louis Vuitton

The long-awaited summer vacation and Christmas holidays are a great reason to change the home environment and to go on a cruise to the sea, a ski resort or a trip to one of the unexplored countries. And, of course, is to figure out in advance what the suitcase will not only lead the trip but will not ruin your appearance.

Speaking of suitcases, first and foremost, we mean the master of the Luggage world famous brand Louis Vuitton. The revolutionary model with flat cap became a symbol of the brand, what could convince everyone admiring his enlarged copy of in the heart of the country – in red square.

The legendary Louis Vuitton suitcase Alzer embodied the main tradition of the fashion house. Surprisingly roomy and durable model with a rigid frame made from the original Monogram canvas, complemented by rounded handles calfskin and also eye-catching and functional metal parts Golden brown.

Removable inner compartment facilitates maintenance, and a protective cover and metal corners protect the external parts of the suitcase from damage during transportation. The Luggage guarantee suitcase two side latches and S-shaped lock with a key.

The model is available in different designs in Damier Graphite and Taiga leather, and also in various sizes with width from 55 to 80 cm, which allows the buyer to pick up the Luggage case in accordance with your needs. For more than 100 years of its history, Istanbul has earned extremely enthusiastic feedback from many travelers.

More feminine copy of Alzer can be called a model Bisten, characterized not only by the presence of more compact dimensions, but a somewhat more expressive and luxurious decoration of gilded brass.

The second famous suitcase LV Rede is a classic model with a soft and noiseless wheel speed. Its universal design is ideal for both business trips and for travel.

Redae meets the standards of hand Luggage, while easily accommodates a maximum of things and provides exceptional order placed due to the presence of a large number pockets and zips. The model is presented in various versions – made in Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene and Damier Graphite, but also with durable Taïga leather and Epi, including juicy feminine shades, from luxurious Epi Electric patent. It is available in two sizes – with widths of 65 and 70 cm.

Overall LV suitcase Satellite is made of signature canvas Monogramm, and its comfortable grip and effective finishing is made of beige cowhide leather. Accented with a copper decorative elements with gold, is equipped with a replaceable holder postal address, ensure safekeeping of Luggage in emergency situations, as well as a detachable shoulder strap for convenience in carrying.

Satellite closes the zipper, after which further is fixed on the perimeter of the two straps. The internal space of the suitcase is also equipped with a strap to secure the Luggage while the flat pocket is perfect for storing documents.

A suitcases Louis Vuitton is a vivid example of sincere concern about our customers and their needs. On the official website of the brand they also prepared a useful service The Art Of Packing, which is a instructional video on how skillful packing suitcases and travel bags LV. Exciting online resource in peculiar brand an elegant manner teaches the skill of packing. Not surprisingly, travel accessories with a recognizable logo will invariably choose for themselves the most successful and status of the person.

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