How to become a surrogate mother?

Not every woman would agree to become a surrogate mother. Women’s website “” recommends you think twice before you take this step.

Help a childless couple is commendable, but you need to be mentally ready to give the baby who will be 9 months to bear under her heart, and clearly to understand that he is not.

How to become a surrogate mother requirements

Not every woman can become surmamy and help childless family to find parental happiness. The candidates must meet the requirements prescribed in the Ministry of health order No. 107 dated 30.08.2012. It must be a woman who meets the following criteria:

  • at the age of 20-35 years;
  • your own healthy child;
  • she should not give birth more than two times;
  • there was no history of premature birth, excluded and caesarean section;
  • she must be healthy physically and mentally;
  • developed immunity to rubella.

As practice shows, these requirements may be significantly extended or, on the contrary, some of them corrected.

For example, some centres fertilization say that the woman who said to myself “I want to become a surrogate mother,” in the past not had to use the intrauterine spiral.

Other clinics are willing to do IVF, the woman held the caesarean procedure, but only if she had no uterine scar. Better if the last delivery will take place 1 year.

A prerequisite is the consent of the husband (if the woman is married), it must be confirmed in writing.

If you have decided “I want to become a surrogate mother, you have several options:

  • Put an ad on special forums, where you will communicate directly with their biological parents. So you will be less protected. Even if you choose this method, insist on entering into a legal contract.
  • Look for portals that offer forms for surrogate mothers. The mediators will bring you to your base, and then your candidature will be considered the biological parents.
  • Refer directly to the centers of fertilization or law firm specializing in surrogacy.

How to become a surrogate mother: the medical examination

To participate in the surrogacy program, the expectant mother should undergo a thorough examination which includes examination of the psychiatrist and therapist, they should give their opinion on the future health of surrogate mothers. Gynecologist conducts both General and special examination aimed at the study of fertility. The breast should conduct a breast ultrasound for 5-11 days before the start of the menstrual cycle. To explore the need ultrasound and pelvic organs.

The surrogate mother rents a few blood tests:

  • Determination of RH factor;
  • Determination of blood group;
  • Biochemical;
  • Clinical;
  • Coagulation (clotting test);
  • For syphilis;
  • For hepatitis C and b;
  • HIV.

For the woman who decided to become surmame, indispensable is passing urine, swabs taken that give information about the purity of the urethra, the flora of the cervical canal and vagina. Conducted cytological study of the smears taken from the cervix. To become a surrogate mother, be sure to confirm the absence of infections such as:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Ureaplasmosis;
  • Gonorrhea;
  • Mycoplasmosis;
  • Genital herpes;
  • Cytomegalovirus.

You also need to do chest x-rays and electrocardiogram.

How to become a surrogate mother: the stages

Once you agreed with their biological parents all the nuances of cooperation recommends that is sure to make a contract. It should be written:

  • What reward will get a surrogate mother;
  • Kompensiruet whether her injury;
  • Where the surrogate mother will live, and who will pay for her shelter (if she’s from another city);
  • Should there be preserved the secrecy of the birth of the child;
  • Actions in the event: miscarriage, birth of a sick child, etc.;
  • Liability for failure to perform duties under the contract.

How much it costs to become a surrogate mother? Carrying the baby the surrogate mother receives the reward of 500 thousand rubles. Separately, the genetic parents must pay for her doctor visits, accommodation (if necessary).

The increase in the remuneration envisaged in the case of multiple pregnancy, cesarean section, complications (no fault of the surrogate mothers). Each of these items should be reflected in the contract.

If you are not sure in their security, take the agreement to an independent lawyer. Ensure that your rights were fully protected.

After signing the contract begins the preparation for IVF. First synchronise the biological and surrogate mother. Then the genetic mother is in the process of superovulation. Such hormonal intervention helps to highlight the egg for fertilization.

After it was done, the embryo transfer into the uterus of surrogate mothers, followed by hormonal therapy. After some time, done a pregnancy test and the survey is conducted, to ensure that the embryo is stuck and the surrogate mother pregnant.

Before becoming surmamy a good job on the weigh. You have to spend a year of my life over custody of the baby inside you. And maybe you give happiness to two people who really want to become parents.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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