How to break up with a guy who loves you

When a relationship full of mutual feelings, tender romance, exciting discoveries, you live. When for some reason they become unnecessary for you to continue makes no sense. Many girls have to deal with a difficult life challenge: how to break up with a guy who loves you? Let’s see how to find the words time and place in order to dot the “i”.

You can of course just start to avoid it — “let he’ll find out somehow”, or to provoke a quarrel and to give them a boiling. This is the worst possible option. The fact is that by the unwritten laws of life what you send out into the world to you again. You don’t want to one day did that to you, breaking your heart? Then it is advisable to learn how to break up with a guy correctly.

How to break up with a guy who loves you?

  • The most important thing that you should do is talk to the guy honestly and openly, not blaming and humiliating him. Consider well in advance what you’re going to say. Not be amiss even to rehearse and adjust your speech.
  • Make an appointment with an eye not eyes. Let this be neutral territory, not evoke any memories. Similar to report by telephone or through the Internet too humiliating for a guy and not characterize you as a strong personality.
  • Choose the right moment for a responsible conversation. Do not toss all of it with third parties, in a hurry or as if “by the way.”
  • When talking, be calm, try to control your voice and not yell, even if the guy starts to blame you or emotional pressure, trying to force you to change your decision or give him another chance. If you took a firm decision and don’t like it, retreat is not necessary.

How to dump a guy without offending him?

Many girls, in the soul which matured the decision to end the relationship, worried that unwittingly forced to cause the other person pain. And we want you both to keep only the best memories and pleasant impressions about our time together. In this regard, the question arises: “How to break up with boyfriend and stay friends?” If you don’t want to offend the guy, offer him friendship immediately after talking about the breakup. “Friendship instead of love” sounds very disappointing and even humiliating, but only while the wounds are still fresh. Let the guy survive through the bad news and get used to the idea that you are no longer together. Then, perhaps, he will offer you to be friends.

How nice to leave with a guy?

If you show your best human qualities during the day, try as delicately as possible to tell the boy about your decision, pick the right words, not blaming, and, in any case, not sparing him, you will make this breakup beautiful. For each person these words will be individual. For someone to be very important, if you give him to understand that at the end of a relationship you don’t turn away from him, still appreciate him as a person and would like to see it among their friends. At the same time, other guys absolutely do not believe in friendship after love, and see you after the breakup may be painful for them too. A nice gesture to remember the pleasant moments of your relationship and sincerely thank the guy for them. Just remember that you need to talk from the heart. The hypocrisy in these moments too obvious.

In the delicate moments of parting hard to make so not to offend anyone. However, you can soften the blow for a guy who, most likely, was once the road. Free yourself from guilt and open the way to a new happy relationship!

How to leave a guy who loves you: video

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