How to achieve orgasm: effective advice to women and men

Your sexual life is rich and diverse, and you can achieve orgasm with any partner and in any position? Well, you’re in luck then, and today’s article is on the website not for you.

Surveys show that almost every woman at least once in his life, faked an orgasm. And three quarters of women constantly use this practice! And what is the reason?

The fact is that a woman’s orgasm depends not only on the physical “exercise” but also from her psychological readiness to it – the degree of trust in the partner, emancipation, absence of anxious thoughts and other things-other things-other things.

What prevents to reach orgasm?

Enormous pressure on the psyche of our compatriots has our … no, not the Soviet past. In the Soviet Union sex, as we all know, was not doing them on holidays, at night in a dark room under a blanket, and all who made it a day for fun, was immediately inscribed on the list of girls with tarnished reputations. However, few of us for whom this stereotype affected. More often in another way: we have before our eyes the example of our mothers, grandmothers, friends who claim that “all the problems — from sex, all men — the goats.” Or our moms set us up for that “sex is bad”, so we are in the background of a strengthened propaganda of sex “did not bring in the hem.”

That is why many still kept in mind the stereotype that making love is dirty and wrong. And how then to have an orgasm, when the whole head is filled with thoughts of unworthiness of his behavior? No way! It is therefore very important to convince yourself that sex is not evil and unforgivable – just pure pleasure and bliss from such closeness with a partner.

The second important factor of modern culture. Sex in modern literature, and especially on TV nowadays. Open any women’s novel, and there is something like: “he grabbed his strong muscular hand on her tanned slender figure and imperiously pulled her to him, their bodies came together, she trembled with all his body, feeling his strength every millimeter of their bodies danced in a fiery dance, and then she disappeared into a colorful firework of orgasm.” And so every thirty pages!

On TV and even worse: a movie without sex scenes is considered failed and incomplete, and the series and say nothing. And what happens? And it turns out that we live in a world where the media constantly telling us that the woman is always and everywhere is experiencing an incredible orgasm (and often more than one). And what is the result? The result is a so what are you waiting for something incredible, but in the end not get anything at all – simply because at first, all thoughts are full of expectation, and then the questions “where is he, this incredible orgasm.”

It is therefore important to come to terms with the fact that the woman does not always have an orgasm, and certainly it cannot be constantly “colorful fireworks of small nuclear explosions”. Don’t expect too much, relax, have fun and everything will come to you.

Another important factor is the selected partner. To reach orgasm with him, you need him to fully trust and feel comfortable. It is therefore very difficult to orgasm with an unfamiliar person. You don’t know, your psyche is just not ready to relax.

It is very important how the partner behaves in bed. Many men believe that sex was invented only to satisfy their sexual needs because they do what they want, not paying attention to your partner. And how to have fun with someone who is not paying attention to you? Therefore, the choice of partner should be approached with great responsibility. Don’t be shy to tell him that you don’t like something. Do not hesitate to say that you like something very much. Enjoy!

Do not forget about the importance of place making love. A lot depends on how sure are you of the reliability of this space. A rare woman will get an orgasm in the bushes of a public Park. It is not easy to achieve orgasm, if you know that behind this wall run, your children or that fifteen minutes should come to the mother-in-law with a bunch of relatives. Of course, in the first minutes of “action” you will be overcome by excitement because of the “danger” of his work, but the rest of the time your head will be filled with desire not to get caught. And what here, excuse me, an orgasm?

How to achieve orgasm?

But, alas, it happens that the partner you trust completely, and relaxed, and no one should interfere, and get pleasure and orgasm. And what to do then? The website knows the answer: explore your body!

Yes, you understood correctly: you need to learn how to reach orgasm alone, that is, with Masturbation. Don’t curve, they say, “real princesses don’t masturbate”. In fact, all masturbating, but some hesitate to admit it, considering it something shameful and dirty. Adopt: the practice of Masturbation is not evil, you’re doing yourself a pleasure, and no one from this bad will not. Read more the article of Female Masturbation: good or bad?

What will help you masturbate? You’ll know exactly how and what you like. It is very important to know which rhythm, strength, position of sex you like and where your g-spot. If you know you will know and your partner. This means that the pleasure it will deliver.

Do not focus on the orgasm! Turn off head, try to be here and now during sex, feel that intercourse with all your body!

Try to do a vumbildingto develop your intimate muscles and learn to use them to bring yourself to orgasm.

Ask for help from his men. Don’t beat, namely ask! I’m sure he’ll want to help ?

The psychological condition of women is closely associated with the menstrual cycle. So do not be surprised if in some periods you simply do not want to. Or, on the contrary, I want very much. Or want much, and there is a lot, but orgasm is not obtained.

Remember: not every sex ends with an orgasm. However, if the absence of orgasm is the norm for you, I highly recommend you go to the doctor-sexologist. Don’t be shy – it happens. And in any case should not be afraid of the doctor, he won’t bite, I promise.

Appeal to men

I am more than sure that our site is frequented by men. It is possible that some of them are just now reading these lines. Therefore, taking this opportunity, I would like to give you, a nice guy, some tips:

  • First: do not hurry. Women need more time to get orgasm.
  • Second: remember the importance of foreplay. A woman should feel desired and loved – say it with tenderness, stroke her body, not just violently kiss and take off clothes.
  • Third: ask. Almost every woman knows exactly what she needs and how she likes it. Ask her about it, because it may appeal to you.
  • Fourth: don’t forget about the chest. A woman’s breast is the strongest erogenous zone. And I don’t know any woman who would not like fondling a breast.
  • Fifth: stimulate the clitoris. It will give her pleasure that is easily poured into the orgasm.
  • Sixth: work the language. Women not less than men like it when they give oral pleasure. It is a pity that some men think it’s unacceptable.
  • Seventh: if so happened that you got an orgasm, and your partner – no, help her to achieve it. You have hands and Cuba, caress her, kiss her, do anything, and do not turn your back to the wall.
  • Eighth and finally: never and never cease to tell a woman that she’s the most beautiful, the most amazing, most beautiful and most-most in your life.

Well, today’s article is coming to an end. What can you wish for ladies who can’t achieve orgasm? Of course, that they have achieved. Love, make love and be happy!

Author Pestova Vasilisa, site


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