How to arrange a holiday on March 8 for girls?

International women’s day for not only adult women but also young ladies! And often for babies March 8 has a much larger value than for their mothers: because in childhood all the holidays – the real and sincere!

If you have a family has a girl, you should make this day a holiday, where she will be one of the heroines of the event. And ideas prompt ““.

“Bachelorette party” for babies

Your Princess probably have girlfriends of the same age. Invite them to visit and arrange for them a fun gathering without the boys! Of course, not do without a sweet table.

And what fun this day, you can take the girls?

  • Competition outfits. Pre-prepare some elements of costumes – you can not really spend money, but to do with what we have in the house: scraps of bright fabrics, tulle, ribbons, unnecessary beads, artificial flowers, any old fancy dresses and skirts, etc. – as long as everything was bright, cheerful and provided a space for creative experimentation! Invite young fashionistas to create a fancy outfit (each for themselves), it can be useful safety pins for podkalyvaniya fabric, ribbons or elastic bands for tying hair clips in hair — to hang the decoration in the hair, etc., Then arrange a fashion show and an impromptu photo shoot in the new images. Unable to determine the winner and give her some symbolic prize.

  • Children’s face painting. You can buy a box of face paint and to draw on the faces of something (flowers, butterflies, etc.), or to hire a professional aquatimer at the children’s party.
  • An impromptu master-class on some simple and spectacular needlework. Even if you are needlework – the Internet is full of detailed master-classes on making all sorts of interesting pieces! For example, girls may like to make a flower from floral paper, a doll made of cloth, a simple bracelet of beads, paint with special acrylic paints, old t-shirt or jeans, etc. is Too long for a master class, of course, inappropriate for the occasion, but 30-40 minutes so that you can borrow.

And of course, like any children’s party, you should stock a fun selection of music for dancing and some good children’s movie or a cartoon, if the company is bored and wants a break from the active fun.

Gentlemen, congratulations ladies!

If a company of children will be mixed, it makes sense to make the boys congratulated the girls. And then, in addition to treats, you can invent different games and competitions.

At equal or approximately equal number of boys and girls to divide them into teams (boys and girls), and give the command games. At the end of the festival will be able to count the total number of points or points awarded to teams. Of course, it would be very cool to March 8, won the girls team!

What games and contests will be “in a theme” on March 8?

For example, “swap”: both teams are given assignments that must be performed either for speed or creativity, or quality. Job — alternately typically “girly”, the typical “boyish” (but do both sides!). For example:

  • “Boyish” of the job: to tighten the nuts on the screws (on the number for a short time), collect a certain structure from the constructor (speed), draw a car (on creativity).
  • “Girly” tasks: to swaddle the doll-“baby” (for speed), to stick pre-cooked dough dumplings or dumplings (for a number of cobbled together dumplings for three minutes, for example), to make a creative hairstyle, one of the team members (for this to give the kids combs, elastic bands, bows, ribbons, etc.), make up one of the team members (child or adult cosmetics, which is not pity), etc.

In addition to competitions, the kids can have a dance party with fun tunes, and just give them spare time – they can start some kind of game or just wants to run and socialize.

Holiday with dad

If you do not plan to have noisy children’s party, March 8 you can spend in the family circle so to this day remember the girl. Let it take care men: dad, grandpa, brothers…

To this day, the men of your family will have to show a sample of the gentleman to pamper and baby, and her mother, and grandmother, to give gifts and to do pleasant surprises: without the help of women to cook a delicious Breakfast and festive dinner, decorating the apartment, etc.

Little Princess will be very happy if dad (or maybe older brother, or grandfather) will ask her on 8 March in a cafe, where you are treated to sweets.

Let the girl see in this day of respect, which all real men should treat women, let this holiday will teach her dignity to accept the male attention and care and to feel myself a real woman!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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