How to become a leader in the team?

“” today will tell you how to become a leader in the team – our practical tips will help you rally the team and also to understand whether this is for you at all.

Leadership qualities are common to many people, but not all know how to properly and fully implement them. Avoiding some of the errors you might very soon reveal the talent of the leader that will help to increase or other tangible benefits.

Initiative and responsibility

The future leader must simply take the initiative. This applies not only to fresh ideas and suitable proposals that will help all the staff in the implementation of tasks. Leader must help each member of my team.

If someone from the staff can not cope with their tasks – give advice, share information, help to find the most effective and short way to solve the problem.

Don’t agree to perform fully all work colleagues – after the first time you will be thankful, but after the second and third just start to use. The ability to say a firm “no” is the first step towards becoming a leader in any team, because the leader needs to be respected.

At the same time, responsibility for employees is one of the most important characteristics of a good leader. This is reflected in professional solidarity, support colleagues, for example, in case of misunderstanding with the authorities, unfair management decisions, etc.

If anyone of the team members need help working out process, a real leader will help you move in, ask your lawyer friend about the discount when making deals or organize the collection of funds in case of emergency. Pondering how to become a true leader in the team, remember that it is easy to become a leader of the team, but not those who really appreciate the staff.

Participation in corporate duty, not a right

A good leader is first of all, “the person”.

Take special attention to all the traditions of the team, initiate activities, informal recreation, fully participate in their organization. But remember that you should not concentrate only on the entertainment team is the path to become the informal leader of the team who will be more friend than leader.

Useful qualities of a good leader

  • The ability to delegate responsibilities. For this you need to clearly know what you are capable of each employee to properly distribute the load between all, and, if necessary, to fill in for someone.
  • Active communication. Always be ready to communicate with any of the team members, they should always have the opportunity to receive information from you, and to share their thoughts.
  • The ability to quickly and calmly make decisions, especially in difficult situations, and fully responsible for them – the best way to how become a good leader in the team.
  • Assertiveness. You should be able always to defend the interests of his team before the senior management, for example, increase salaries, increase funding for the project, or to provide conditions for more effective team work.
  • Demands. Not to be confused with arrogance. As a leader you have the right to expect from each team member delivered on time and quality of performed work, especially if you have your own head.
  • The ability to constructively criticize. Do not think that the answer to the question of how to become a leader in the multinational group sounds like “everyone should like”. If the work piece is not performed at the right level, tell your subordinate to explain what had gone wrong. Do not confuse criticism with an opportunity to vent or “blow off steam” due to problems, for example, in your personal life.
  • The ability to eliminate excessive competition. Healthy competition within the team contributes to the development of the team, while the desire to do more but less effectively – pushes the success of the company. strongly recommends that you educate yourself as to become the leader of a large team, without them almost no chance.

The success of the team your success

To become a leader, you need to focus on the achievements of the whole team, not just your own. This includes the ability to resolve conflicts between employees.

In addition, at every opportunity give subordinates a good example – try to always be on time, fulfill your promises, be competent and professional. In General, be exactly what we want to see their wards.

Before becoming the leader in the team, think well if you need this, because the leadership team is not only high salary but also a degree of responsibility. With all this, don’t forget to be yourself, because hypocrisy and insincerity will not only help you to take a leadership position, but on the contrary – repel from you employees. And once lost trust is hard to regain in the future.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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