How Smoking affects pregnancy: what you need to know for the future mother

How Smoking affects pregnancy? This question can often hear from the ladies in the situation in doctors ‘ offices. Fortunately, the number of expectant mothers who value the cigarette more the health of your baby, in the last 5 years has decreased by 20%. This trend has contributed to the information campaign in the society, and perhaps the predominance of common sense over habit, ambitions and the advice of friends.

On the question of whether Smoking during pregnancy, no doctor will answer you: you can if you want. And would not advise a “safe dose” or “special method” so as to minimise the risk. Such methods simply do not. And it should be considered if, after leaving the obstetrician’s office, you will once again reach into his pocket for another cigarette.

What are the dangers of Smoking for the mother

  • Pregnancy and Smoking can be compatible only if you originally configured generally to carry and give birth to a child. The dangers of Smoking during pregnancy is not only in violation of the heart of the mother, severe chronic vasoconstriction, causing jumps in blood pressure and decrease blood flow to the heart, reducing the saturation of blood cells with oxygen. But also the direct effects on the reproductive system.
  • Smoking in early pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and uterine bleeding. When the tendency of the organism to the toxicity of its manifestations will be more severe.
  • Late-term habit increases the risk of premature birth. The infant mortality rate in this case is 30%.

  • The formation of the placenta takes place with violations. Common manifestation of maternal defect is the occurrence of placenta previa, a condition in which the membranes of the fetus is not able to hold the baby during the later stages. Presentation is always the risk of premature, sudden birth of a premature baby.
  • Probably of placental abruption, a condition dangerous to the life of the mother and child.
  • Smoking during pregnancy according to the doctors is a factor of stimulation of the rupture of membranes before term birth, which also threatens the lives of babies and mothers.

What are the dangers of Smoking for the baby

The effect of Smoking on the fetus during pregnancy even more than the mother’s body.

  • Due to circulatory disorders in the mother’s body, the child suffers from hypoxia. Lack of oxygen precludes its normal development, forming fetal defects of the brain and internal organs. Babies born prematurely, weak.
  • Nicotine disrupts the correct formation of the nervous system of the child. In the future this is manifested by defects of the psyche: unreasonable crying, sleep disturbances, and later — uncontrolled aggression.
  • Tobacco poisons provoke heart disease. The most common disease among children born from mothers who smoke is heart disease.
  • The dangers of Smoking continues after the baby is born. So, after the whole 9 months without a cigarette, you cannot return to the pernicious habit if you don’t want infancy to poison your child. Smoking during breast-feeding fills the baby’s body the same poisons that come to you. Only your “lethal dose” is much more than sufficient for the strongest toxicity to the newborn.

To quit cigarette?

When you become aware of how Smoking affects pregnancy, this issue seems to not make sense. But it is worth to clarify.

  • Yes! This should be done as soon as possible! Even if before pregnancy you were Smoking, and I learned about “interesting position” suddenly, immediately give up addiction.
  • Safe doses of nicotine do not exist. Even “a couple” of cigarettes in a day affects your baby’s health and contributes to complications during pregnancy.
  • To quit Smoking in the situation is not dangerous. This will cause much less stress than the process for the body.

How to quit Smoking a pregnant woman?

  • Install a clear motivation: you need it! After all, you are more than anything want the birth of a healthy baby. And cigarettes do not go to any comparison with your main values in life.
  • Do not use nikotinsoderzhaschie drugs. Patches and sprays with nicotine is a poison, which is not suitable for solving the problem of how to quit Smoking during pregnancy. If you are not confident in their abilities, refer to psychological and manual therapy. The most gentle ways, devoid of drug exposure, are acupuncture and hypnosis. They form psychological aversion habits. But without a clear motivation, and they will be powerless.
  • Do not stretch the “fun”. Throw in a moment, just now! It will not cause any stress and unexpected reactions. Moreover, in just a few hours your body will begin to clear. You’ll notice this within a few months.
  • Narcologists believe that expectant mothers are much more likely to give up cigarettes than, for example, their spouses. After all, a woman’s life changes radically. She stops to visit smoky bars, avoid corporate parties, does not drink alcohol and coffee. All this leads to stereotypes, habits “to smoke”. And allows you to forget about the harmful thrust, as about a bad dream.

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