How to accept gifts with comfort

Today the site will try to help those of our readers who do not know how to accept gifts. If you are familiar with all these “Oh, you, you don’t have to spend money,” “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you…” or “I don’t need to buy new shoes!”. If you’re in the form of a box with a bow in the hands of a friend start to blush, turn pale, and then crumble in gratitude, we will tell about the reasons of your problems and about how to accept gifts correctly.

Observations show that this problem is comprehensible far not to all women.

Why some girls can take a gift of flowers, jewelry, expensive perfume and even a car, and you feel “awkward” you feel obligated and guilty even?

In the worst case, you abandon the presentand remains even you strange “bad taste”.

The inability to accept gifts: looking for the root of the problem

Importantly, and rather unpleasant sensation that a woman feels who can’t accept any gifts – it is the sense of guilt and duty.

To a greater extent this applies to gifts from men.

But there are those who have even the usual delicious chocolates in the office from colleagues, causing a sense of duty and burning desire immediately to run to the store and buy a sign of gratitude to a huge cake.

This “disease” can manifest itself in other forms:

  • Offer to pay their half for dinner with a man in the restaurant.
  • Refuse the invitation to ride because of ignorance as to offer to pay half the cost.
  • No offer to pay for any purchase, chosen together with a man.
  • Return already purchased items.

Most likely, you think it’s right to be independent, not to feel obliged for what you gave. You think you’re incredibly strong, you don’t need anything from others, you do it all.

Yes, maybe, no sense of obligation is much easier to live.

But the root problem is totally different.

Psychologists agree: in most cases the reason is low self-esteem.

The emergence of such problems, experts also “blame” the program laid down in childhood (especially if the child grew up in a poor family), not allowing to quietly accept even minor gifts in adulthood, as well as the fear of men, fear of falling under their influence (if we are talking about gifts from the strong half).

How to accept gifts comfortable gives a few tips:

  • If you feel a debt for the gift thing, give a gift in response, even insignificant. Globally the problem, of course, will not solve, but from a sense of guilt for some time to get rid of. In addition, the process becomes a gift exchange, which excludes the situation of dependence.
  • Look at the process of giving on the other hand: think about how much joy your joy the gift will bring the man who long thought what to give, choose, spend the money and time, imagined your reaction. If you hurt him, if you will knit his brow and returned the gift back?
  • If you give a “serious” gift, but something does not allow to accept such expensive gifts, offer to pay for part of the gift. After receiving valuable thing for free, you would admit their failure – it was given to me because I can’t afford it. Taking part in buying a gift, you get rid of this complex.
  • When you make a surprise, listen to your feelings and try, at least through force, to get pleasure from the gift. This kind of training you want to practice as often as possible, so don’t avoid such situations.
  • Before you make the gift, think if you give them only based on reciprocal gift. You do the samewhen you want someone to give something?
  • If a man offers to buy you expensive stuff that you can’t accept, talk to him, tell about their experiences. Sharp a gift from the denial without explanation is a serious reason to be offended.
  • If refusal of the gift you want to prove that you need the man himself, not his money, gifts, etc., you get the opposite effect.

    For most men to give women gifts – naturally, therefore, a waiver is purchased and chosen with love things at the same time you refuse him.

    Male thinking is as old as the world itself.

    To raise their self-esteem in such situations is vital.

    And work will end only when you will precisely know: you deserve flowers, perfume, jewelry and expensive coats, so you can take them just like that, without feeling obligated.

    Learn to accept gifts worth at least to the man who gives them, he knew that you deserve them! Give and receive the gifts with pleasure, because it is so nice!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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