How to be treated by propolis?

A sore throat or a tooth? Chew propolis. Concerned about ulcer or erosion? Take the propolis. Is not healing a wound or a scratch? Wipe propolis.

It seems that propolis can cure virtually all diseases. Scientifically proven its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. That’s just make it the right way.

Today women’s site “” we’ll talk about how to be treated by propolis. It’s no wonder people call it “a medicine Cabinet in a bottle”.

What is propolis?

Bee glue or black resin (called propolis people) bees treated the dwelling. You need it to protect the hive from the impact of external factors (cold and drafty) and from getting into the home of germs and bacteria.

Propolis is a thick mass of yellow-brown color, tart and bitter taste. It is removed from the cells in the form of chips, used to make balls (so convenient to store and use propolis for the treatment at home). After heat treatment the properties of propolis are preserved.

In the propolis of any origin contains many useful substances and vitamins, essential oils, making it a versatile natural medicine for many diseases.

People appreciated this bee product, propolis or propolis tincture on alcohol took pride of place in many home medicine cabinets.

Hard-to-find disease that cannot be treated with propolis. Recipes, which will explain, a lot!

It is used in pure form or do it on the basis of the tincture, solutions, ointments, sprays, suppositories, which you’ll find in the drugstore.

Propolis is indispensable for colds, it is taken for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and gynecological diseases, it helps to heal wounds, propolis even toothache removed.

Propolis in alcohol (tincture)

You can buy at the pharmacy propolis tincture or cook. To make your own tincture of propolis on alcohol and treated at home, you’ll need some rubbing alcohol 70% or 96%, and the propolis (bought from beekeepers).

  • You need to take a dark bottle and dissolve it in half a liter of alcohol 100 g of grated propolis. To set it in a cool place for 2-3 weeks (at the finished tincture is a dark color). Every day tincture should be shaken.

To prepare the tincture on alcohol, not vodka. Only alcohol will draw out propolis a maximum of useful substances.

For the treatment equally well suited as your home-made alcohol tincture and purchased at a pharmacy.

In what diseases will help propolis?
Propolis for colds

The common cold treated with tincture of propolis can be different. Here are some recipes.

  • If you notice the first signs of illness (runny nose, and my throat starts to tickle), you can immediately start to chew pure propolis.
  • If it is not possible to be treated with pure propolis, take it alcohol tincture and put a few drops in tea. There also add some honey, ginger, a few peas black pepper, lemon – whatever is needed for the treatment of colds. Drink hot. This is an excellent treatment of the common cold in its initial stages.
  • Very good helps from cough the following prescription. Need a tablespoon of tincture, add the melted butter and honey (1 teaspoon). All warm up and a quick drink before bed. Have to do everything at night, to avoid the draughts. Those who are treated with tincture of propolis on alcohol for colds, noted its safety and effectiveness.
  • If you are concerned about whooping cough, boil a glass of milk, add a teaspoon of alcohol tinctures and drink before bedtime.
  • Children to take in and to be treated with tincture of propolis on alcohol at home carefully. Just a few drops of tincture to reduce wheezing, and coughing chest kiddies.
  • But best of all kids treated with propolis (tincture) in a different way. You need to melt Loy (goat fat) or purchase in a drugstore badger (visceral) fat and add propolis tincture (1/3 teaspoon). This ointment to lubricate the back, breast and feet of the baby wrap and put on socks and in this way to treat the cough in toddler. If there is no goat fat, you can add sunflower oil.
  • Bronchitis can be cured by applying to the back of a sheet of paper or cloth, greased and sprinkle with tincture of propolis. A compress applied to the back of the child, from top to insulate (with a handkerchief or scarf). This method to quickly get rid of wheezing.
  • Angina often need to gargle with water with addition of tincture of propolis. Also, the solution to rinse, you can add citric acid.
  • In a glass of water, you must add 2 tbsp of propolis and irrigate the throat with either a rubber bulb or a special bottle of spray.

This is only a small fraction of prescriptions for the treatment with propolis.

Sinusitis, rhinitis and otitis

Please note! If you have a stuffy nose or a bad cold, propolis tincture should be added only in tea, not milk, as sometimes the advice on the websites. Warm milk helps produce mucus, and this leads to aggravation of the disease, not the cure. Treated milk with a tincture of propolis can be for other diseases.

  • The simplest application of propolis for the common cold to chew on it. The nose begins to breathe freely and the sneezing will stop. The taste of pure propolis bitter, tart, but with time you get used to the taste – it reminds the smell of the resin of coniferous trees.
  • For nasal congestion you can rinse the nasal passages with saline with the addition of tincture of propolis (1 tsp of tincture ½ tsp. salt and a little water). For washing, you can take a regular teapot or a special device for nasal lavage. Pour the tincture with the salt in one nostril and tilting the head in the opposite direction, then the other. The liquid needs to penetrate a stuffy nose and flow out the other nostril.
  • Can be to cook drop and be treated at home with tincture of propolis for the common cold. To do this, mix in 2 tbsp of water 2 tsp of tincture of propolis, and also add a few drops of calendula oil. These drops can drip into the nose every hour of the disease.
  • In protracted sinusitis in the nasal passages can be inserted turundy soaked in alcohol tincture, for 20 minutes, and you can do inhalation.
  • Water for inhalation, you can add ½ tsp of propolis in half a glass of hot water. Cover with a towel and breathe in the solution.
  • When earaches need to bury for 2-3 drops of pure tincture of propolis in the ear canal 4 times a day.

In diseases of the oral cavity

Tincture of propolis is widely used in the practice of dentists.

  • The easiest way to use propolis to relieve toothache is to chew on it and chew propolis applied to the aching tooth. They say that the pain gradually subsides.
  • With periodontal disease you need to make pure propolis tincture to purulent pocket or rinse your mouth with water dissolved in it with tincture of propolis and calendula (on a glass of water, one teaspoon of propolis and calendula).
  • Gums, apply a cloth soaked in alcohol tincture of propolis. Tongue will go numb, but the pain will disappear, and the gums will stop bleeding.
  • As tincture of propolis to treat stomatitis. Prepare a solution to rinse (a glass of water 1 tsp of tincture) and rinse your mouth several times a day.

Gynecological diseases

Wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties has found its application in gynecology.

  • For thrush recommended to douche 10 days with water with addition of tincture of propolis (per liter tablespoon).
  • Erosion is fine treated with ointment containing propolis.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

For those who are looking for how to treat with tincture of propolis gastrointestinal tract, it will be useful the following information from the women’s website

  • Gastritis is recommended to chew pure propolis on an empty stomach before meals. They say that propolis is successfully replacing Omez.
  • Those who suffer from peptic ulcer can take propolis tincture inside for 1.5-2 hours before meals for a month. Fit 10% propolis tincture. Drink 15 – 20 drops diluted in a small amount of water.
  • 60 drops of alcohol tincture of propolis (20%) added to milk and drink half an hour before meals.

We talked mostly about how to be treated with tincture of propolis on alcohol in the home. Also based on pure propolis preparing a wound-healing ointment that’s used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain, it is prescribed for the treatment of atherosclerosis and serdechno disease.

Don’t forget that propolis is a bee product. Before you apply need to undergo an Allergy test. Also not recommended to be treated with propolis in diseases of the kidneys and gall bladder. Don’t forget about the advice of a doctor before you start treatment.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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