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“Tell me, how not to get sick in spring? We all get sick, and time on folk remedies have no. Here tablets and drops . Help to understand and choose the most effective, not to get sick. Zoe”

Zoe, currently there are thousands of medicines to prevent colds and flu. It would seem, buy, drink, and there will be no problems!

However, not all drugs are equally effective in protecting us from disease. A list of the most effective on the Internet is the women’s website ““.

Attention! Before administration of any drug, carefully read the annotation to it, and consult your doctor!

Oxolinic ointment

Yes, the immune system she never strengthens, but protects our body from most viruses.

How it works: Oxolinic ointment works in two ways. First, the mechanical stops the penetration of the virus through mucous membranes (in principle, it is capable of any cream, though children). Second, the oxoline stops the reproduction of the virus on the nasal mucosa.

What to do: before every leaving the house lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment.

Pros: inexpensive, enough for a long time. Harmless – it can be used even for pregnant women and children from 1 year.

Cons: oxolinic ointment should be stored in the refrigeratoror it will spoil. The feeling and smell of the ointment is not too good, but you can get used. During the day, you need to update the layer oxolinic ointment in the nose.

Essential oil “Olbas”

“Olbas” is a favorite of many moms means preventing colds and flu, relieving catarrh.

How it works: part of the “Albasa” includes the following essential oils: peppermint (no menthol), eucalyptus, KeepAlive, wintergrove, juniper, clove and levomenthol. All of these oils are known for their disinfectant action. “Olbas” disinfects the air, makes for a cold, helps you not to catch from others. Very effective in the early stages of a cold.

What to do: apply a few drops of oil on a napkin and take a few deep breaths. So it is recommended to do throughout the day. You can instill “Olbas” in aromacean (worn around the neck) or the aromakamnya (placed on the Desk or in the pocket). “Olbas” facilitates breathing, if you drip it on the cloth and put in the headboard.
Children from 3 months to 2 years squeeze 1 drop “Albasa” on a napkin or a toy and keep close, but so that the child is not got.

Pros: natural, smells good, is non-addictive. Can be used indefinitely.

Cons: when on skin and mucous membranes allergic reactions. Can leave stains on clothing. You need to be cautious when use for children.

Grippferon and Interferon – nose drops

How to apply: Grippferon is the same interferon, which boosts the immune system, suppresses the replication of the virus. It will protect you from disease and ease the course of colds or flu. In the annotation to the Grippferon the drug says that it can reduce the duration of your cold by 30-50% — a lot of it!

What to do: instill drops in the nose according to the scheme (it is individual for every age and purpose of backfilling).

Pros: and grippferon, and interferon pretty safe, so it can be applied to pregnant and lactating, and children almost from birth. Habituation does not happen. Interferon is quite cheap.

Cons: grippferon need to be stored in the refrigerator, so the question to carry it with you. The drug ends pretty quickly. In addition, it is not always clear how many drops you got some, especially if you are ill (drip uncomfortable). With vasoconstrictive drops Grippferon is not recommended — it can cause overdrying of the nasal mucosa.

Interferon is sold in capsules in a dry form, so before using it should be diluted with boiled water, and somewhere to pour that in itself is uncomfortable. In the refrigerator in a diluted form interferon can be stored for more than a day.

And Arbidol Anaferon (capsules and tablets)

How to apply: this is a fairly well-known drugs, immunomodulators. However, their immunomodulatory effects are quite moderate.

What to do: to take the capsules or tablets according to the scheme, various prevention and treatment.

Pros: quite effective means for those who are in the “hotbed” of the disease ?
Anaferon compared to Arbidola cheap and lasts relatively long.

Cons: the packing of Arbidol is too small – not enough for the entire course, so it ends very quickly.


Amiksin is used not only for prevention and treatment of colds and flu, but also for the treatment of viral hepatitis, herpes and cytomegalovirus infection. Represent what is effective drug!

How it works: Amiksin is a synthetic inducer of interferon, which is responsible in the body for the immune system. Very effective against different viruses and bacteria and stimulates the growth of your own stem cells.

What to do: for the prevention of drink 1 tablet amiksina once a week for 4 weeks. Dose amiksina for treatment prescribed by a doctor in sootvetstvii with the disease.

Pros: Amiksin is not toxic, is well tolerated, but side effects still are the place to be. This Allergy, and disorders of the chair, and chills.

Cons: the drug is quite expensive, it is difficult to find in pharmacies. Can not be applied to children under 7 years, pregnant and lactating.


Help to form natural immunity and maintain a healthy condition of the body. As practice shows, a brand of multivitamin does not matter: they are all almost the same effect.

What to do: take a daily multivitamin.

Pros: a multivitamin should be taken just once a day is quick and easy.

Cons: multivitamin brand do not guarantee that you will not get sick!

Medical face mask

Is a layer of hypoallergenic non-woven polypropylene with a drawstring. The mask will become a barrier between you and the cares of the world.

How it works: mechanical, not flowing to your mouth and nose infection, flying in the air.

Pros: very effective and inexpensive means.

Cons: the mask should be changed every 4 hours. In addition, unaccustomed to breathe it is not convenient. And no matter how stepped on the West, the fashion for masks, we have, in Russia, a man in a mask walking down the street, I look very askance ?

You can also pay attention to the following drugs for immunity: Grippol plus, Tsikloferon, Viferon ointment, Polyoxidonium, Oscillococcinum.

And yet, medicines medicines and healthy food, fresh air and the correct mode of the day there is no substitute! Read more about these things read here:

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