How to brew and drink green tea

Today women’s site “” will introduce you to the fundamentals of brewing and drinking green tea. We have all heard about the benefits of this wonderful drink. Many of us regularly indulge yourself with a Cup of freshly-brewed tea, but do not always know how to make green tea.

We often do not follow the rules, although it depends on them how beneficial properties and pleasant taste.

What is green tea?

Green tea we get from the same tea bushes, and black. The only difference in the fermentation process.

If it takes a couple of days, we get green tea. If it lasts a few weeks, it turns out the result is black.

There is also an intermediate option — red tea, also known as Oolong.

Green tea has a more mild and fresh taste. In addition, it contains almost twice less caffeine than other teas.

That is the short fermentation process of green tea and allows it to retain the healing properties, thanks to which he is so well known for. For example, green tea positively affects blood pressure, cholesterol levels and metabolism. It has been proven that this tea is able to stop or slow down the development of cancer.

How to brew green tea?

Other types of green tea differs in that it can brew more than once. Exactly how much depends on specific varieties. For example, some types of tea are prepared according to three or four times; others allow the use of welding, up to seven times.

If you want to learn how to brew Chinese green tea, the first thing you need to get a special porcelain, clay or porcelain kettle.

Before you start brewing, you need to preheat the kettle, otherwise it will significantly lower the temperature, pour it in water and give the tea to brew correctly. After all, not enough hot water the tea leaves just don’t release a substance contained therein, but because this tea will not bring any essential benefits nor the expected pleasure.

Warm up the kettle is a snap — just rinse it with boiling water.

The optimum temperature for making green tea is between 60 to 80 degrees depending on what type of tea you use. If you want to know how to brew tasty green tea, we must remember that it is not necessary to bring the water to a full boil. It is enough to wait for the first bubbles and their appearance to remove the water from heat.

The fact that boiling water is devoid of oxygen and all of the contained salts are lowered into the sediment. As a result, tea becomes less flavorful and less enjoyable taste.

Traditionally, the water that initially flooded the green tea leaves, immediately poured. After that tea is brewed again, but with fresh water. This is necessary in order to rinse the tea leaves and help them better reveal.

The brewing time of green tea also depends on its variety. But the average is 30 to 60 seconds. If you keep the tea too long, the drink will eventually be too strong to taste bitter because the leaves give the water is almost all contained in organic matter.

In addition, to re-brewing this tea will be senseless.

When preparing the tea you should not rely on its color. Some types of green tea is almost completely transparent, others might have light greenish or honey color. And because the only point of reference should be only the brewing time.

If you’re wondering how to brew green milk tea, then this procedure does not differ from that described above. Only at the very end in the ready-made stuff that you need to add a little milk.

That’s just about the beneficial properties of green tea with milk is a lot of controversy. It is believed that milk can bind the contained substances, including useful.

How to drink green tea?

After we learned brewing tea, you need to talk about how to drink green tea. First, this drink is advised to eat only hot. Cooled down green tea loses much of its beneficial properties — antioxidants begin to break down, and essential oils gradually evaporate.

How to drink green tea? Many people use clay, porcelain or ceramic jar. And they are absolutely right.

Teapots and cups made of metal and plastic not only spoil the taste of green tea, but can even make it toxic and harmful.

Thus, to learn how to brew and drink green tea very easy. You just need to learn a few simple rules. But after that, you can enjoy plenty of pleasant aroma and excellent taste of this healthy drink.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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