How to become younger: a guide to action!

Think about it hard – it is scary. There is probably no man who is not afraid of getting old associated with us since infirmity, decrepitude and external unattractiveness. And, the older you get, the more pay attention to the counter and grannies with dedulki by a single thought: “I do Not want!” Of course, under the Moon nothing lasts forever, however Beautiful and Successful, decidedly not ready to accept the prospect of aging women’s website glad to be reassuring. There are people who know how to become younger! All the stronger the position of the science of the active longevity of the juvenile counsellors. And 50 years, according to its classification, is the age of early youth!

How to return the youth: key to success

Let’s agree at once: we are not referring to miraculous achievements of cosmetology. And about plastic surgery, it isn’t going.

So the phrase about “strongly is not ready to accept old age” at the beginning of the conversation is not accidental.

The program of aging for many centuries has been hammered into our subconscious tightly: we grow decrepit, because that’s allegedly supposed to. In order to cope with this effect, you need incredible strength the desire and self-discipline.

But let the words, as if promising the inevitable violence against them, you are not afraid. You will overcome old age and can actually feel like it’s overwhelming – become younger. But first, we must sincerely and to specifically answer the question – why do you need it?

In other words, the motivation for work should be very powerful. And this is the main guarantee of the result. Otherwise, the inertia will constantly throw you back.

So, once again looking in the mirror, do not repeat mechanically the internal dialogue: “God, I’m old!” — “well, where to go, everything will be there!” What solutions do you usually take in trying to somehow become younger? To purchase a new item. To enroll to the beautician? To finally get some sleep?

A special enthusiasm, of course, you experience, because I understand: unreliable measures are temporary. And here, as in any serious business, the right system. With this approach, the effect will not be slow in coming, and will want more!

Jane Seymour, 62 years

Rejuvenation programme: the main components

The concept of age habitually develops from two components. With the championship in the vast majority of cases we give the appearance. And only then assess the state of mind. The most optimistic in this sense can be considered the definition of “young at heart”, which can be deciphered as “the old man is old and out of fashion not out yet”.

We are satisfied with this? Probably not. And that means — demolish the stereotypes and put at the forefront of psychology.

Although nowadays it is unlikely that someone is shocking. No doubt that is critical our thoughts and attitude.

And now we approach the main secret of how to be young again. It’s a shame that you know it all, and enjoy this truly magical tool very few. So…

Helen Mirren, 68 years

How to become younger: the subconscious “rules”

  • Match around you — a cozy and cheerful — the world. Don’t have to allow painful circumstances to dominate your mood! You can bristle in response to any annoying small things, hold grudges, to dwell on the complex and in the end to be eternally dissatisfied, grumpy. So look no women, and no aunts age (about these women and how not to be them, “” also wrote). Free yourself from this slavery, and at the same time, from forehead wrinkles, tired eyes, drooping corners of the lips.
  • To achieve this incredibly simple. Checked: when hard on the soul – thanks! No wonder they say that gratitude is the best prayer. There is always something to say thank you to God, Life, Fate, whatever you like. Maybe you’ll even be surprised – there are so many good people and favorable circumstances. Thank the world for any joy as a little magic (in the store no queues, a caring husband cooked dinner, someone suggested how you can become younger)… and see what happens. Please do not ignore this friendly advice. Unless you’re risking something?
  • This also applies to appearance. If you seriously think about how to become a young, depression – not your option. Well cannot be such that all didn’t really like myself! You think that is? Then make a stylish hairstyle and enjoy it. Tell yourself in the mirror: “Good? Good! And I will take care of themselves – become even better!

Susan Sarandon, 67 years

The youthfulness of the body

At this stage the question arises: how to care? 100% — all know how. The autopilot that is installed somewhere in the subconscious, and lack of motivation often prevent us from let in life with wonder and joy.

If you are determined to do it will help with pleasure! And to the tree does not spread, ultimately focus on the aspects that are crucial for becoming younger and more beautiful.

A healthy spine

It is difficult to set priorities when it comes to the human body. And yet, perhaps, nothing is more important than the health of the spine. Not only that “correct” the state guarantees the optimal position of the internal organs, it also helps preserve the clarity of the oval face and beauty neck… Physical activity to maintain flexibility and strengthening of the muscular frame is required!

  • Popular in this sense, Pilates and yoga. In General, exercises that offer how to become not only healthier, but also younger, very much. One of the most effective and “comfortable”, but, unfortunately, a little-known program, developed by physical therapist Peggy Brill specifically for women and takes only 15 minutes a day.

I would hope that you, reading these lines, according to nod. But if your first reaction will be “Where to take time?!”, we consider it our duty to recommend the minimum necessary for seeking ways on how to become younger.

  • It is very important correct awakening. Waking up, stretch lying on your back. Then turned over on his stomach, be a cat: first vignette the back arc, then descend the buttocks on the heels, arms stretched forward, and the chin – up.
  • Vis on the bar daily for 15-30 seconds will help to put in place the vertebrae
  • We know almost from the cradle, no less useful a couple of times a day for 2 minutes “up against the wall“to lean against her back to touch the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels. If this is going to stretch your head up. Muscle and subconsciously this position is stored by our body, and even your posture becomes much easier to keep.

Flexible muscles

Elastic muscles – an indispensable attribute of youth. It is an axiom, but is often perceived with difficulty. But what about grace and ductility, elasticity of gait, as an opportunity to once again become young and beautiful? Let’s not agitate for the sport, I just have to share my impressions.

When you practice, you will experience a pride and enjoyable feeling made before a debt. And with regular training the movement begins to deliver a special thrill. You gain new friends and… maybe even fans.

Especially on facial muscles.

Their training can give the effect of rejuvenation for many years! Sorry, not many people want to check their experience on how to become younger than their years. The technician again there is enough primeamerica, gasforming, shiatsu, zogan… If it is difficult to approach, try exercises Carole Maggio. It is easy to perform and economical in time.

Meryl Streep, 64 years

Pure body

Cleansing of the body. About the benefits of such procedures did not say, probably just lazy. What to appearance… Clean kidneys is the absence of edema, intestine and liver give the skin clarity and freshness of the face, loose slag from the joints mobility and energy.

Proper nutrition

Food should be treated also at a new level – at the cellular. All cells of the body should be provided with vitamins and microelements.

Vegetables, fruit – that’s understandable, but if you feel that you do not get, do not neglect the complex drugs. And experts suggest to prefer not vitamins, and supplements.

And again, do not saturate the body with oxygen, the radiance of youth will not succeed. One word to the Park, all in Park!

Drinking regime

Water. Then again, everything is easy, but who of us, say, put drink a half liter a day? Therefore the risk of ripe peaches to turn into a wrinkled dried apricots! How much there is to become younger?

In front of you system. Nothing complicated and, especially, new. It turns out, is quite possible to stop time and even reverse it.

And, most encouraging, is immersed in the subject, “emerges” from there is almost impossible. Because you will understand how to become younger, feel the result will be.

The main thing – not to dwell on it, do not wait for a wonderful future, and to live a wonderful present!

The author – Elena Potselueva, site

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