How the brains of men

Why do men see in only black and white? If I say that I want to dye my hair, my husband thinks I’m a blonde from a brunette, if talking about the haircut is that I get a haircut “a boy”. And so on. Maybe so men are arranged brains? Your constant reader Veronica.”

Veronica, let me disagree with You about the fact that men and women (as Your question) are different, as humans and aliens ? Since then, has ceased to burn “witches”, the difference between the sexes with every century fewer ?

You can disagree, but it’s true – now men and women differ not so much in terms of mental activity. But then amend their disagreement: such “concrete” – black and white – is more characteristic of men. Let’s see where it came from, and it really is minus ?

Against differences, no arguing

Veronica, modern life is gradually “eats” the differences between the sexes. We will not argue whether it’s good or bad and to what extent, is a separate issue. But how could we not “equalized”, still remain some immutable differences, not only physical.

Somewhere I read an explanation as could arise men specifics – black and white. Loosely translated, facetious, of course, it looks like.

The man who is the breadwinner, you need to look forward into production, which is ahead. It all extraneous and superficial not held in high esteem, it interferes. In fact, the only question is, was he or not? Killed the mammoth (wild boar, ROE deer) or missed?

The woman who stays home with children, the main concern: do not run away children? Everything ready and clean? That is the very nature develops peripheral vision. And, then, a reality where there is not only black and white, and other colors.

This is inherent since ancient times. That’s where the male “Yes or no”. Or-or. In this respect, You women, richer and teachers of children, cooks, owners, and doctor men. And men need to fight – victory or death, got food or not.

And therefore to accuse them that “at best” they take life, to die themselves, but because of the secondary part do not care about them, unreasonable and unfair.

Stand in the place of another

Veronica, I don’t know how Your husband responds to the theme “neutral”, but those that You listed are quite “feminine”, so to speak. And therefore no wonder that he had a similar reaction.

Do not forget the opinion that men are big kids ? And do not be lazy once again (as children) more detail to them to explain something ? will Benefit You and Your relationship with him.

Sometimes think to the contrary, stand in the place of Your husband. It’s not easy, who would You do or say, but incredibly useful ? In the end view (or review) movies like “Boy girl” “Love-carrots”.

Do not try to erase the “last” edges between the sexes that still remained. Here is an example. Sorry if not the most pleasant. Or if You don’t agree.

Over 5 years of relationship, I have never heard sweat of my wife. I don’t know. But she’s there, he advised me, “go take a shower”.

It is clear, in spite of that commercial where the boys move more and sweat on so many percent more, I would also be able to achieve the condition of my wife. But that would imply that I give looks and their body attention even more than the usual woman. Not sure what most women would consider it a plus.

So, Veronica, about calm, okay with some “nuances” in the behavior and structure of the brain ? her husband. Perhaps these “nuances” say that Your husband has a very high percentage of men.

In conclusion, from me to You talisman:

On the question of whether I have Muse, I will answer that it is, of course, You!

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