How to arrange house plants for Feng Shui?

Houseplants in the home can not only create comfort, to make the interior more attractive or clean air, but they are also able to control the flow of energy.

The organization of space, as it is known, is exploring the Taoist practice of Feng Shui. And in our today’s article on we will tell you how to place house plants for Feng Shui.

How does the “flower” of Feng Shui?

The doctrine of Feng Shui is quite complex and multifaceted, but it helps us to organize the space so that optimal control of the energy in the house. And not only furniture, decor and household items will play a role.

Plants for the house on Feng Shui are even more important, as is the wildlife, and not some inanimate object, and every flower keenly “feel” the electromagnetic field and can change it.

The basic rules for the placing of potted plants

If you are going to place plants in Feng Shui, there are some basic rules that will apply regardless of what room and what colors to place.

  • No artificial colors and no dead plants! If the flower died and you cannot restore it, throw it away without regret, otherwise it will absorb positive energy.
  • Even if the plant is very beneficial and a must in your apartment from the point of view of Feng Shui, but you don’t like it, do not start it! Any flower feels the attitude and will not grow in an atmosphere of antipathy.
  • Arrange the plants you have in the corners, in the niches, arches, shelves, inside cavities , etc. Try not to put flowers in pots closer than a meter to beds, sofas, chairs.
  • More than a flower loves moisture and abundant watering, the brighter it needs a pot. Ideally, these plants need pots with warm shades — yellow, orange, red. And for lovers of dryness, on the contrary, cool colors — blue, green.
  • All plants for the house in Feng Shui are divided into those which have male energy (Yang), and those that have a feminine energy (Yin). For balance and harmony in the apartment must be those, and others.
  • How to place plants in Feng Shui: directions

    The practice of Feng Shui is very demanding on the sides. And therefore to accommodate the plants then there are certain requirements. About them will tell more female site

    • South

    In the South side of the apartment or house is best to place those plants which bloom and even bear fruit. These flowers can have a positive impact on the health of the household, get rid of disease, increase immunity.

    This will perfectly suit the geranium, violet, Kalanchoe, Kalandiva (flowering species), begonia, and ornamental citrus. Most are Yin plants bearing female energy, creeping or low, with beautiful rounded leaves.

    • North

    But in the Northern part of the houses you can place flowers of Yang, male energy. Usually this high reaching upward flowers with sharp leaves. On window sills can place a few cactus plants or succulents — according to Feng Shui they are well neutralize the negative energy is coming from the outside.

    But with a number of very spiny cacti need to be careful: they can make completely neutral, not only bad, but good energy.

    • East

    In the Eastern part of the need to place those plants that can activate the processes of life. For example, a popular indoor flower monstera, despite its intimidating title, is excellent for digestion, and therefore well suited for kitchen, dining room or living room.

    If in the Eastern sector of the house is a Cabinet, you can put the dieffenbachia — it activates brain activity and increases stamina.

    • West

    In the Western sector of your apartment you need to place those plants which actively influence the emotions. Usually in this part of the house is the bedroom. You can put a pomegranate tree — just make sure that it is not too high (so the positive energy through his crown will go up). This plant for the bedroom Feng Shui helps to awaken the passion faded, and garnet is able to restore the disturbed imbalance of hormones.

    The values of the most common indoor plants for Feng Shui

    • Probably every home you can meet the ficus. This flower an excellent job of purifying the air, but it’s still perfectly neutralizes the negative energy caused by anger and aggression. Want to reach an understanding with home? Place the ficus in the living room where the family gathers in the evenings.
    • About geranium (or in other words, pelargonium) we mentioned above. This plant with the female energy — Yin, and therefore it is also suitable for the living room. More luxuriant than growing and blooming geraniums, the more it will neutralize negative energy. Do not place the flower in the bedroom near the bed, but in the kitchen it is great to purify the air and disinfect it.
    • One of the most effective money plant in Feng Shui is considered to be jade — it is often called: “money tree”. The thicker the leaves on it and the bigger the number, the greater the wealth and prosperity it will bring to your home. Good to put a jade in my office if you are Affairs. Well, she is also suitable not only for apartments but also for office or store.
    • But the ideal occupant for your bedroom: Myrtle tree in the same way as pomegranate, has a positive effect on the energy of the couple. But Mirt does not excite passion, pomegranate, but rather calms, soothes, adjusts to the welfare of the family, revives love and happiness, strengthens relationships.
    • One of the most powerful in terms of influence on energy in the house plants for Feng Shui is considered to be bamboo. In ancient times it was believed that the bad energy flowing through a long and tall stalk of bamboo and passing all of his cavity, is transformed into good. The higher the plant the thicker and more powerful than its stem, the better. To put the need in bamboo floor vase and place it in the corner. By the way, it usually grows in water and not in the ground.
    • Well, what kind of flowers should be placed in the nursery? Perfect for that lemon tree. As we said above, flowering and fruiting plants with female energy Yin may well affect the health of all household inhabitants. And lemon, in addition, also develops the mental abilities of the kids, strengthen the interest to new knowledge.

    We told you about the importance of plants in Feng Shui for the most popular indoor plants. Place them correctly in your home, and they will not only delight you with its flowering, to decorate the interior and clean the air, but also to create harmony in your family.

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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