How to become a good father?

Despite the fact that not all modern men dream to build with their own hands the house and land near it wood, most of the representatives of the strong half today are concerned about how to raise a child, or rather, how to be a good father for my son or daughter.

Those men who understand that fatherhood is not only great happiness, but also hard work, the women’s website “” today will give some useful tips.

Good father — the head of the family

In ancient times, the Patriarchy of the father, who stood at the head of the family, respected by all its members, starting with mother and ending with the youngest children. At that time the men were miners, they have decided all the important issues, without their knowledge nothing in the house could happen.

It is unlikely that they wondered how to become for children a good father: they were more concerned about the problem of how to feed a large family. Nevertheless, they were great dads because it helped his family.

Such an important component of fatherhood as the ability to ensure that children have not lost their relevance today.

A man who is constantly in financial dependence from his wife, a priori can not be a good father. After all, he is our example convinces the daughter to be head of the family and to pull it on their fragile shoulders should a woman.

The son who is raised in such a family are unlikely to be able to grow a real man, able to deal with life’s difficulties.

The website highlights: a good father is first and foremost a real man, breadwinner, standing at the head of the family.

How to become a good father for my son: dad as an example men

On the male the question how to raise a son that any teacher can give a very simple answer: he needs to start with self-education. Because the child always copies the behavior of their parents.

If the rude father talking to other family members, never holding back his emotions, swears, absolutely does nothing around the house, in the future it will probably be very disappointed by the behavior of his grown-up son. Because the child will copy what you saw in the family.

How often fathers looking at ill-mannered sons, experiencing a heavy sense of shame for them! But still not willing to admit that the blush over his own reflection.

No comments, punishments, incentives, and other educational methods do not have such effective power, as an example of behavior.

If the father is a person with good manners and solid life principles, he will be able to bring up a son without any additional methods.

Time for kids you need to find always

Many parents feel guilty for being unable to give children enough time.

But in reality, in order to be the child of a good father, it is enough to spend with him a day for about 20 minutes. Every weekend led son or daughter to the Park, cinema, theatre, circus, etc. also optional. A rich cultural family holiday will be enough to devote one or two days per month.

Of course, to find every day a few minutes to play and communicate with children may even the busiest dad. Therefore, men do not know how to be a good, attentive father, it is necessary to change the viewing yesterday’s football match on TV to communicate with the child.

It is important to show patience

A very important quality that lacks many of the fathers, is patience. Dad, unlike mom, often can not hold back the irritation when the baby starts to act up, or he did not at once get something to do.

In relations with adolescent dads is also quickly losing patience, entering into conflict with them instead of a normal conversation and to reach out to a youthful rebellious souls.

The most common cause of male impatience with the kids is the lack of relevant knowledge about the features of child psychology.

In a time when moms scour the mountain of literature on the child’s psyche, dads are just watching the behavior of other children and compare them with their own. Thus, they commit a very serious pedagogical mistake.

In order to be a good, patient father, it is not necessary to read the works of Sukhomlinsky and Makarenko Comenius. We just need to understand that many of its drawbacks the kids will outgrow, and patiently to wait.

How to become a better father to his daughter: the relationship with the little Princess

In the education of girls the main role belongs to the mother. It’s her mannerisms and style will adopt the younger daughter, she will copy the model of behavior in the family, get an example of homemaking.

However, to belittle the role of the father in personality development of the daughter too. Dad is responsible for the formation of the self-esteem of girls. He is the only man who can convince the little lady in her intelligence, charm and beauty.

This Pope is enough to say their little girl compliments and praise for any achievements in studying, cooking or other areas, interesting girl.

A very important point in the question of what it means to be a good father for his daughter, is the attitude of the Pope to the mother. Of course, it needs to communicate with his wife respectfully and politely. And that in no event it is impossible to make the eyes of children family conflicts should always be remembered by both parents.

Criticism should be constructive

In order to be a good father for children to be able to properly criticize them. From your vocabulary forever daddy needs to strike out words that offend the child’s personality: caught Napping, lazy, stupid, mumble, etc. If the kid can’t do something, we need to cheer up, to show how to do it correctly.

Many children, not afraid to handle some business, refuse to take on without assistance. No need to get angry at the child and punish him for such a fear. Baby you can keep, just suggesting to try it yourself to start and promising to help in the event of complete failure.

For example, if a student fails to solve a simple terms of adult task, no need to lash out at him with accusations of weak intelligence. The child in this situation, you should give a few little tips ahead of their phrases: “I would try to start…” or “I think that’s what you can do…”, etc.

In that case, if the task is still not given, you must tell the child the correct solution for similar tasks.

Generally be for children a good father is to be a loving father. But love presupposes grant aid, and acceptance of flaws, and the belief that your baby is the best.

So to all fathers who want to raise good children, you just need to love them and accept them as they are.

Author – Pelageja, site

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