How to bleach bath?

Limescale, rust, yellow – not all the trouble that can ruin the white walls of the bathroom. If you don’t know how to bleach bath at home, the women’s website “” will help to cope with this problem.

Of course, you can find the right tool in the shop of household chemicals and easy to clean the tub, but you need to know some nuances. We will tell you what a bleach bath it is best to cope with its task, as well as share people’s proven methods. Sure you will find something that suits you.

Cast iron bathtubs: how to whiten?

Don’t forget that bathtubs today are made from many materials. And what a perfect cast iron bath, can completely ruin acrylic or plastic. Therefore, before choosing how to bleach the tub, determine its coating.

Leader in the manufacture of cast iron baths remains. Let’s start with an overview of the tools, and how to whiten the cast iron tub. More precisely, bleach we not cast iron, and enamel that is on top of his cases and tends to darken and yellow with time. By the way, bleach bath from the cast iron easier than acrylic. And the choice of tools is wider.

Household chemicals

For whitening enamel bathtub is better to pick funds without acid. But in many popular whitening products for baths acid contains, so read the composition. Best if it is alkaline the active substance. Good reviews we saw about the following drugs:

  • Domestos
  • Comets
  • Mr Muscle bath
  • Santik
  • The santrigel
  • Milam Santry
  • CillitBang
  • CifUltraWhite (whitening cream)
  • The Stork Because He

Those who left reviews, how to whiten a cast iron bath is recommended after using household chemicals with acid to wipe the walls of the bath with an alkali (soap water with soap) and wipe dry wall.

Folk remedies

If you don’t want to bleach bath household tools, you can do without them. Forums female site found a lot of effective methods, which I will share with you.

Method # 1. Soda ash, baking soda, vinegar and bleach

  • Mix equal proportions of two kinds of soda (enough to take 2 tablespoons).
  • RUB the mixture to the wall of the bath.
  • Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Mix the vinegar and bleach (50 g).
  • On top of the baking soda apply the mixture.
  • Leave for half an hour.
  • Opolaskivaniem the bathtub with water.
  • Here’s how you can bleach bath baking soda with vinegar and not spend money on household chemicals.

    Method # 2. Citric acid

  • Take 0.5 liters of water and dilute it to 100 mg citric acid.
  • Pour all into a spray.
  • Pricem on the walls of the bath every 10 minutes, until the tool end.
  • Leave it all for at least an hour.
  • Wash off everything with a sponge and plenty of water.
  • This method can clean even the dead bathroom which alkali do not take. Tested! You can bleach the bathtub with vinegar, choosing it instead of citric acid.

    Method # 3. Turpentine with salt

    To whiten the tub from yellowing and to get rid of rust can be a paste of salt and turpentine.

  • You need to mix turpentine and salt, to RUB the walls of the bath and rusty spots.
  • Leave everything for a few hours and rinse.
  • They say that such a mixture, even a strong yellow spot cleans.

    Method # 4. White or bleach

    If the bath is not very dirty, and it wants to refresh, you can use the white.

  • Fill the bathtub with boiling water to the brim.
  • Add 2-3 packs of bleach or pour white (1 bottle).
  • Leave overnight (preferably) or at least for a few hours.
  • In the morning, don’t really know! Many people praise this method. Especially the supporters of the system the fly Lady.

    Method # 5. Peroxide with ammonia

    Well you can make old cast iron tub from rust peroxide with ammonia.

  • Mix equal proportions of drugs grate and the walls of the bathroom.
  • Leave for half an hour or longer if the bathtub is very old.
  • If you leave for a long time, periodically sprinkle it with water from the dispenser.
  • Scrub with sponge and rinse with water.
  • The rust will go away and the tub will Shine white. If you want part add the grated soap. This composition will only improve.

    Method №6. Vinegar

    Next, we will explain how to refresh the color of the walls of the bathroom with the usual vinegar. Housewives do so:

  • Moisten in the tank with the vinegar paper towels and draped the walls of the bathroom.
  • In half an hour all washed.
  • The walls of the bathroom Shine like new.

    Method # 7. Master

    Invite to the house master who will scour something similar to zero sandpaper the top layer of enamel and so will bleach the tub from yellowing.

    Of course, after that you will forbid to clean the bath aggressive drugs, as well as the enamel layer will become thinner. But advise to wash the Drano and baking soda.

    Well, this method only in extreme cases when you need to whiten at home an old cast-iron bath, because to buy new is not yet possible. Although, as said one of the new posts, after this way her bath she is 6 years old and looks perfect.

    Method № 8. Melamine sponge

    Melamine sponge cleaned everything! So say the users. Including bleach heavily soiled tub. But the opinions about how safe it is, diverge.

    Although, your bathroom will not be in contact with food? Then this method may be appropriate for you. Melamine works as eraser. Most likely, the master of the way number 7 is the work of something similar.

    Acrylic bathtubs: what is bleach?

    The acrylic coating is more delicate. It will not tolerate aggressive and vigorous substances. Acrylic walls can be bleached as special tools, household chemicals, and traditional methods.

    Household chemicals

    • Must pick up, teeth whitening, acrylic coating bath, means in the form of a gel or liquid.
    • Do not use tools in the form of scouring powders or gels with the abrasive particles, but those which contain acid, are good at their task.
    • Also for cleaning do not use metal brushes that will damage the delicate surface of the bath.
    • If you are looking for something to bleach an acrylic bath, always make sure that the composition was not chlorine. The surface when using such drugs will become rough and will turn yellow over time.

    Not bad to say about the tools for acrylic baths with the following brands:

  • Bugs Akrilan. Means in the form of foam makes it possible to clean the walls of acrylic baths. Convenient spray in a spray-trigger.
  • Highly praised the products of the Czech company “Ravak”. Here as they say in the reviews:
    • Sprinkled, rubbed and bath, like new. Generally rubbed all easy, even with the yellow handles.
  • “Chister” bath and cleans and disinfects. That is, performs two functions simultaneously.
  • Copes well even with a touch tool Kolpa-San CLEANER. Just spray and leave for 7 minutes. Then wash off, and walls acrylic bath tub white again.
  • From budget cheap options, we found good reviews about the following tools: San Wedge (Ukraine), Trion (Russia).
  • Pay attention to inexpensive means of “Cinderella.” Though its smell is pungent, but the price is very affordable.
    • I have experienced the bathroom a lot of drugs, while looking for something to whiten acrylic bathtub at home. I was advised to “Cinderella”. They only clean the tub without any effort. Even old stains washed. Highly recommend. Larissa.
  • For those who need not only to whiten the walls of acrylic bathtubs, but also to disinfection, should pay attention to the means of firms such as Sarma, San Wedge, Sillit (Cillit), L. O. C. Plus etc.
  • People’s ways

    Home methods how to whiten acrylic bathtub, of course, not so much like cast iron, but some ways are praised.

    Method # 1. Vinegar and citric acid

    To cope with the yellow vinegar with citric acid.

  • You need to fill an acrylic bath not to hot, a little warm water.
  • Add a pack of citric acid or soaked in water, 1.5 liters of vinegar.
  • (If you decide to use citric acid, you first dissolve it in a glass of water, as the particles can scratch the tub).

  • To leave everything for the night, but no more than 12 hours.
  • In the morning drain the water and rinse everything with clean water.
  • Bath shines white.

    Method # 2. Borax and vinegar

  • Of borax and vinegar is needed to make a slurry, which can be bleached acrylic bathtub at home.
  • Take a rag and apply it to the yellowed spots or stains.
  • A little RUB until the discoloration disappears.
  • Method # 3. Salt and turpentine

    They say you can clean acrylic bathtub salt with turpentine.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of turpentine.
  • Apply on old spots.
  • Leave for a few minutes, then RUB a little bit.
  • The spots should go away.
  • But we would not advise to clean acrylic bathtub stains this way. Still, the salt tends to scratch the wall, and for acrylic it is dangerous.

    As you can see, there are many ways that will help to bleach bath at home. But that you had as little as possible to look for ways to do this, you need to follow the bathroom. It is necessary to rinse after swimming and preferably wipe dry. So I advise you to do with baths surfaces. Spoil the whiteness of the bath and badly closed valves, and the water quality of the water.

    Wish to make your bath happy with its whiteness and lasts as long as possible.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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