How to arrange a holiday favorite

“I’d like to arrange your favorite real holiday. But how to do it? What guarantee will bring a man excited? How to make a man pleasing? If something to give, will it be enough? Thank you.” Inna.

To confess, to bring the beloved man in delight is not so easy. Unfortunately, men are not as emotionally react to gifts and surprises as women. And yet, Inna, if you remind yourself that You are a woman of Your men, he is already a cause for delight:) just Need to add some padding, and the result is guaranteed ?

What does he like?

Let’s start with the most simple. If You love your man, then hopefully, You know him. Know his interests, passions and dreams. If so, You should be aware if there is a certain thing that he needed.

Perhaps he even plans to buy it, then Your task is just ahead of it. And it may not be necessarily something expensive, rare, and valuable.

It can even be a trinket, to purchase which he simply hands did not reach. Or was it pity money. And here You have solved the problem. Joy and gratitude provided. For this little need is just to guess.

For example, I could live without books can’t, and my wife enough to find and choose the annotation unusual plot, as my protruding from happy language guaranteed ?

Savvy and wit!

To arrange a holiday favorite you can, focusing on something funny or ironic. It will be remembered. For example, if Your favorite is very appreciated (or Vice versa not enough Your confident), glue Your house vast number of his photographs. Don’t get shocked?

You can give him, (is now do) pants with Your photo. Or t-shirt. And write a note that allowed You to change only those shorts ?

And that’s what he’ll never forget. Give him a little live pig. And let him do with it whatever you want ? Gift because it is!

You can use something edible, if a man something like especially. For example, my wife loves kiwi. Once on her birthday (she turned 21), I gave her twenty-one kiwi. I’m sure it can be done and the woman to the man.

How to arrange a holiday favorite? The emphasis on sex!

And finally, something without which will cost a rare man. It’s something to do with sex. It is not only a candlelit dinner and erotic clothing (or no ? ). And not just in bed concubine and master, do with it what he wants.

It is also a bold experiment. For example, keep it in a sex shop, select and buy an adult toy.

Still it is possible to order home a stripper and watch her together. And then to strip naked and dance itself. Imagine what kind sooner or later he will tell his friends about it!

Clearly, if You have a very open relationship, you can go even further ? , inviting not only a stripper But if ? is very important for You to remain his only partner, it will not hurt to tease him, to portray the likeness of freemen, to force him to have mouth water, and “wipe the drool,” will You same

And to Your man exactly was Your intention in love, from me to You talisman:

Paradise – where You caress me!

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