How to attract the man of your dreams?

All girls dream that someday their lives will appear He is a strong, smart, funny, cute, good, shopping… well, decent hands and hearts! But… the Search for a life partner – no product selection catalog. Mr. Ideal still no…

But again and again there are some questionable gentlemen, which are suitable except for the role of the cancer on bezrybe… Why is this happening and how to attract the man of your dreams – tell female site

Why we attract the “wrong” men?

Mysterious to many, the question is: why do so many clear heads-beauties settle for some nondescript Boyfriends and a shaky relationship, while the other girls making a successful pair with very worthy men?

What should wonder woman, if interested in it men just don’t like her ideal? What attitudes lead to such a situation?

“I’m not worthy Men of My Dreams”

Systems, failures in previous relationships, the effects of parenting – a few factors which a woman begins to consider himself unworthy of the man and the relationship that deep down she wants!

But the essence is the same – if you count the decent men unattainable, and the possibility of a relationship with them – a utopia, such men do not will pay attention to you.

Looking at members of the opposite sex “Well, johnny Depp, of course, handsome, but where I’m up to it, you have to set the bar a little lower – there, the mechanic Kolya it will come down!”, you will attract only the mechanics, since, sing, and VAS. Johnny deppy will get more confident ladies!

“For the sake of relationship with the Man of my Dreams will have to try and it’s too hard for me…”

Yes, it’s true – the status man, the more you have to spend effort to please him and keep him near you!

This is understandable – such men are more selection of women (probably have to get around potential rivals!), he knows himself, he will not agree to “a okay, this will do.” A decent men looking for decent women! Smart, successful, well-groomed, good character, etc.

If you like brad pitt have to be Angelina Jolie!

Of course, this is difficult. Need to work on yourself. But if you don’t do it is laziness! Even Cinderella the Prince liked the luxurious attire, not rags. What do you think would have ended the tale, see her Prince in rags near the stove?..

Oh, by the way — and some local chimney sweep Cinderella probably would have liked and in rags!

“All Men Dream actually deceivers and seducers”

“We need to agree on someone easier, with him, and then there will be a strong relationship!”

Again, it’s laziness. You are just too lazy to make the effort to create and maintain relations with a powerful man. It is much easier to get locksmith VAS and regularly cooking him soup – he would be delighted that any woman he got, and even feeds. delicious. Bob Smith in such circumstances, do not want to run anywhere and you will get the illusion of a lasting marriage.

A confident, high-status man soups does not hold, he can hire a cook or to dine in the restaurant, and in General – it’s so many different soups in my life tasted what brand your pea he seem a rare thing.

Him women have fundamentally different – something he will not get either of the cook or the maid or the prostitute, I dare you to give him this mysterious “other”?

“I will be open to all, maybe someday, among others, will be able to attract a decent man!”

To be open to all – that is, to flirt, to flirt and to serve some vague hope of all the surrounding male characters – not the best strategy, how to attract a strong man.

  • First, to Mr. Ideal, you are surrounded by the retinue of dubious fans.
  • Secondly, the strong men do not like easy prey. Man – reckless hunter! The higher a man values himself, the higher he sets the bar yourself against women!

Can he be considered my “main prize” the young lady, which with the same success can get to anyone? If he wants to compete for her with “low-ranking” by the rivals whom he “single-handedly”? No!

“How unhappy I am. Hurry appeared the Man of My Dreams and saved me from the hopeless dullness of life!”

It doesn’t work! Why would a man want a poor woman? The more the man strong, self-sufficient, happy? Than it will attract? Of your unhappiness? No!

Poor and eternally self-pitying people do not like, especially members of the opposite sex. Nothing tempting in the future to save you from your swamps for strong men, no!

But for men weak (probably the same neschastnogo whiner) this is an appropriate woman. “No, she is not required, okay, and I’ll do – still really interesting women, I don’t need” — so says the lame duck man. And here the woman is surprised – why is the Prince coming to save her some “chimney sweeps”?

How to attract a decent man?

What to do if you want to attract the man of your dreams? The website “” offers step-by-step strategy how to attract a strong man!

Decide what you want

Who is he “decent man”? Make a rough sketch! Of course, you can include in this description the desired qualities, traits, etc. that you would be important in a life partner.

But beyond that, begin with some specifics: what does your character, in what area works, what the income level is, what is it age, what motivates, what places are visited?

No, we are not proposing to look for “the rich Pinocchio” — maybe your Mr. Ideal is now studying in an ordinary University, or works in an ordinary office! But long-term unemployed is unlikely to be interesting, for example, a novice designer, forty – year-old accountant- attractive 25-year-old yoga instructor?

All these pragmatic details are required at the next stage of the strategy, so do not be shy and describe the person who would be truly exciting!

For a pair of “decent men”

When the image is composed, consider how a woman can be interesting for your type of men? The question now is not about hair color or bust ratio and waist – these preferences are highly individual for every man, there’s no telling.

Talking about more global things. So educated, intelligent, beautiful, well-groomed, business woman you need to your man (not one night, but for a serious relationship)?

Like intellectuals – think about what kind of man would be bored with a naive simpleton. Serious businessman is unlikely to choose a life partner in the neglected housewife, not able to stay in the community.

Remember the movie “legally Blonde” — intelligent young man abandons the main character, a lover of glamorous pink dresses to find the bride-to-be serious! To regain his attention and to wait for a proposal of marriage, the blonde had to go to Harvard and get his grades up…

Work on yourself

Try to match the image that hypothetically like men that circle that belongs to your Mr Ideal.

Conform means “to be”, not “seem”! That is, not enough to have one “output” dress to look always on 100%, or learning a collection of sayings to attract a decent man of his intellect!

Yes, the higher the goal you set, the more serious will have to work! In a consolation I can say that you are not doing it for men (hypothetically imagined or real), and for yourself! Progress in self-development in General, changing lives, and the emergence of the knights of the new “level” — is just a side effect, which is inevitable!

Become happy

Alone! Without depending on any relationship! Make your life such that you liked her!

This is the most important point in the strategies of how to attract the man of your dreams! Your happy life will be like decent men, and they will be coming!

Fifth strategy could be to add – happens in places where the usual your “breed” of men. To acquire similar social circle, attend the ‘right’ places of work and leisure…

But… the fact is that, if the above work you managed, the special “hunting season” is open does not have all the good men appear on the horizon as something of themselves!

To attract the man of your dreams – mission accomplished!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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