How to behave on a first date?

“Good evening, women’s website ““. Want to know Your opinion about how best to behave on a first date for a man to interest, not alienate? Some friend suggest that first date can’t even be kissing, others warn that “to be decent and too strict” is silly – to frighten the man. How can I be? Thank You, Darin”.

Darin, first date is very important. And at the same time has value in so far as, excuse me for the paradox. Fortunately or unfortunately, our lives are all in some of the things that is important, which simultaneously are unimportant ?

Conclusion? As a man who is on Your side, I will mention some of the important moments in your first date. And by unimportant, You will go through, just noting them. The main thing – “arm” You better, make You more “squeezed” useful first date.

First date is not the test on which depends the fate

It may sound pretentious, but to argue against this proposition difficult. It’s okay if you come out so that will be a date with this guy and the last. Then you will not forbid to meet with other men ?

So – relax! It is necessary though, because it is the fear of making a mistake these mistakes attracts. Not in a casino after all, the latest money play ? ?

Fearing to repeat some psychologists, I have to say: remove the importance of a first date. Let this be the game where defeat has values not much greater than the gain.

Be natural

Darina, I hope You realize that every man is an individual with their preferences, habits, character?

So, we must proceed from the fact whether or not a person, not bad or good, he (the courageous, worthy). All of these concepts vary greatly from woman to woman. That is what it implies certain qualities.

Why be by itself. It is not necessary to show yourself what You are not. Do not try to show themselves better (especially worse). Sooner or later, You will be revealed, and lying will only worsen the situation.

To be natural is important, because the man will understand if You approach him. Love to talk – talk. Prefer to listen to man – or don’t. Being itself, You will not spend extra energy to “mask”, “control” of your words and behavior.

Be curious, but not naive

Here You have the first meeting with the man. It is clear that You would like found out more about him. What kind of man is he? For this You need to be inquisitive. Feel free to ask questions. And he will be revealed. At least in part.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like interrogation. And it is very important to find a middle ground between what You would like to know about him and what interests him.

Try to listen more. And be sincere in your desire to know the source. When the compliments and the interest of pursuing only selfish goals, they lose their power and effect.

A couple of useful tips

First date – a kind of duel, and the duel is important not only to attack but to defend ? You don’t have to be completely open. Leave something for later. I think it’s something do not need ? ?

About kissing on a first date will say that You have to feel. If You and him all went well, You are nice and communicate, and see each other, kiss is not a crime or proof of Your depravity ?

Turn on intuition, when you notice his hand movement ? to Your face. If this movement he did not, but spoke about a new meeting, it is only a plus ?

But with all of the above, You just live. Get pleasure from a conversation with a new person. And then when I get married, this kind of relaxation will not be ? ? ?

Darin, You rose to the occasion on all Your first dates ? , and one of them became the first link in the subsequent hundredfrom me to You talisman:

Your smile silk – forgotten masters of antiquity!

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