How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods?

For girls who dream to lose weight, the biggest complication is the question of how to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, because these products contribute to the appearance of excess weight.

Moreover, even without the observance of special diets, only one waiver of candy, chocolates, gingerbread, cookies, cakes, pastries and other sweet pleasures gives you the opportunity to get rid of the hated inches at the waist and hips.

So to all my readers-the sweet tooth women’s website “” offers to get acquainted with the advice of psychologists and nutritionists, just to get rid of cravings for sweets and baking.

How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, psychology

Because virtually any person the chocolate cake or is a kind of “sweet pill” of some life “bitterness”, then the rejection of them is perceived by the subconscious mind as a rejection of joy and pleasure. Of course, to deprive themselves of the pleasant moments is almost impossible.

Scientists have found that when intake of sugar increases the production of hormones of happiness – endorphins. As a result, after the cake is eaten, the person feels a surge of joy.

But this tide lasts long. Just a few minutes a pleasant sensation somewhere evaporate, and the desire to eat something sweet appears again.

The website reminds: in fact, real happiness sweets we don’t give.

This is only a temporary oblivion, something like the feeling of freedom that gives the use of alcohol. So to answer the question of how to abandon the sweet and starchy foods forever, you should understand that these products do not give any joy or good body. On the contrary, they are harmful to health.

In order not to fall into depression in the rejection of sugar and flour, it is necessary to find other, more effective stimulants of hormone happiness. I must say that this doesn’t have much to spend, because the sense of joy can give such simple things as:

  • Moderate exercise. A regular morning run or a small complex of gymnastic exercises not only cheer, but cheer up, because during physical activity the level of endorphins in the blood increases. However, he remains high enough for long enough.
  • Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, which is why in winter, many people fall into depression. To prevent this from happening, you need to use in rooms light bulbs fluorescent light and try to surround myself with bright colors.
  • Sex. Scientists have proved that the satisfaction in sexual life helps the individual to preserve their physical and psychological health and to maintain a good mood.
  • Viewing a good movie, concerts, and theater. Real pleasure can also be obtained when reading an interesting book or conversation with a pleasant man.
  • Love. True happiness is a gift of love to family, to family, to the spouse or even a pet. Many people don’t know how you can refuse from flour and sweet, just because you feel lonely. If next to them really do not have loved ones, they can have a pet.
  • Hobby. Favorite pastime provides a much more powerful charge of joy and good mood than a chocolate bar or piece of cake. Therefore, people hoping to part with excess weight, it is very useful to acquire some new hobby. Any, even the most simple crafts can give great pleasure.
  • As soon as possible to give up sweets and starchy foods will also help some helper methods.

    How to relieve the syndrome of withdrawal symptoms without the sweet

    Often many people who have managed to go on a diet without sugar, break down and return again to the immense consumption of sweets. To make it easier to abandon the sweet and starchy, it is useful to heed the following advice:

    • When sweet want very much, you can pamper yourself with a handful of dried fruit: dried apricots, raisins, prunes, dates etc. to Satisfy the need for something tasty instead of sweets can also fresh fruits, for example oranges, apples, pears. At the moment when you really want to eat, will help out almost any nuts. In these foods is fructose, which is also improves mood and in addition it has a number of very useful substances, including fiber – a great helper in the fight against excess weight
    • Drink green tea. Scientists have found that this drink helps reduce appetite and sugar cravings. Besides, it improves metabolism, so it is recommended to drink for anyone willing to lose weight.
    • Enter in the diet of foods rich in complex carbohydrates – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal porridge.
    • Drink water. Sometimes, in order to give up sweets or starchy foods, simply drink a glass of water. After that, the desire to eat something delicious disappears.

    The hardest part of the diet without sugar – to make the first move. It requires a strong motivation. Many girls for such a feat inspired by the example of those who managed to lose weight by eliminating sugary Goodies.

    How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods: reviews thinner

    The strong-willed girl who was able to overcome a craving for pastries and chocolates, results diet very pleased. That’s what they say in their reviews:

    • I used to indulge yourself with sweets, but then I realized, how sugar is bad for health. Due to his excessive drinking I have in the oral cavity developed stomatitis, of which I could not get rid of. In addition, the figure became far from ideal. I’m off sugar. Shortly thereafter, I noticed that the waist was thinner. Besides the headaches disappeared, improved overall health. Taisia.
    • It seemed to me that the tea with candy or cookies is not so rich in calories. But really, only a complete rejection of sugar helped me lose weight. Before turning to a diet I was constantly trying to lose weight, doing sports. Nothing came of it. Only after I refused from sweet and starchy foods, lost 4 pounds. This result I was very pleased. Natalia
    • Refused sugar and the baking, stopped drinking packaged juices, soft drinks, sausage. After a couple of weeks of this diet have noticed that the skin is cleansed and the thrush, which I could not cure, disappeared by itself. For six months the diet I lost 8 kg, and despite the fact that vegetables, fruits, cereals, pasta, meat, eggs, dairy products I ate without restrictions. Aksinya.
    • On March 8, gave the scales. I decided to go on a diet without sugar. 2 weeks lost 2 lbs. the Weight went off slowly but surely. Maria.
    • Sweet and starchy foods I didn’t eat for 2 weeks. Tummy decreased in the balance – minus 2 kg. I am happy and going to continue in the same spirit. Jeanne.

    There is no such person who would not be able even lose a little weight, abandoning the sweet and starchy foods. That is, this diet is almost a win-win. After removal from the diet of sugary foods will not worsen the health, but on the contrary, the body will go only to the good.

    Even those people who literally tried to give up sweets and starchy foods, the result was just shocked: they disappear lethargy, increased performance, skin started to look fresher.

    If a waiver of sugary Goodies seems heavy torture, you can try to remove from your diet sugar and flour gradually. But those who have already switched to a diet without sugar claim that sugar cravings disappear by itself in a couple of days of complete abandonment.

    Therefore, our website advises you to solve the problem of how to abandon the sweet and starchy foods forever, is very simple: we just need to understand that it is harmful, and start to live happily without such products.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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