How to be charismatic,and at the same time happy and confident

Remember the heroine Irina Muravyova, which is suited to a daily psychological training before the mirror: “I am the most charming and attractive!..”? The girl was going to be an actress, and this simple spell helped her to transcend its own complexes and become charming! You want the same – to understand what is this mysterious quality, charm, and why it is some people and completely absent in others, and how to become charismatic? Perhaps you will help this article on the website ““!

Charm and beauty

What is the charm? I think you will agree with me – that word does not characterize the external data that’s something, coming from inside, a kind of “inner light”

However, the relationship of the exterior with “the inner light” still exists.

Can offer such an allegory. You dream about the sweater. For this you can go to the store to buy knitting needles and knitting yarn, but if you don’t know how to knit and don’t want to make the effort to learn, no sweaters will not work!

Same with natural appearance – they can help you become charismatic, but by itself does not guarantee beauty charm!

Moreover, charm person can create a true miracle – it will be considered attractive, even if the canons of beauty to him “as to Kiev a cancer” (a vivid example – Jean-Paul Belmondo)! But you can be divinely beautiful and totally charming – is it to anyone to mind to use this epithet against Angelina Jolie or Naomi Campbell?! Beautiful – Yes, attractive and mysterious, Yes, but charming… Not!

However, it is possible to encounter the opinion that charisma is something that is found only in not attractive people.

Say, if you do not dare to call a girl beautiful, you should consider it as “charming”. Such a defective substitution of a “consolation prize”. And, therefore, on how to be charismatic, you should think only absolutely deprived of “real” beauty of women.

But it is not true! After all charisma is the ability to attract people.

If not for this ability – can be a standard of beauty, style and grooming, but… something is wrong. Beauty to delight, to attract attention, even to shock, but no more – after a few looks at the beauty to her dazzling appearance, used, and… the focus changes to “the Charmer”!

So work on yourself to become a charming, all – and-beauties and ugly!

Is it possible to be charismatic, or it can only be born?

Another common myth about charisma is that it is solely an innate quality. And if “not this”, not worth the histrionics – is still out of tune!

The truth in this myth – exactly half. Indeed, there are people who are charismatic are born and remain so for life. They don’t have to learn, to read, to work on themselves – for them it is the same reality as hair color or height!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be charismatic, if you do not belong to this “eternal sun” from birth!

How to become charismatic – read more on the website ““!

So what gives a woman charm?

If you think that you will find below a list of exercises that will allow you to become charismatic for N months without much effort, you are mistaken!

Have comprehensive work on yourself, your mindset, attitude towards the world and people… What the timeline was and whether the result ensures no one – only you!

And we only suggest directions in which to work!

  • Be happy. Sounds pathetic, you know! And in General – it’s easy to say “be happy”, but in practice-what to do? However, charismatic people are usually happy! That is, of course, they are sad, and grieve, and feel all human emotions, but in General, global terms – happy! That is, satisfied with what they have, satisfied with what’s around them – people, things, their social position, world order… They are in love with the world around! Want to be happy – take their example, love your life! Look for the good in everything, even if it is biased! And then the face often will be a smile – a definite attribute of charm!
  • Love people. Yes, “love your neighbor”… And not only near, but also distant and unfamiliar – if you’re nice to people and communication, people will feel it! But the same “inner light” and the light of love…
  • Love yourself. It is not about narcissism, but about how to appreciate and understand yourself, your body and soul. Get rid of the complex “little man”, whom everyone suffer clearly only out of politeness – realize that you are unique, you are worthy of love and interest! Learn to understand your true wants and needs, removing them from the husks brought in from outside “as necessary” and “you should”. Start to appreciate yourself — because people usually judge you as you present yourself…
  • Love your looks. Find out their most “smokin ‘” features of the appearance and emphasize them. Explore your image and find the style that best reflects your inner self. Then leave the feeling of “living in their skin” — being a, you will be charming!
  • Dream and realize dreams. Without a dream a person loses the meaning of life, and without the realization of dreams loses its joy, acquires complexes…
  • Don’t be afraid of the new, do not be afraid of change. Any change is a life experience that gives an insight into some new facets of this world. The more you know and understand, the more you’ll appreciate what I possess at the moment! Our tips on how not to be afraid of change.

If you do follow these simple and obviously not the new Council, the charm will be more likely a side effect from the changes, and the direct consequence will be that you will learn to live in harmony with yourself and the world will become wiser, kinder, happier!

And aren’t we all aspire to this?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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