How to accept yourself and love who you are!

Today women’s site decided to investigate why some people go through life with her head held high, and someone wants to hide in a dark corner and not come out as long as possible.

Why we don’t love

Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

9 out of 10 women say: big nose, ugly ears, thin lips, wide hips, etc., etc.

Well, we all are terrible, or what? Not at all. We all just somehow, all the time looking for the flaws. We are constantly trying to compare yourself to someone else.

Psychologists believe that this phenomenon has several reasons.

  • First, in childhood, we were often compared with the neighbor boy or girl that something necessarily better than us. Parents do it not out of malice, they want us to take with them a positive example and to become better. Unfortunately, it is usually in adulthood goes sideways. We used to compare ourselves to others, to focus on someone else’s opinion, experience, advice, and cannot and do not learn to trust yourself and your feelings.
  • Secondly, modern society dictates certain standards of appearance. Meet them – well done, succeed, conform – walk, you have no place in this celebration of life.

It turns out that we orientirueshsya on someone’s opinion, waiting for approval, understanding, words that confirm that we are still “very personal”, and its perception of Itself, we do not have in principle.

We are looking in a fashion magazine, we see the perfect face and body models and we are getting worse.

Not loving yourself is a crime!

How so? Stop for a moment and think.

How can you not love Yourself, your body, soul, mind?

Consider a simple example: when we were little, we had toy. And the less they have, the more we loved and appreciated. When we have something a little or very little, we want to keep it as long as possible and better.

So why do we so often don’t appreciate, don’t like and cherish ourselves? We have exactly one-the only!

People often say the phrase: I have a single (one). Yes, but until the end we have no way to realize it. Our body it’s unique and the other does not and never will be.

And more importantly, WE will not be another!

How is it possible then not so shamelessly love it not to enjoy every moment spent together?

Accept yourself and love

Loving yourself is necessary just by the fact of his birth. Since you were born means you are worthy to be on earth, and is not a reason for pride?

Other people we can love recklessly, wholeheartedly, unanswered, despite all the shortcomings.

So why itself, we can’t also enthusiastic love and enjoy every its manifestation?

Our body – it’s delicious, gorgeous and unique. We are an incredibly complex mechanism, created by Nature. We can hear, see, feel, and taste. We can feel the wind, the cold of the ice and the heat of the sun.

We – beautiful! We are perfect!

Go to the mirror, straighten your back, stand up straight. Try to look at myself differently, not like before.

Don’t try to compare yourself with someone, imagine that you are the only standard of this world.

Here are your hands, feet, eyes, lips. Unless the benchmark can be the wrong proportion? Once it equals millions of people, can they be wrong?

And you will see how the eyes will change your body. As will become perfect and harmonious proportions, as will brightly light up the eyes and to lay hair.

Remember this condition, fasten it in the mind and never let go of myself.

Probably you will not be able to get rid of trying to compare yourself to some “ideal”. Repeat this exercise every day (to help you — the right affirmations for women) and you’ll soon see that it will change not only your perception of yourself, but also the views of others.

Good luck, love yourself and let the happiness and harmony will never leave you!

The author – Olga Tovstuha, site

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