How to apologize to girlfriend, so that she has forgiven?

Today’s article women’s website I would like to devote quite sensitive but very important topic — how to apologize to girlfriend.
Women’s nature is such that any event in your life lovely lady might react too emotionally and violently. Sometimes this leads to misunderstandings and quarrels.

In the heat of the showdown can cause pain and resentment to such a friend, as a friend. A quarrel takes place, the feelings calm down and realize that you were wrong, hurting her, but you do not communicate. It doesn’t make contact, and you’re not sure how best to proceed.

In this situation, there remains only one thing to ask for girlfriend’s forgiveness, only it must be done sincerely and from the heart.

How to apologize

It would seem that to ask forgiveness is not so difficult, it is enough to say only two words “Forgive me.”

But, despite the apparent ease, these two words may be given with great difficulty, especially if the friend does not want to meet with you. Women are vulnerable and touchy, they are not very quick to forgive grievances, but do not despair, true friendship can overcome many things, except betrayal.

To answer the question of how to apologize to girlfriend, remember, from-for what there was a quarrel, and that most of all she loves.

Gave her a surprisebefore you apologize. Invite her to meet me at your favorite place, invited me to his house to talk to him, it is unlikely you will be denied.

Even the offended person is experiencing a rift with a dear person to him. And your attempts to make peace will not go unnoticed. Explain to her why you did that caused the hurtful words. Who, if not she will understand you.

Don’t start to sort things out, even if you have excited both. Your task is to figure out how to apologize to girlfriend, not to resume the fight.

Remember that you are asking me, so silently listen to the claims and say that will never happen. If the quarrel was not so significant, and you sincerely asked for forgiveness, a friend definitely will forgive you.

Do not try to hurt her, otherwise after a few quarrels will not help you to return the friendship of any way how to apologize to a friend. Value friends and protect their feelings, because it hurt to hear an unkind word from a loved one.

How to apologize to best friend

  • Female site strongly recommends: do not ask for forgiveness as if you in no way to blame, and just decided to do so because it was sad and lonely. Forgiveness you need to ask from the heart and only if you are really guilty and felt guilty. Otherwise all the words will sound insincere and they are unlikely to accept graciously.
  • When a serious quarrel, when my best friend doesn’t want to talk to you, ask for forgiveness in writing. The Internet, a postcard, an ordinary letter, can all help to apologize to your best friend. Find the words that touched her soul, because you know like no other her. Apologies brought in writing — the easiest way to say “Sorry”. After the expected decision, feeling the gaze of the person is very unpleasant. It is best to write words of apology by hand, so much more intimate, but if you decide to use email, then choose a good picture that will bring a smile to the face of a friend.
  • Start your letter with a cordial greeting.
  • All the letter should be imbued with a sincere regret and desire to make peace.
  • Re-read what you get. Remove words that might offend her or be misinterpreted, and wait for an answer. If it is not a long time, do not despair. Most importantly, you did make a friend, sorry about what happened.
  • If you decide to personally apologize to her, explain briefly what was the reason for your ugly behavior, but do not need too much to justify. An attempt to justify himself can be understood as a desire to apologize, but as a desire to say again that you are not to blame.
  • Try not to remember in detail what happened, let’s talk about how to restore good relations.
  • If is very difficult for you personally to ask for forgiveness from a best friend, then call her in 10 days and start to chat like nothing happened.
  • Remember that it pleases and inspires, and give it to her, and then without a doubt you will be forgiven.
  • In the end, ask how to apologize to a friend. She’s confused, then burst out laughing, and peace was restored.

Try not to hurt the relatives and close friends. There’s nothing more expensive than them. Only real friends will support you in difficult times and a shoulder to lean on.

True friendship is born, and this precious gift should be protected. How to apologize to girlfriend, each woman can decide for herself, but if you use a few recommendations, you will be able not only to forgiveness but also to strengthen your friendship even more.

The author – Julia Ustabasi, site

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