How to apply Foundation cream to face and to choose the right color

Concealer is a favorite assistant of all the girls in the fight for perfect skin. It improves color, hides imperfections and serves as a basis under makeup. When buying mascara you need to consider the applicant’s state of health, age and desired result. For maximum grinding, you need to know how to apply Foundation cream on the face correctly, to avoid the mask effect.

To emphasize the dignity and hide flaws were our ancestors. Women in Ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece, and I applied it with a mixture of chalk and white. The first liquid concealer was invented 90 years ago by a native of the Russian Empire by max Factor for Hollywood actors and models.

During this time, the tone composition of the cream has changed. Now he not only hides imperfections but also nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin from sun, wind and frost. Correctly chosen remedy can improve the condition of oily skin, hide scars and freckles. And the makeup turned out a natural need to know how to paint the face creams.

Select tinted moisturizer

Tone means are different. Some carry only a decorative function, while others contain a tinting pigment only as a Supplement. Select concealer is depending on the goal you pursue. They are distinguished by their texture and composition.

  • Liquid. Able to hide the flaws, even skin tone. Easy to apply, easy to rinse. Liquid creams are present in all price segments and are the most popular.
  • Thick. Contains fats. Has good masking ability. Hard to apply and spread on the skin.
  • Cream-stick. Has more of the coloring particles and better masks the flaws. Point is used for skin problems. If improperly applied can emphasize wrinkles and folds on the skin.
  • Cream powder. Combines concealer and powder. Thanks to the water-oil basis, is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin only a layer of powder. Eliminates Shine.
  • Moisturizer with a tint. Due to liquid consistency and evens out skin tone, not covering it entirely.
  • Tone powder. Contains no fat. It is advisable to use a moisturizing base.
  • Cream mousse. Has a mild toning properties. The consistency is foamy. Easy to apply and forms a layer.
  • Concentrated concealer. Dense, applies only in diluted form. Mixed with moisturizer.

By the tone of the face

When properly selected tone after blending the boundary of application of the cream will not be noticeable. Good brands represented by no less than ten shades. To choose the right color of Foundation for the face color will help the following tips.

  • Dull skin can be freshened by a pinkish-orange tone.
  • Apricot tone will give pale skin a nice glow.
  • Darker shades of tan are suitable only dark-skinned girls.
  • If two shade went perfectly, better to give preference to the fact that lighter skin will look younger.
  • Redness on face can hide the cold tones with a barely noticeable greenish tint.
  • Do not try using Foundation to create the effect of sunburn, it is not designed for this.

Pick up a tinted moisturizer should be in daylight. Use the tester, but apply the sample at hand, and once in the face. Let the cream for 5 minutes to soak in, and only then evaluate the result.

According to skin type

There are a number of tips that will tell you how to choose concealer for the face based on your skin type.

  • Normal. If no noticeable deficiencies, it is best to use creams with a minor amount of coloring pigment. For this skin perfect cream mousse. You can also dilute a day cream with any other skin.
  • Fat. It is best to use creams with powder, which neutralizes excess sebum. To hide pimples, apply a pre-cream stick.
  • Dry. Tone moisturizing cream will help to nourish the skin and will not slide. Take liquid Foundation, they are easier to apply and quickly absorbed.
  • Combined. Spread the Foundation all over the face, and then powder the T-zone. Also correct makeup during the day to avoid Shine.

Dense textures that can be applied to scars, it is not necessary to use masking inflammatory cells. The resulting compressive film may cause the growth of bacteria and hinder the breathing of skin cells.


Be sure to study the composition. To choose the right concealer for the face, only focusing on the needs of your skin.

  • Creams, which is composed of stearic, oleic or palmitinovaja acid, as well as any oil should not be used for oily skin, as they have comedogenic properties. The number of lesions after use may increase.
  • If the tube is specified SPF-filter, that value must be in the range from 4 to 10. Cream level photo protection more than 10 has a very dense structure and loses its leveling properties.
  • Starch, rice flour, titanium dioxide and white clay will help with the Shine. Absorbing the excess fat, they create a matting effect.
  • The words “oil free” means that the Foundation does not contain oil. Such means are masked and cropped inflammation.
  • If there are silicone polymers, such cream is persistent. It will last on the skin all day, not to be mixed with sweat and sebum.

Dyes contained in a tone creams are of plant origin and are synthesized. Plant used in expensive brands and are completely harmless. The deeper tone of cream, the more pigment contained in its composition. For daily use it is better to use a light translucent tone. Apply under makeup and rinse thoroughly makeup before going to bed.

The secrets of proper application

Good resistant make-up depends on proper preparation of the skin. Do not be lazy and take a few minutes to learning how to correctly apply Foundation on the face.

  • Purification. If the skin there are traces of yesterday’s makeup, excess sebum, sweat, dust and dirt, the Foundation will fall unevenly and will create a mask effect. Use the usual gel or foam. Do not forget about the tonic, it will lead to skin tone and help to tighten pores. 1-2 times a week to do deep cleaning with a scrub and masks.
  • Hydration. Day cream will be a good base for liquid Foundation. After cleansing it is necessary to restore hydro-lipid balance of the skin, saturate the skin with moisture. Applied to hydrated skin tone will not roll, will lie flat and will be held throughout the day.
  • Base. Because you apply on your face before your Foundation, determine the final result. If there is inflammatory elements and acne, before using basic Foundation, you can apply to problem areas with the cream stick. It will hide flaws and will not overload the makeup.

For smooth application of colors is better to use a special sponge, sponge or brush. If you do this with your fingers, make sure hands are clean. Thick dense concealer easier to apply with moistened sponge.


Than apply concealer on the face only you can decide. Definitive advice can be given. Try different methods and determine for yourself which one fits you more.

  • Puff or sponge. It is best to apply concealer to them. It is desirable that he was disposable. Otherwise, rinse it with soap and water after each use. Having a porous and absorbent surface, the sponge may increase the consumption of cream in half, but they the best at feather tone on the face.
  • Brush. Fine synthetic brush, medium size, used for the treatment of specific problem areas. Do not use the brush for applying colors on the face.
  • Fingers. Be sure to wash your hands before you do makeup. Give tone to the cream a little warm up on his fingers, then his application will be much easier. Tapping to drive the tone into the skin but do not RUB.

Step-by-step technique

How to apply Foundation on face? Step-by-step technique though is simple, mastering it can take time. Buying the right quality tools will greatly facilitate the process.

  • Squeeze a few drops of Foundation on the back of your hand. Take your time, let it warm to skin temperature.
  • With fingertips, brush or sponge take a small amount of cream.
  • Apply the tone from the center to the periphery. First, the forehead and nose, then on her upper lip and chin. So the cream will go smoothly. Take short quick strokes.
  • If you want to make darker accents on certain parts of the face.
  • Do not rush immediately to cover the face of decorative cosmetics, tone let the cream soak.
  • Don’t forget about other exposed areas of the body. To avoid visible borders apply the cream also on your neck, chest area and ears. It is especially important to take into account this rule, if the darker tone of your natural skin.

    Correction face shape

    According to the method of Ian Thomas, with the help of Foundation, you can visually correct the face shape. Stylist and makeup artist with years of experience from Scandinavia suggests to use two shades. The first should be combined with the color of your face, and the second to be a little darker. For daytime makeup the difference between the two means shall be no more than one tone.

    • A round face. Apply on temples and cheekbones a darker Foundation, then the person will acquire the accents will become more expressive and roundness will not be evident.
    • Square or rectangular face. Your task is to remove the awkwardness. This will darken the skin from the chin to cheeks and temples.
    • A triangular face. First, apply a natural tone throughout the face, and then highlight three areas darker forehead, chin and temples.
    • The oval face. The correct form is enough just to emphasize. Dark mark creams cheekbones. This will give the face volume, but will look natural. Shade oblong samuseva can be slightly dark tone of the forehead.

    7 tips cosmetologists

  • Use quality cosmetics. Recipe modern creams is that they do not clog the pores, do not roll down in the center of the eyelids and facial wrinkles. The active ingredients included in the composition, have use: moisturize, nourish and protect the skin. Do not skimp on that will put on the face and read the reviews before purchasing.
  • Do not use Foundation in hot weather. Mixed with lots of sweat, Foundation can cause excessive growth of bacteria on the face. Practice good hygiene and carefully wash off makeup before going to bed.
  • Winter face paint or Foundation cream should be 20-30 minutes before leaving the house. Moisture that will not have time to absorb into the skin, the cold will turn to ice. Do not expose your face to such a test.
  • It is better to apply several thin coats than one thick. Do not overload the face makeup. If the tone on the face is conspicuous, wash your face and do makeup again.
  • Follow the expiration date. Like any other cosmetic cream contains perishable ingredients. After opening use not more than six months. Store it preferably in a cool room and not on the bathroom counter, where constant humidity.
  • Look at the reaction of the skin. If, after the application has started itching and redness, so this concealer is not for you. For sensitive skin hypoallergenic sell special tools. For the first time using a new brand, apply a drop on the sensitive skin of the elbow. If within a few minutes followed by a negative reaction, the tone can be applied on the face.
  • On abuse Foundation. In makeup it is necessary to know the measure. If your choice fell on a thick, concentrated tone, don’t use it every day. Let the skin rest. While at home, remove makeup and make the skin weekend. These days apply only a light day cream.
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