How to apply blush on the face depending on the shape, color of blush

A delicate blush on the cheeks looks lovely, and today women’s site will tell you how to apply blush on the face. Proper use of the blush not only improves skin color and gives the image a special charm, but also corrects the shape of the face.

The choice of color

The cosmetic stores offer a huge selection of blush in various colors. In boxes on the counter they can look amazing, but this does not mean that they will look good on the skin.

Purple or brown beauty “blush” looks artificial, so it is better to abandon such bold shades in favor of course-pink.

To pale skin will suit cool light pink shades, and dark-skinned girls to prefer pink-peach tones.

For evening makeup suitable blush with glitter. These products contain light-reflecting particles create a soft twinkling effect. The skin looks satin-smooth and soft. But to put the blush in daylight is not recommended in order not to look vulgar.

Harmonious makeup will work only if the shade of blush will blend with the shade of your lipstick.

To the cold shade of lipstick you need to choose cool colors of blush and lipstick to warm colors, respectively, a warm blush shades. With a bright red lipstick to match the blush red or dusky pink tones and coral – Golden-peach.

An indispensable tool

Many girls prefer to do without blush or use them carelessly, but with this approach to make a really beautiful make-up is unlikely to succeed. The question how to apply blush, it is very relevant to create a stylish image.

When applying blush it is necessary to consider many factors – face shape, natural shade of blush, the color of the clothes and others.

Most women prefer the classic dry blush, are applied to the special round brush after dusting. To enjoy the blush is especially convenient, in addition, excess dry blush is easy to brush away from the skin with a brush.

Moisturizing cream varieties are less popular, because not everyone knows how to apply cream blush. The website recommends such remedies for women with dry skin.

Cream blush applied to the skin on top of makeup and carefully shaded fingertips. After this the skin can be powdered. And the ladies with oily skin prefer the gel or liquid blush, are applied to the skin as well as cream, but do not contain the fat composition.

How to properly apply blush on the face?

So, how to apply blush to not look like a painted doll, and fresh and young girl with a beautiful skin tone?

It is very important not to abuse this tool. To give the face freshness it is enough to apply a very thin layer of blush and very carefully shaded so that the border color was not visible.

Excess dry blush is easy to remove with a brush, and if you accidentally overdo it with liquid or creamy blush, will have to wash off makeup and apply Foundation and blush again.

Face shape and blush

Those who do not know how to apply blush, makeup artists recommend applying blush when you first focus on your face shape.

  • For example, girls with a narrow long face is best to apply blush not only on the cheeks closer to my ears, but in the middle of the forehead and chin. Of course, the blush layer must be very thin and well feathered that the face didn’t look flushed.
  • How to apply blush on a round face? The lower part of the cheeks, blending them towards the cheekbones. The small accents of blush on the forehead to the temples will refresh the skin.
  • Owners face square shaped , use a blush to fabricate the apples of the cheeks. Before applying makeup you should smile, and then to emphasize the blush on the most convex part of the cheeks. Besides, blush, dark color to shade the heavy lower jaw.
  • How to paint blush girls with triangular face? It is best to use under the cheekbones, applying it in the form of a narrow rhombus, and carefully shaded. You can also apply a DAB of blush on your temples: this will refresh the face.
  • But if a person has a pear shape, that is, extends downward, then you should apply blush on the lower part of the cheeks, blending them towards the cheekbones.

Displayed on stars: the type of face and blush

Now you know how and where to apply blush correctly, and that means surrounding very soon will begin to make compliments your blossoming mind and a gorgeous complexion. Do not forget about blush when you’re doing everyday or festive makeup, and you will always look gorgeous.

Author Maria Bykova, site

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