How to argue with the boss?

Women’s website “” today teach you how to argue with the chief and convey to him their opinions. Many more comfortable to always do what is requested, but if you plan to actively build a career, then the easy way is not for you.

Your vision of solving the problem may not coincide with the point of view of the boss, but how to prove his innocence? The expression “the head is always right” is gradually receding into the past. Today – time, proactive and energetic employees.

Mutiny on the ship

The chief set the task with which you fundamentally disagree?

False step immediately, the meeting to begin ardently to prove that he is wrong. It really could cost you your job, since such behavior will be regarded as sabotage.

Much more useful for your career is to think carefully about their strategy for future behavior.

Your goal is to figure out how to argue with a supervisor to come to a consensus, a compromise that would benefit the whole company. Fear not – the dispute with boss means your automatic dismissal.

Plus, what if he just decided to check the level of your initiative? In this case, implicitly performing the originally failed the assignment, you will not be able to enhance.

Step one – preparation

Really evaluate the subject or problem about which you are going to argue with the boss. This should be your strong point or topic in which you are at least not “float”.

Ideally, this should be a question in which you know better than your head. Thoroughly prepare for the conversation, arm yourself with graphs, tables, and other materials.

If your chief important is the result, the details don’t interest him much. Before you argue with result-oriented boss, briefly set out your vision and outline the benefit that will be received by the company in the case of adoption of your plan of action.

Prepare and pre-think answers the objections of the chief, are examples of the successful implementation of your proposal from the competition.

If you’re feeling insecure, advises to record your speech on a dictaphone and listen to it, trying to imagine the reaction of the Manager. What more convincing arguments need to make in your “report”?

Step two – right place and time

Never argue with the boss in front of the entire team, better arrange a personal meeting. The fact that you’re not the cause “on the carpet”, and you take the initiative in their hands (especially if it hasn’t happened), should make the boss to listen to you.

Pick a time when he is calm and happy, as to argue with a disgruntled chief has no practical meaning. You better know what time of day there comes the right moment.

On the other hand, do not get too long to ponder their conversation.

Get the boss to ensure that you are going to discuss the subject to the conversation not surprised him. Start the conversation with something positive, for example, with the recent success of the company or the interim report about your results.

Step three – secret tactics

The best method to argue not only with the head is to strive to give their point of view over the opinion of the opponent. “Vasily Petrovich, you always said that to make a sale needs to stand out from the competition.”

First, your quote will flatter the chief. “Remember, last year we offered customers a unique service, and received a one-year contract?”.

Now, spread your plan of action. At least, the head will seriously consider your suggestion.

At the end of his speech, be sure to ask the opinion of the head – do you think my plan will give a positive result? So you have a chance to obtain his prior consent “without delay”.

If he’s the first to say – thank you, I think after some time will certainly find several arguments against it.

How to argue with the boss

  • Be flexible – listen to the views of the head and its arguments, be ready that you will have to adjust their opinion.
  • Don’t try to prove to the boss that he is wrong, and the more incompetent in the matter. This undermines the credibility of even the most loyal leader.
  • Avoid negative wording, such as “you are wrong” or “you’re wrong”.
  • Do not be unfounded: before to argue with a hard head, think over the arguments proving your rightness, preferably in numbers and real examples. Without this your words – just words.
  • Don’t get informal, even if last month you had the opportunity to attend a family celebration boss.
  • Always remember respect, including in relation to your persona.
  • At the end of the conversation once again clearly speak about what you have agreed to subsequently avoid future misunderstandings.

A competent leader will appreciate if you will defend your point of view, but not worth arguing with the boss over every little thing. So you will be called quarrelsome and even rebellious employee.

This forgive is that real genius, and even in this case, patience guidance has its limits.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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