How quickly pump up the legs at home?

Slim, moderately fit feet, allowing confidence to wear short skirts and shorts, I want to have each of us. And often no time or opportunity to regularly visit the gym. But it is possible to pump up the legs at home.

This requires only desire.

How quickly pump up the legs at home?

Legs — this is probably the only body part that can be quickly tone without using any exercise equipment or any other additional devices. That’s why pump the legs in a normal home.


The number of muscles belonging to the thigh region, is sufficiently large. And, as a rule, athletes in gyms prefer to upgrade each of them separately. But if you want to pump up feet is in the home, you come to the aid of one simple exercise that equally affect each of these muscles. And we are talking about regular squats.

Put your feet in average width, cross your hands on chest. Heels should be pressed to the floor. Squatting, stay in the moment when your thigh will be parallel to the floor. Then start straightening.

With proper execution of the squat your muscles are in constant tension. Starting from minimum, gradually increase the number of squats to three approaches 40 times each. You can then apply additional burden — for example, pick up the dumbbells on 2-3 kg each.

How to properly and effectively squat for beautiful feet — check out this article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Lunges forward

A great exercise for the quadriceps and gluteus Maximus muscles. It will come in handy if you want to pump up the legs in a standard home.

Stand up straight, hands take dumbbells as weights. First take out forward one leg, the second at the same bending angle of 90 degrees. Pausing just a few inches above the floor, take its original position. After the required number of attacks are changing the working leg.

The website draws your attention to the fact that during exercise it is essential to keep a straight back.

Abduction of the hip

Very effective exercise for thighs and buttocks. You need to get down on the Mat, fixed to the floor elbows and knees. Keeping your back straight, lift your leg as high up as possible and a few seconds smoothly return to the place. After the required number of repetitions, change legs.

Lift hips on side

Once you have decided to pump up the legs properly at home, don’t forget about the inner thigh. Lie on your right side and rest your forearm. Lower leg straight, upper slightly bent and rests the foot on the floor. Your task is to raise the upper leg as high as possible. Be careful that the leg was straight, and we are not toe up.

Rise to toes

The Shin is the part of female legs, which should be given special attention. It is, according to the statistics, I think most attractive most men. Moreover, given us the exercise is very simple in implementation.

Need to lean hands on the wall and slightly lean. On tiptoe again become a heel on the floor. To perform this exercise better alternately for each leg. As soon as you feel that the previous load is not enough, is placed under the toe, for example, a thick book. Due to this increase the amplitude of the rocking, and the effect of exercise will be higher.

Proper diet for quick success

In order to achieve the desired result and to pump beautiful feet at home, it is better to perform these exercises at least 3 times a week. But only physical activity is often not enough. To become the owner of perfect legs, you should pay attention to their nutrition.

First, completely eliminate from your diet sweets and flour. Fast carbs harm not only the figure but also human health.

Instead, pay special attention to cereals, vegetables and fruit. Do not forget the regular use of protein. Eat meat, cheese and beans. Every time you want a sweet, eat fruit or a handful of nuts. The first time you will be difficult, but after a few days you will no longer feel the need for “bad” foods. Well and good health will be a stimulus to continue in the same spirit.

As we can see, pump the legs can be at home. For this you only need the desire and a couple of wheel weights to boot. Of course, these exercises are only basic as in the future it is advisable to do your workout more diverse.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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