How to become a Bitch for her man

It’s good to be for a man, “white and fluffy”, but sometimes men relax in a relationship. Why? Yes, because it becomes boring, not enough “spice”.

And what do you do? It’s simple: sometimes it is necessary to become a Bitch for her man. Not to relax.
To be appreciated.
To fall in love with you again, and with renewed vigor.

So what in the female Arsenal is a Bitchy move?

Flirting with Another man

Simulation relations with another man, that is, a game of jealousy — this technique is as old as the world. And less effective!

This method you kill two birds with one stone: firstly, to show man that he not only you as an interesting woman, and someone, and second, distracted from it myself and leave it a little loose. Sometimes a little freedom is required the man to understand how he loves you how much he misses you.

Flirting with others is very simple: if you have a buddy, to create the appearance of flirting with him — even calling, texting or e-mails. If not – you can play seriously and have met with someone new. Just be careful: remember, what do all these “tricks” started, and not step over that delicate line, beyond which begins the real problem.


Reception hot and cold works wonders on men who are sensitive to love and affection. Yesterday, you were warm, even hot, especially in bed, and today – as cold as ice: don’t smile, don’t look in the eyes, almost not listening to his stories. The main thing – to catch the moment when a man will a good mood then its your condition interested.

Why are you acting like this? Maybe he did something wrong?
All the questions like “What’s with you?” “You look different” reply “I’m fine, you said so”. It would be good for a couple of days then not call or write him to maintain the surroundings.

The standard reaction of men to this bitchy trick to overwhelm you with flowers, sweet words, to try to stir up compliments and calls. He was used to that you kind and affectionate, and will work to ensure that you have become old.

Let think about the relationship

This bitchy technique is suitable for those who are not yet married. The point is, to wait until he becomes quite tame, and pull the leash harder.

For example, this scenario: you are lying down after sex, when he especially good, and then you offer to talk seriously. Tell him that all couples sooner or later it happens, and you have, it seems, is also started, and the relationship isn’t what it was yesterday. And then offer to think about freedom from each other… see each other less often and all that, and maybe even a little bit from each other to rest. “Dear, you’re free to see whoever I want and where I want, and I do too. What do you say?” There must be silenced, permanently. I want him to suffer.

The standard reaction of men to this bitchy trick to try to make the relationship even closer. Some even willing to make his girlfriend a suggestion!

A woman of mystery

To always be easy and open – it is impossible: you can bother him! Sometimes it is necessary to show the man that you’re a woman of mystery, which he has not yet managed to solve. Men it’s a little scary, but also draws too.

How to do it? Sometimes you don’t need to explain to the manwhy and where you are going, what are your plans for the evening, and so on. Enough to paleoliberals, to fix my hair – let everyone think up myself.

Rebellious bitch

To be soft, responsive, obeying the first call of men – this is boring and predictable.

Show character! The adrenaline never hurt anyone, unless, of course, are not affected by any serious issues. The fact that you showed his teeth, forced to treat you with great respect and interest.

How to do it? For example, if you usually do not argue with him, start to argue, but not harshly, but gently, calmly, like a woman. If you usually punctual on dates – be late for 15-20 minutes to sweat. Lovers of thrills, it is recommended not to come in then say that someone or something was delayed.

If you decide you a fundamental question – infusions on his own, then either do as you need. Not sacrifice its interests for the sake of his interests – not appreciated, and validated.

  • Would you like for dinner potatoes, and they have pasta? Of course, prepare the potatoes, because the kitchen is the hostess for YOU.
  • You have long wanted to go to design courses, but I am afraid that you will see less? Don’t worry, relations will become even warmer, and besides, you’ll become a more interesting person.
  • You want a gift of a fur coat, but you’re afraid that it is too expensive? Ask directly and see – maybe in vain I’m afraid he might be surprised and buy you a fur coat!
  • You want to give you cunnilingus, but I’m afraid to sound selfish? Bullshit: men love women who know what they need!

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