How to assemble a beautiful Pandora bracelet Pandora

Women’s website “” knows how much a modern fashionista’s dream to buy a beautiful Pandora bracelets, so today we will talk about the rules of the Assembly of such accessories.

For many women, buying some jewelry is not planned, and spontaneous, and takes place on the basis of emotional impulse. Such moments ladies usually comment by saying, “I saw him and fell in love.” Pandora bracelets require a serious approach. This decoration can not buy without prior training, otherwise it will look not just trivial and tasteless. In addition, stacked bracelet, the same as jewelry created with their own hands, has some magic power. Therefore, its creation is a mystery, which should start with choosing a suitable basis.

How beautiful to collect Pandora bracelet: on the choice of basis

The first thing you need to start to assemble the bracelet — buy basis. Most girls prefer silver version. And this is understandable: after all, silver bracelet looks very impressive in itself and is cheaper than gold.

But the choice of a particular metal should come not only from the financial opportunities. It is important that the decoration is perfectly combined with the appearance of his mistress. The website advises its readers to do a little experiment which will help them to understand what kind of metal suits them. It is necessary to take gold and silver jewelry, bring them one at a time to face and look in the mirror. If the skin meets light “lights” is a metal selected correctly. Gold jewelry usually are dark-eyed brunettes, silver for blondes with gray or blue eyes.

Generally, many people choose the most suitable metal intuitively, just by buying those decorations which you like more.

You can assemble a beautiful Pandora bracelet using the leather-based. This option often prefer young girls. Those who like leather bracelet, it should be borne in mind that such a base should not hang more than 7 charm. Leather is good for those who have just started to get into bead bracelets, because it even one sharmik will look beautiful. In addition, leather bracelets come in different colors, braided and smooth.

Textile fundamentals are good for the summer, and they also decided not to wear too many pendants.

Beautifully composed for Pandora the Explorer

By choosing a basis, determine its correct length. It is necessary to measure the volume of the wrist and the length allow 1-3 cm (depending on number of charms).

For those who want to collect a really nice Pandora bracelet, it is important to know about the features of the existing types of suspensions.

Kinds of beads for Pandora bracelets

Generally there are several groups of pendants for bead bracelets.

  • Pendants-charms that can freely move around the base and placed anywhere. Some of them are threaded, some do not have it. The charms include colorful beads Murano glass (Murano).
  • Stoppers and clip beads, that snaps in a particular area of the bracelet. Such elements usually divide the bracelet into several sectors and hold the beads at a particular site.
  • Separators, which are used for the harmonious distribution charms in the bracelet.
  • Pendants-charms that have extra hanging from the foundations of the details. Looks pretty interesting, give the bracelet some playfulness and flirtation.
  • The connecting chain is the same two clips connected by a chain. They are placed on either side of the clasp to see if the bracelet accidentally opens, beads of it falling apart. With the help of such chains are the most beautiful bracelets Pandora for stylish beauties.
  • Symmetrically composed, the Pandora bracelet Christmas theme

    How to collect Pandora: some rules for the selection of pendants

    Very often it happens that the store bought the most beautiful beads, which after stringing them into a bracelet somehow lose their appeal. This occurs if you select the charms to be guided by the rule: “the brighter and more unusual – the better.” In fact, before you buy new charms, you need to specifically define the style of your bracelet.

  • In order to collect concise decoration is a universal style, it is recommended to choose round beads of silver. Such a band was not too boring and banal, between the beads, you can wedge a pair of bright Murano.
  • Don’t get too overwhelm bracelet pendants of different styles. Between the beads based on the needs to be some semantic relationship, they may be also similar in shape and color.

    Concise Pandora bracelet on leather-based

  • So the charms are not merged together into one mass of silver, they should be divided between Murakami or a bright sharikami (enamel, gold, etc.).
  • Thinking about the question, how to collect Pandora, you should take into account the fact that very beautiful and stylish look on the hand two bracelets with a small number of silver charms. One of them can be leather.
  • Very bright bracelet you get when you collect it from the beads with Murano glass certain colors. You can, for example, buy 3-5 of the same beautiful beads, which will set the basic tone bracelet to all of them several (3-4 pieces) optional, small beads, matching them in color and to complete the final set of two pendants.

    A harmonious bracelet in 3 colors repeating Murano

  • Pave beads are distinguished by their efficiency and brightness. But do not succumb to the impulse to use such a bright, shiny items in large quantities. The bracelet should not be more than 2-3 pendants with pave.
  • To correctly assemble the Pandora bracelet and be without colorful beads. Many girls choose for your bracelet silver charms, which is a specific for the hostess of the jewelry sense. For example, young mothers for whom the birth of a child became the most important event in their lives, hung on a bracelet karmic stroller or karmic with a girl/boy. Ladies who are addicted to some hobby, decorate a Pandora bracelet with charms in the form of a camera, a dancing couple, sports ball, theatrical masks, silver heads, and Lovers. girls love to decorate the bracelet with charms in the form of hearts. Romantic females love the fabulous style of bracelets that they give charms-locks, pendants in the form of fairy-tale characters and mythical heroes.
  • Of course, precise and universal answer to the question of how best to collect Pandora, no. After all, it depends on the character, temperament, age and appearance of the owner of such an accessory.

    But in any case, you need to remember that charm strung on a basis with certain emotions and thoughts can be a real good luck charm. So start collecting bracelet with the most light feelings, and in any case not to worry if not really work to combine some suspension. After all, the extra charm – a good excuse to buy another base or make a nice gift to a best friend, who also is looking for the answer to the question, how to build your own Pandora bracelet that brings good luck and happiness.

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