How to arrange a child’s birthday 10-12 years?

Where and how to spend a birthday teen? After all, adolescence is the period when you can still linger in childhood with its innocent joys, and at the same time wants to grow up quickly.

This is a time when I want to participate in children’s competitions and entertainment, but to do it in public not always willing.

This is the age when they want to mention “grown-up”, but stay with the child. Women’s website “” will help its readers tips on how to plan a birthday party for your child 10-12 years.

Where to celebrate?

The unequivocal answer to this question will not be exact. It is important to consider several factors:

  • The desire of the birthday boy.
  • Financial capabilities.
  • The number of guests.
  • The time of year when I have birthday.
  • The quantity of your time which you can spend on a holiday etc.

The easiest options

You can contact a special Agency, you can arrange any holiday for your money, and it is possible to organize children’s holiday and choose the games and fun entertainment for birthday child 10-12 years. Here are some interesting and popular ideas.


Bowling – the most popular place to celebrate my birthday teenagers. Indeed, at the age of 10 -12 years, children are not so often visited the bowling in the company of their peers, so it will be interesting to spend some time together. This convenient option is the fact that all the children are on stage, not fighting for the championship.

You need to consider the parents of the birthday boy?

  • First, just calculate the number of tracks. For children up to 12 years is better to stay on version 1 track 6, and it is better for 4 people. Otherwise you’ll have to wait long for their turn.
  • Second, inform your instructor the names of all the kids who will be at the festival, even if they come later. Their names will be entered in the computer.
  • Third, decide the menu and order more drinks.

If you have the company of teenagers, you should select an instructor who primarily will monitor the equipment and will also tell your guests how to play. A great option where you can celebrate a birthday, when the child is 10-12 years.

Water Park

Also, children this age will be fun to spend time with friends in the Park. Here only this variant is a bit expensive for the parents of the birthday boy, so stay in the water Park is not cheap.

Therefore, it is important to stipulate in advance with your child what note it will be in a small company. Sure water fun will not leave indifferent the company of friends.

Laser tag or paintball

If your community has the opportunity to send a cheerful company of teenagers play paintball or laser tag – did not even hesitate! The passion and the drive, the desire to win and a sense of a United team – that’s those feelings that will test the young guests of the birthday.

The essence of the game is that players are divided into teams, handed out weapons (and laser tag – laser machines), and they begin to fight with each other.

  • The tag resembles a computer game in which the child becomes a participant in the events. Special uniforms are the sensors that vibrate, if you hit the target.
  • In paintball the players “shoot” balls. If laser tag is more like a computer game, paintball game in “the war games”.

In these games there is no difficulty. Can play it for children starting from 7 years of age. Teenagers such entertainment should be like.

Equestrian club

Here you can organize horse riding, pony. As well as options for where the whole company will ride on a sleigh or in a carriage.

A picnic in the country

Well are birthdays adolescents 10-12 years outside the city. Enough to take ball, badminton, to organize barbecue – children such entertainment should be like.

If you are engaged in tourism or you have friends that are passionate about this business, ask them to help organize competitions on tourism through the various crossings. It’s fun and the boy and girls in adolescence.

Options that require training

Not always have the opportunity to celebrate a fun birthday child 10-12 years outside the home. So many celebrate the holiday at home. What to consider parents who are wondering how to celebrate the birthday of a teen on their own?

  • First, if you plan to invite relatives and peers of the birthday boy, I advise you to split the celebration into individual hours or days. Children at one time, native to another.
  • Second, take care of menu on the day of birth of the teenager, 10-12 years. Keep in mind that children at this age will not sit long at the table, so it’s best if you can arrange a buffet with a variety of tarts, of sandwiches, fruit and vegetable platters. You make sure there’s a lot of drinks.
  • Thirdly, consider what you will bet: on the activity or calm children. Offer you some ideas how you can celebrate the birthday child 10-12 years at home.


The quest (“search”) is the kind of game where you need to go through certain stages to get either a birthday gift or another gift (e.g., cake). Organizers it is important to choose jobs, which will afford guests and plan your itinerary beforehand.

If you have many guests, it is possible to divide them into teams if little can play each participant separately.

To carry out the quest for the birthday child 10-12 years in the house and beyond. Teenagers should be like search, where the prize will need to look around the city. To organize a large-scale quest you can help the Agency, if this is not possible – think about all by yourself. It’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Examples of tasks for the quest can be found on the Internet.

Themed parties

Teenagers at this age are very fond of theme parties. But here is the fabulous theme of teenagers you are interested. They want to show that they are adults, so the theme parties have to be Mature.

Here’s what you can offer on a birthday party for her child 10-12 years:

  • Party in the style of MINECRAFT. It is very popular among teenagers computer game. Consider the design of the room where you spend the holiday, as well as contests and entertainment.
  • A pirate party.
  • Pirate party popular in any age. Go on a treasure hunt. Performing various tasks, children can have fun.
  • Party on wheels. Interesting it seemed an idea to celebrate a birthday, renting a limo. You can travel around in a limousine all the sights in the city. Immediately stipulate with the driver, where you will stay and how much you will have to wait until the kids walk up. According to one opinion, car rental costs no more than rent in a cafe. In the limousine you can ride from 16 children. You will not only joyful day for children 10-12 years old, but unusual.
  • Party in the style of a horror movie (vampire party). If you have the opportunity to rent mini-hotel with several rooms, can be even smarter! The essence of the party lies in the fact that the kids go through the story and open the panic room, where they wait for different characters – vampires, cannibals, etc. After going through all the stages children may go to a disco.
  • The theme is birthday teenager 10-12 years may be associated with some movie that is like a teenager. Girls may be interested in a fashion show or a pajama party. Boys can throw a football party or celebration in style of the Wild West.

Interesting activities and contests for the birthday child 10-12 years

We offer you several options, what better to spend your day of birth to teenager, 10-12 years.


Such fun, like a pinata, a little know niche compatriots, but the Latin Americans and the West are such fun for the holidays is very popular.

The bottom line is that over the surface of the ceiling (if you’re going to hold the game indoors) or tree (if you plan to play outside), suspended hollow container (box, bowl, toy, etc.), which is located inside the gift: candy, sweets, small gifts.

The player has eyes closed with a stick to break the piñata. You can hit 1 time. When getting gifts poured on the ground. Entertainment is very fun. Never turns to break the piñata on the first try. This game will definitely appeal not only to children but also for adults.


Forfeits with various tasks popular at any age. Pick up these options that will interest your guests.


Hang balloons in which are hidden small prizes. Let the teenagers with the Darts hit the target and win prizes.


Invite for the holiday photographer who will have a real photo of the birthday boy with friends.

Tattoo or face painting

Both girls and boys at this age want to get a tattoo on the body. You can do a temporary tattoo on the body or face painting, inviting house specialists.

Choosing how to celebrate the birthday of a child 10-12 years, consider various options, mark the different. The birthday of a teenager is a new step in his life today, when he can get what yesterday was impossible. Good luck parents!

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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