How to apply eye cream: techniques and tips of a dermatologist

How to apply eye cream? How to care for centuries? Why is after application arise circles and puffiness? How to reduce the severity of wrinkles and prevent their occurrence? About the intricacies of applying the cream for eyelids review cosmetologist Olga FEM and dermatologist Svetlana Zhukovskaya.

Nature has created the eyelids to protect the eyes. But not take care of sufficient density their skin. The epidermis of this region many times thinner than on the body and even the face. If you compare the density of his skin on his shoulder, he will be ten times thinner. But the rapid aging zone is not limited to this.

Particular care for delicate skin

Dermatologists say that oily skin, despite the many challenges at a young age is the best gift for every woman. Due to the active work of sebaceous glands it is able to moisturize itself and without significant outside help, so it ages slower than dry.

In the skin of the eyelids sebaceous gland is extremely small. The epidermis is not able to zamovlennya. Its structure is supported by collagen fibers, which are here due to the smaller thickness of the skin in proportion a little bit. Additionally, the eyelids, unlike most muscles, are not associated with bones, and facial muscles. They make that skin area is extremely active and movable, and intense facial expressions, as is known, leads to a rapid formation of wrinkles.

When you buy a cream

“The delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention, — says cosmetologist Olga FEM. — Here before, usually first on the face, wrinkles are formed, and there is swelling. But to begin to “fight” signs of aging too early is not necessary. Typically, the aging process of the skin in this area run in twenty-five years. At this time, you should acquire special care of her.”

At a young age, that is up to thirty years, it is not necessary to use anti-aging cosmetics. According to Olga FEM, best uhodom means for twenty-five girls will be the gel for the skin around the eyes. Gels are made of water-based they are quickly absorbed. Their important advantage is the ability to apply make-up within fifteen minutes after skin care products.

Gels — the best tool for the summer care. But in the winter it is important to use denser compounds. To maintain a sufficient balance of moisture-demanding zones will help a light cream with vitamins, peptides. Use it in cold season.

Attention to the composition

“Skin care products to moisturize and nourish, says dermatologist Svetlana Zhukovskaya. — Need to select them according to age. For young skin preferred non-greasy gel, it is better that their composition was plant extracts that enhance metabolism, vitamins, chitosan. To cope with the visible wrinkles helps complex with hyaluronic acid, allantoin, aloe Vera. To buy products based on collagen and fatty oils should be the case if the wrinkles are retained through expressions”.

The skin retains its own tone to about thirty-five years. Before this age, it is sufficient to use a moisturizer to make it look fresh and well-groomed. With the aging of the epidermis needs to be more serious “nourishment”. In the Arsenal of women should be moisturizing and nourishing cream. The latter, on the basis of natural oils, lecithin, squalene, natural biostimulants, for example, ginseng extract.

Application technique

Scheme, how to apply eye cream, it is important not to a lesser extent than the right choice of tools. The fact that missteps, allowed by ignorance, and bring to naught the effect of the most expensive and high quality cosmetics.

Use the following technique care.

  • Clean your skin. Do not apply the product on the eyelids with traces of eyeshadow or mascara. They must first be removed. To do this, wash your face and remove makeup residue with a special solution or milk. Already at this stage, your movements should be light, without pressure. Rubbing your eyelids with hands, a towel is unacceptable!
  • Use the toner. Tonification is an important step to maintain youthful epidermis, especially the sensitive and delicate as the eyelids. The shampoo contains moisturizing ingredients that improve the tone of the skin. Apply toner Pat in the lower and upper eyelid.
  • Push the tool the size of a pea on the ring finger. For application to the eye area of enough amount of this cream. Greater the amount absorbed. To put it should be the ring finger. The pad of this finger is the most gentle, as it interacts with surfaces much less frequently than thumb and index.
  • Slightly RUB the cream between the ring finger and thumb. Slightly warmed composition is better absorbed, making the cream more deeply and quickly penetrate the epidermis. For the same reason do not store the medium in refrigerator. Often you can find recommendations, for example, the tendency to edema, what to use chilled composition for the age. Cold cream skin is not absorbed, it begins to be absorbed by it only when it reaches an equal temperature.
  • Drive tool lightly. Apply the composition on the upper eyelid, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner, slightly tapping the skin with fingertips. Go to the lower eyelid and go from the outer corner to the inner. So you can go around the eyes in a circle several times until fully absorbed.

Movement should be light and neat. Important here is the sensitivity, not the accuracy or precision “strikes.” Comfortable pats provide sufficient massage the sensitive area to activate the circulation and serve as prevention of edema.

Why not

“Cosmetics will help to prevent the first wrinkles, says dermatologist Svetlana Zhukovskaya. But it is important to know not only how to smear the cream around the eyes, but also how to use it for other purposes.

Here are some tips dermatologist by the compliance schemes, how to apply cream around the eyes.

  • Use regularly. The most common mistake that women in the care of the skin of the eyelid is to apply the compositions from time to time. In this case, the result of them is not worth waiting. “Any tool works only with regular use, — atonal Svetlana Zhukovskaya. And the result, for example, a cream for wrinkles around the eyes, is not achieved immediately, but only after two to three weeks after the start of use. Apply it twice a day — morning and evening. Include this practice in your daily exercise: along with a shower, brushing your teeth.
  • Apply well in advance. To moisturize or nourish the skin around the eyes and immediately go to sleep — a sure way to edema. Sleep should stay at least an hour in the morning the eyelids looked swollen. The same applies to the morning care, after which you go outside. It is important to apply the composition at least forty minutes before leaving the house.
  • Control the number. No need to apply the cream on the skin around the eyes in large volume. The best effect of nutrition or hydration, you will not succeed. On the contrary, will get swelling in the morning. The tissues of this area are characterized by high hydrophilicity, says beautician Olga FEM. — They are prone to fluid retention, a thick layer of skin care products creates conditions for the formation of edema”.
  • Do not pull! The usual sliding movements of the fingers are not suitable for the care of this area. Only pats that do not stretch the skin, will allow you to prevent the formation of wrinkles.
  • Do not use greasy tools. To care for eye contour developed special formulations. If they have fat, it fatty acids with small molecules is well accepted by the skin. Too fat, or not adapted to the epidermis this type of funds remain on the surface o the skin, which leads to edema.

If you are concerned about swelling of the eyelids, should abandon the use of the cream for a few days. Swelling gone? Hence, the cream will have to change. Left? Rethink your lifestyle: get plenty of rest, get enough sleep, do not abuse bad habits and control the amount of liquid.

Quality care formulations for the eyes are ocular control, that is, theoretically, their eye contact should not cause unpleasant consequences. But let this not necessary, as cooling and fatty creams often cause irritation and redness of the sclera.

Use the diagram applying the cream around the eyes for everyday care. At a young age it will help to delay the appearance of wrinkles and Mature — to maintain sufficient tone and hydration of the skin. Light tapping motion when applying a properly selected tools provide a good massage without the risk of stretching of the eyelid skin.

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