How to behave if the child asks to buy him something?

Probably no parents who never faced with a situation: the child asks to buy him that clearly he doesn’t need a toy that is different from a couple dozen lying around the house only “pearl buttons”, unwholesome candy, etc.

To counter such childish whims is very difficult! But the site “” tell us how to behave, if the child asks to buy him something!

Why children need to buy unnecessary and they quickly bored of things?

The younger the child, the harder it is to hide him their momentary desires!

Adult, shopping, myself also think, “Oh, cute dress, I wore! My favorite cheese, delicious apples, smells delicious scones cool a box of chocolates…”, etc. But immediately to make all these desires aloud prevents them from understanding the enormous heap of circumstances: the dress is expensive, from the small piece of cheese should be abandoned in favor of a few kilograms of vegetables, just like apples there are houses, there are many bad rolls, candy in bulk cheaper boxes, etc.

The kid has no limits – it is too abstract a concept of “expensive” (that’s the same in the arms of my mother the paper, which can be exchanged for candy – so why this cannot be done, the candy is much better than pieces of paper?); he does not know how to calculate the budget; to understand why one commodity should be abandoned in favor of another, etc.

And global sight of the child either – he never would believe that two days later, the toy he tired, and the whole cake to him to eat! At this particular moment he sincerely wants a toy, and cake!

What the child didn’t ask to buy him something unnecessary?

A child can and should educate as the consumer and the buyer – this is the part of life that it will not pass! And from parents depends largely on how he will relate to money and purchases that will pay off in the stores on their own!

A few rules that will help avoid tantrums in the shopping and unnecessary purchases at the request of the child:

  • While the child is very young (say, before he will learn to count), it does not worth taking to the shops. Because in this case the child requires to buy something not because it sells, but just because he saw something interesting and he wants that, and logical arguments about “we have no money” will be useless! At best he’s just afraid and say nothing, but no educational effect will not be – but fear is not justified from the point of view of the baby parental anger.
  • When you go to the store with a child, possibly explaining to him why you and he take a particular product and why refuse to buy other, albeit interesting or tasty things.
  • Do not make the eyes of a child, spontaneous unnecessary purchases themselves. The child just doesn’t understand why he bought only the necessary and after much consideration, and my mother takes everything you want!
  • Sometimes give your child money (the amount according to his age), and say that if he want it, let comes from this small amount.
  • Going shopping with a child who already knows how to count, try together to make a shopping list and calculate the approximate amount that can be spent on certain goods. The store let the child, watching out of the planned spending that you can buy for what amount (for example, if there’s a “limit” on the fruit, then let them choose what to buy – a kilogram of strawberries or three pounds of apples, etc.).
  • Don’t buy it too often, what the child asks to buy, if you understand that it is not particularly necessary. Even if it is a penny a trifle of type of candy which is easier to buy at the request of a child than listen to whining! Because the child will see that his tactic works and he purchase required!
  • Do not invent on the spot all sorts of reasons, which are formally allowed to be considered required the purchase of a gift (“five”, “for good behavior at the doctor’s,” etc.). If you really want something to give to a baby for any occasion – or make a surprise by bringing home a ready-made gift, or you can pre-talk with the child, you go to the store specifically for a gift to a certain event that he would want, what price category of the goods he can expect, etc. and spontaneous “gifts” in the store, it is best to avoid!

Growing up in the buying aspect occurs when a child begins to understand all the same obstacles to purchase, which sees adult! You can and should explain to children logically, what prevents you to implement immediately or that desire.

However, if it is obvious that the logical explanation no or little they yet do not understand, then either buy what you would buy a child, or gently say “no” and move on. But don’t scold the child for boundless store of wishes – maybe it will work and he will not say anything next time, but it taught him to conceal his desires and needs in fear that he will scold (without trying to understand the real cause of failure!).

How to respond if a child is throwing tantrums in stores?

Shopping tantrums – the nightmare those parents who know about them firsthand! When hysterically screaming child demands to buy something is to deny it seems a more expensive!

Of course, children are not psychologists, but this is a very effective integrated method of psychological pressure on the parents.

  • First, it is a blow to pity. Screaming, lying on the floor child immediately want to regret, to comfort and to give him the nonsense which erupted a mountain!
  • Secondly is the work to the public. Mother, who does not give in to child’s tantrum and buys nothing, looks a monster in the eyes of other buyers. And purchase is done only in order not to look horrible cruel mother!

Still, populist action in this case is strictly prohibited! You can not buy what the child requires to buy, even if it is affordable – so the child is fixed setup on the effectiveness of his method!

The right thing to do to pretend that you don’t pay to the child attention that nothing extraordinary was happening – that he understood that the audience was not rolling and you can collapse the view. Also don’t let the child spared all sorts of compassionate buyers, undermining parental authority – in this case, just get the child out of the store!

I hope that this article helps the mothers who are willing to shell out the money for that child asks to buy.

Author –Dasha Blinova, site

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