How to apply makeup when sick?

To look “one hundred” when health is below average – a difficult task, but women’s website “” is ready to share with you some secrets that will allow you to do this.

Of course, during illness it is better to give yourself a break and not to take “hanging out”, but there are emergency situations, for example, urgent work or important meeting. Any woman want to look like, so no one guessed her condition.

How to prepare your skin for makeup with the disease

Sadly, the condition of the skin during colds poor: uneven tone, flakiness, redness around the nose and eyes – all this beauty adds.

The objective of this makeup is not too pleasant period is to try to disguise the illness and to give the face a fresher look.

Before you put on makeup when you’re sick, you should try to smooth the skin, getting rid of the flaky top layer, otherwise the makeup will fall unevenly, and skin imperfections will be more noticeable. So before you can apply a toner on the face, use soft scrub.

Information on how to prepare a scrub at home, you can find on the website

After that, moisten the skin cream. Don’t forget about the lips. Soft massage of the lips with a toothbrush will help make them more smooth and bright, a moisturizing or nourishing lip balm eliminates dryness.

Application of colors: how to put on makeup when sick

Now you need to even out skin tone. Some like to use silicone based under makeup. Indeed, it is able to create the effect of perfect porcelain skin, because it lays down much smoother skin.

However, it is worth remembering that this framework is not suitable for those with oily skin (makeup will not be persistent) can cause allergic reactions, and skin to breathe will be much harder. So use this under makeup during the period of illness only in the case if you really need to look flawless for a short time.

On the itchy areas (nose, cheeks, under eye area and eyelids) apply concealer greenish or olive hue. This will help hide the redness.

On top of it, you should apply a light liquid Foundation. Dense tonal basis is better not to use is only more clearly indicate the condition of the skin that do not resolve. It is better to choose to use cold tones, it will fit perfectly with a greenish concealer and when applied gives the skin a smooth fresh color.

To the face didn’t look pale and flat, give it volume, causing a bit of bronzers on the cheekbones and on the lower jaw.

To complete the face makeup will help blusher delicate soft shade, close to natural. Remember that bright pink blush or reddish colour may develop on your face in the not-too healthy glow, as you try to avoid applying makeup when you’re sick.

Eye makeup during illness

  • Shadow. If your eyes are red, you should use drops that resolves this issue, and only then proceed to the makeup. You have already prepared the basis for it, you can now cast shadows. It is not necessary to choose bright shades, generally painted with the disease is only slightly. Give preference to bodily colours – this will help to further freshen up the inflamed eyelids and give the face a fresher look.
  • Arrow. If there is a desire to emphasize the eyes, swipe a thin arrow on the upper eyelid, slightly emphasizing the lash line. It is better to use this pencil instead of aylaynerom or liquid eyeliner – the line would be softer and more natural. As for the color, then in any case do not take a pencil of a bright shade or black – you remember, that excessive brightness is now useless. Brown pencil is also not worth taking that he will look even more sick. It is better to choose not too bright, cool shade, for example, steel-gray or gray-blue.
  • Eyebrows. Should pay special attention to how to dye your eyebrows when you’re sick. To emphasize their need, but especially to be zealous and not worth it. It is better to use special shades for the eyebrows.
  • Mascara. It is useful and mascara. If you pre-curl the eyelashes or use a special two-brush – get the look eyes that make the look more healthy and fresh.

Give your lips a healthy look

Perhaps it is not necessary to use lipstick during the period of illness. But to protect the lips and to take care of their fresh kind is necessary, so it makes sense to put on the lips hygienic lipstick, a moisturizing or nourishing balm.

If you do not like the natural tone of your lips, use bright lipstick shades, close to natural, or lip gloss in light shades.

For those who for various reasons does not like lip gloss, there is a compromise between it and a regular lipstick – the lipstick and lip gloss. This tool has a translucent texture that gives light shade to the lips and looks very natural.

Remember that makeup with the disease also does not tolerate the brightness: it will only draw attention to possible problems on the lips or on the skin, which during the disease are not uncommon.

Some General advice

  • Remember that the main principle on which is superimposed makeup during illness – moderation. Nothing superfluous, no bright colors and heavy lines, only the lightness and freshness.
  • Going on business, stock up on disposable paper handkerchiefs: using them instead of the usual handkerchief, you will minimize possible injury of the skin and reduce flaking in the nose.
  • Don’t be carried away spirits or toilet water in times of illness: the essential oils contained in perfume, can further aggravate your already not too vigorous health. Besides, if you have a stuffy nose, there is a risk to overdo it with the use of fragrance because the smell you feel.
  • No matter how carefully you approached the solution to the problem of how to put on makeup when you’re sick, really healthy that you will not make, and over time even the most flawless makeup will cease to hide your condition. So use the guidance of the veneer only for a short time and only if it is really necessary.

The rest of the time try to rest the body, including the skin – and recovery will come much faster!

The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site –

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