How to apply the cream on the face: step-by-step technique

How to apply cream on your face? Where are the massage lines, and how to achieve them? What features of use of the nursing part of the morning and evening? Step-by-step technique for applying the cream to the facial and the cosmetologist recommendations on proper application.

Face cream performs several functions. They moisturize the skin, nourish them, serve as the providers of valuable elements and vitamins necessary to maintain the tone and health of the epidermis. Modern cosmetic industry offers many types of media: matte, anti-ageing, protective, medical, — more than a dozen varieties developed for different purposes and skin types.

For daily care enough to have one or two compositions. Traditionally they are called cream day and night, which is convenient for orientation at the time of their application. But only to acquire such funds is not enough.

Features proper care

In daily practice I am often faced with the fact that women use skincare incorrectly, says beautician Olga FEM. — Making serious mistakes, they are confident that they are doing everything right, and wait for the result. And he does not come. On the contrary, on the face wrinkles appear, the skin looks dull, tired.”

The reason for such a disastrous result is ignorance of the basic requirements in skin care, as well as the intricacies of how to apply face cream. Although difficult there is nothing. According to Olga FEM, it is enough to observe a few guidelines.

The regularity of the procedures

It is important to develop the habit to give your face just in three minutes twice a day — morning and evening. It is much more efficient than emergency measures to bring the skin in order before an important event or meeting.

Just like you brush your teeth, perform three basic procedures:

  • clean the skin;
  • tone it;
  • moisten.

And so — every day, no holidays, no weekends, no belief that “I look good, and you can put it off for tomorrow.” The sooner will be formed this habit, the longer you will retain the youthfulness of the skin.

Twenty-five years to use a moisturizer is not necessary. According to Olga FEM, up to this age the epidermis active enough to regenerate without assistance. It is enough daily cleansing and toning. If the cream is used at an early age, it can lead to a reduction in the intensity of natural processes and premature aging of the skin.

Compliance technology

To wrinkle cream or moisturizing formula to work correctly, it must be applied along the massage lines. It’s not just “virtual stripes” on her face. This is the line on which the skin is stretched to a lesser extent. Just wipe them with your fingers, you can feel its tone and elasticity. Moving in these directions, you will eliminate the negative impact on the epidermis, stretching it, and hence the risk of wrinkles.

All massage lines run from the center to its “periphery”. With the exception of the line on the lower eyelid, which pass from the outer corner to the inner eye.

“When applying the cream important movement against the gravity vector, — said the doctor-beautician Ekaterina Glagoleva — that is, from the bottom up. Only in the neck the direction changes. To the front surface of the product is applied from the bottom up, and side region on the contrary, top-down.

The basic massage lines:

  • from the center point of the chin (the fovea) towards the lobes of the ears;
  • from the outer corners of the lips towards the upper points of the ears;
  • from a point under the nose towards the temples;
  • from the middle of the nose above the eyebrows toward the temples;
  • from the outer corners to the inner eye on the lower eyelid;
  • from the inner corners of the eye to the outside on the upper eyelid;
  • from the clavicle bones to the chin up the front of the neck;
  • from the lower points of the ears to the shoulders on a lateral surface of the neck.

Cream application on the face must be matched with skin care around the eyes and neck. These areas of the skin more delicate and sensitive, they are less sebaceous glands, causing them to not able to effective zamovlennya. Forgetting about them, you create the person pockets of aging that make you look older than your age.

Step by step instructions

So, consider how to apply face cream. Beautician Ekaterina Glagoleva recommends the following equipment designed for home use.

  • Clean your face. Makeup remover use conventional means — milk, micellar water.
  • Wash. During the cleansing foam or cleansing gel you will remove excess sebum and cosmetics that will allow the caregiver the means to fully penetrate the skin.
  • Pat dry and use a toner. Apply better on slightly damp skin.
  • Take adequate amount of cream. From a bottle with a pump to dispense the composition with a pea on the back of the hand. From the jar scoop out the required amount with a clean spatula or cotton Bud. Not shcherbinaite cream from the jar with your fingers. They are drops of water, there are microorganisms that thrive in such nutrient medium as a cream. Over time this can cause damage to the structure and allergic inflammatory reactions on the skin.
  • Lightly RUB the part between the toes. This will give it body temperature, so it will be absorbed much better.
  • Apply the composition along the massage lines. Move from the bottom up, from chin to forehead, then pay attention to the neck. Cause of the facial skin around the eyes should not be, for this section you must have another tool with more delicate, watery structure. Primary caregiver means distribute to the borders of the eye orbit, on the bone edge.
  • If you have unused makeup, spread it on the skin.

    The question of how to apply the cream on face and neck, it is important and procedures. Morning care should be planned for forty minutes before leaving the house. If it’s cold outside, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing composition for an hour before that. Evening spend at least one hour before bedtime that the components had to be distributed in the epidermis. If you do it late increases the likelihood of swelling in the delicate tissues around the eyes.

    Popular misconceptions

    Will focus on common mistakes, which scheme, how to apply cream on your face, doesn’t work or becomes less effective.

    • Cream need a lot. “The opinion, the more tools the better, is wrong — says the doctor-beautician Ekaterina Glagoleva. — In the care of the person should act on the opposite, the smaller the better. Too much makeup is a direct threat not only to your wallet but also the skin.” Agree with her cosmetologist Olga FEM. “The amount of cream must be optimal,” she says. — It is important to adequately moisturize the skin, but also to lay extra weight on it, he should not, as it makes cellular respiration. If you had a lot of part, after thirty minutes remove the excess with a napkin. To do this, gently blot the skin.”
    • The movement should be short, confident. “Such movements are important in Boxing,” commented Ekaterina Glagoleva. — And in the technique of how to apply face cream, it is only important to easily and smoothly move upward along the massage lines.” It is unacceptable to stretch and RUB the skin as this leads to the formation of wrinkles. It is preferable to work not with the whole surface of the finger, and only their pads, evenly, Pat dispensing means. Your wrists should be relaxed. If you have a “heavy hand”, lubricate the face cream the most gentle pad of the ring finger. They usually cannot push hard. If you sufficiently control the intensity of exposure, work convenient for you fingers.
    • The cream spread evenly across face, otherwise untreated areas will differ. “If you use nutritious ingredients, avoid areas of hair growth, says cosmetologist Ekaterina Glagoleva. — These areas are usually located on the upper lip or between the eyebrows. Regular application of nutrients composition leads to increase of intensity of growth of unwanted hair”.
    • Better all the time to use the same tool. Indeed, the effectiveness of cosmetic compositions has a cumulative effect. For example, a cream from wrinkles or excessive skin oiliness shows the maximum of their capacity in about two weeks from the date of first use. But gradually the epidermis gets used to such care. Therefore, the periodic change of the cream is necessary. To do this often is not necessary. Once in six months to “translate” the skin on summer and winter “programs” with a light or, conversely, tighter means.
    • Effective cream slightly “positive”. A common misconception does not allows you to check the activity of components and the susceptibility to them of the epidermis. The composition should pinch only if it is used irritating components that are used, for example, in anti-cellulite cosmetics. If the cream on the face causes such feelings, rather, we are talking about an allergic reaction, which over time will only grow, turning into swelling, causing local itching.
    • You need to apply the product only on wet skin. Distribution on wet skin preferably only for those means, which is provided by the manufacturer. For example, for oily skin now offers sets of funds, including sebum-regulating tonic. After spraying and, without waiting for complete evaporation, it is necessary to distribute the cream. This requirement is determined by the characteristics of the cosmetics, but it does not apply to all funds, without exception. If the manufacturer does not specify the need to apply the composition on wet skin, you should not do that.

    To the effect of “wet skin” it can and when it tonification. Apply toner with cotton pad or spray, lightly Pat the face with fingertips. And then distribute the moisturizing composition. This technique allows the active substances of the tonic effectively work on the epidermis.

    Correct application of the cream on the face, primarily regular. “The cream that is on the shelf, not working,” warns the cosmetician Olga FEM. Moisturize the skin after cleansing and tonification. And work way strictly along the massage lines neat sliding or patting movements from the bottom up.

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